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I had to order this for a class, but I actually really enjoy reading this book It s very smartly divided into small digestible chapters. With A Language Disappearing Every Two Weeks And Neologisms Springing Up Almost Daily, An Understanding Of The Origins And Currency Of Language Has Never Seemed Relevant In This Charming Volume, A Narrative History Written Explicitly For A Young Audience, Expert Linguist David Crystal Proves Why The Story Of Language Deserves RetellingFrom The First Words Of An Infant To The Peculiar Modern Dialect Of Text Messaging,A Little Book Of Language Ranges Widely, Revealing Language S Myriad Intricacies And Quirks In Animated Fashion, Crystal Sheds Light On The Development Of Unique Linguistic Styles, The Origins Of Obscure Accents, And The Search For The First Written Word He Discusses The Plight Of Endangered Languages, As Well As Successful Cases Of Linguistic Revitalization Much Than A History, Crystal S Work Looks Forward To The Future Of Language, Exploring The Effect Of Technology On Our Day To Day Reading, Writing, And Speech Through Enlightening Tables, Diagrams, And Quizzes, As Well As Crystal S Avuncular And Entertaining Style, A Little Book Of Language Will Reveal The Story Of Language To Be A Captivating Tale For All Ages Written on a children s , maybe Junior high, level I expected a scholarly treatment As with other readers, I was at first a bit disappointed in the book, but having realized that the audience for which it is meant is young people, I continued to read through to the end I did learn some new things, but truly enjoy David Crystal s other tomes on language far. This is a must read for anyone who is curious about how our ability to speak happens We seem to take our ability to communicate with others by speaking for granted until we either lose this ability through disease, stroke or accident or meet others who have These two books are extremely informative in this area Super interessant und einfach zu lesen Hatte bei einem Fachbuch komplizieteres Englisch erwartet Ist jedoch nicht der Fall Ich hab das Buch verschlungen Ein Muss f r jeden, der sich f r Sprachen interresiert oder sich damit besch ftigt Kaufempfehlung I absolutely loved this book, and read it over the course of just two evenings I wasn t planning on doing that my original plan was to read the book over the course of a week or two but, once I started reading it, I simply couldn t put it down I dropped everything else I was planning to do, and devoured this wonderful little book as quickly as I could It really was that good Clear concise easy to read engaging educational fun it s everything you could ask for in a book Written for young readers, but suitable for readers of just about any age and educational level, this introduction to language and linguistics is essential reading for anyone who wants to learn the basics of how humans communicate through speech, writing, and signing.We all grow up speaking our native language or signing it, in the case of deaf children and most of us learn to read and write as schoolchildren We also learn the rules of grammar in school And some of us even go on to study the basics of one or foreign languages But learning a language is not the same thing as learning ABOUT language Few of us ever really learn about language itself what language is how it works why we have language at all how children learn to use language why there are so many different languages in the world how many languages there are how they are distributed how they are related to each other how languages change over time why it can be so difficult to translate something from one language into another why different speakers of the same language don t all sound exactly alike why people are often judged by the way they speak what dialects are how languages and dialects serve to give people a sense of group identity the politics of language how language affects culture why people speak with different accents how the sounds of spoken language are made what grammar is what function it plays in language why different styles of language are used in different situations why the style of written language is different from the style of spoken language why we have written language how different languages are written why many words aren t spelled the way they sound why some people never learn to read and write etc These fascinating topics, among many others, are the focus of the field of linguistics the study of language Even though just about everyone learns the mechanics of how to use their own language, and many learn the mechanics of how to use one or foreign languages, few people ever bother to learn about the nature of language itself In other words, few people ever study linguistics That s a shame because language affects everything we do In fact, some might even argue that our use of language is the main thing that separates humans from all other animals The we know about language, the we know about the world we live in and about what it means to be human Everyone needs to know certain basic things about language and every student needs to study at least the rudiments of linguistics The earlier they begin their study of language, the better high school is better than college, and middle school is better than high school.This is one of the few books on language that I ve come across that is suitable for readers of just about any age It s clear enough to be understood by middle schoolers, and yet informative enough to be useful to college graduates Even I learned a few new things from reading this book and I ve actually taken linguistics courses and read lots of books on the subject The author, David Crystal, is a noted linguist who has written several excellent books on language including some very useful reference books that I m really glad I have in my home library In this book, Crystal manages to present the essentials of linguistics in a clear, concise, easy to read manner, suitable for young readers, without in any way dumbing down the material No, this is not an in depth text aimed at linguistics graduate students If you re looking for that, look elsewhere But it is an excellent introduction to linguistics for beginners, suitable for adult readers as well as children In fact, if I had to recommend just one book to introduce the basics of language to people who have never studied linguistics, this would be that book.One of the reasons I like this book so much is that it fits in very well with my own philosophy of teaching Always start by providing students with a basic, simplified overview of the fundamentals of the subject, trying your best not to get bogged down in unnecessary details, but covering everything that a non specialist might realistically need to know about the subject, while laying a solid foundation that the students can build upon if they wish to learn This book does that and it does it brilliantly Perhaps even importantly, I m convinced that any student who reads this book will feel motivated to try to learn even about language and linguistics If you want to inspire students to learn, this is the sort of book that can do it It would make a wonderful gift to a young reader, or to a high school graduate about to go off to college Or, just do what I did and get a copy for yourself, and enjoy it for its clarity, simplicity, and beauty of style If you don t know much about language, this is the perfect place to start your education But, even if you have studied linguistics, you ll probably find some new insights here, just as I did Besides, even an expert in a given subject can often benefit by a refresher in the fundamentals of that subject every now and then I really can t recommend this book highly enough It is wonderful I wish I had a book like this when I was a kid.