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The book is well balanced between the history of the OED and the life and times of Dr William Minor, a major contributor.Simon Winchester can hold back all the good stuff and disperse it throughout his writing So just when you think you read it all, some new fact or weird quirk shows up Interspersed with the story are relevant definitions, as they would appear in the OED His description of Broadmoor makes you want to sign up on the waiting list. A New York Times Notable Book Now A Major Motion PictureThe Professor And The Madman Is An Extraordinary Tale Of Madness, Genius, And The Incredible Obsessions Of Two Remarkable Men That Led To The Making Of The Oxford English Dictionaryand Literary HistoryThe Making Of The OED Was One Of The Most Ambitious Projects Ever Undertaken As Definitions Were Collected, The Overseeing Committee, Led By Professor James Murray, Was Stunned To Discover That One Man, Dr W C Minor, Had Submitted Than Ten Thousand But Their Surprise Would Pale In Comparison To What They Were About To Discover When The Committee Insisted On Honoring Him For Dr Minor, An American Civil War Veteran, Was Also An Inmate At An Asylum For The Criminally InsaneMasterfully Researched And Eloquently Written, The Professor And The Madman Is The Linguistic Detective Story Of The Decade William Safire, New York Times Magazine This PS Edition Features An Extra Pages Of Insights Into The Book, Including Author Interviews, Recommended Reading, And The book illustrates just what a monumental feat of patience and perseverance the making of the Oxford English Dictionary was and how the best and brightest minds of the Victorian Era were involved in it.I found the subject totally fascinating and enjoyed reading about the two protagonists However, it seemed a pity that gradually Dr Minor s trials and tribulations took over the book to the extent of relegating the Dictionary to a sideline.The author has a tendency to ramble and repeat himself and the postscript is basically a summary of what we had just read in the book.P.S At the risk of nitpicking Is it really correct to say of John Hinckley that he was the attempted assassin of President Reagan Can a person be attempted Dr William C Minor was an American, a doctor during the Civil War He was delusional after the war and, on a trip to England, during one of his paranoid fits, he murdered an innocent man When apprehended, it was obvious that Dr Minor was insane and so confined to the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum.During Dr Minor s lifetime, he contributed than 10,000 well researched entries to the OED Madness obviously had nothing to do with his intelligence.The book is about the relationship between Professor Murray, who was in charge of the OED and Dr Minor, but it is also about a love of language and the mamouth task of producing the OED The Professor and the Madman is well written and is a beautiful story, extremely detailed in its research The author has poured though thousands of files from the various hospitals where Dr Minor was confined, court documents, Civil War records and genealogical records of both of these men s families.What has emerged is a brilliant book, that brings to the reader a fascinating part of history Who would have ever thought that the creation of a dictionary would be so interesting I loved this book Loved the way the author weaves the tale and gave historical details to support his conclusions The author is British and his use of words and point of view really get into the mindset of the men who created the dictionary and the Victorian setting in which they lived.This book is a treat Don t miss it.As a postscript, I must say that I just heard that a new edition of the OED has just become available online. The Professor and the Madman is the yellow journalism version of the history of the Oxford English Dictionary OED , Sir James Murray, Dr William Chester Minor, the treatment of the criminally insane during the Victorian period I was particularly offended by the overly graphic details of Dr Minor s self mutilation if you don t have a strong stomach, skip that section and playing up of the fictionalized and often repeated as fact version of how Sir James and Dr Minor first met If the story weren t so interesting, I would encourage you to avoid the book.Writing the first edition of the OED took 70 years and employed an unusual organizational method that has since become popular for monumental knowledge tasks relying on volunteers to do the bulk of the work of finding quotations that use each word in different ways over time As someone who has always admired the OED, I enjoyed learning about the process involved in its development Unfortunately, that material is scattered throughout the book rather than concentrated where you can find it for a brief read through The examples are good, however, if the material is needlessly diluted.Thinking about that monumental effort will give you just the right foundation for appreciating how mental illness can affect parts of one s faculties while leaving others undisturbed, as the paranoid Dr Minor employed his extensive free time in the Broadmoor Asylum for Criminally Insane and personal wealth to become of the most organized and helpful contributors to the OED.Dr Minor s story is the actual focus of the book Unless you are quite interested in ironies, mental illness, and how the Victorians treated the criminally insane, you will probably find this book has of Dr Minor than you really care to know It s a tragic story, but not one that I would have sought to read if the OED development process material hadn t been in the book As background for that comment, you should know that I have a strong interest in criminal insanity and wrote my law school thesis on the subject The book tells its story to make you feel the pain of being Dr Minor quite well, but The Madman and the Professor won t advance your knowledge of mental illness or legal concepts of responsibility very much.I was attracted to this book in part due to my work in leading the 400 Year Project, seeking ways to make improvements in everyone s lives at 20 times the normal rate between 2015 and 2035 I came away impressed that just a few people can make a remarkable contribution to an all but impossible project I will redouble my efforts to locate such people for the 400 Year Project.Tackle the impossible to find out what you can really do Ein h chst informatives Buch ber die Entstehung des gr ten englischen W rterbuchs, des OED Neben schon bekannten Details werden doch Gr uel bez glich Desertierer w hrend des amerikanischen B rgerkriegs offenbar.Vielleicht ist das sp tere Verhalten des gr ten Zulieferers zum W rterbuch Murrays, des Madman Dr Minor,durch diese furchtbaren Ereignisse zu erkl ren.F r Englisch und Geschichtsliebhaber ein absolutes Muss The story of this book is a clever mix of history, education and biography A must for everyone interested in history of the Oxford dictionary.