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This book is thoroughly researched, well illustrated and written without engineering jargon so that the general reader will enjoy the story of the book and the shelf I will forever look at libraries with renewed appreciation for not only their content but their structure This book is a good complement for those bibliophiles who have read A Gentle Madness by Nicholas Basbanes. It s not quite as fascinating as Petroski s The Evolution of Useful Things, but I suspect that is because The Book on the Bookshelf is much narrowly focused the design of bookshelves, the structure of book bindings and, to a lesser extent, the organization of libraries But it is a quick read and one that bibliophiles should find terribly interesting. I found Petroski s book on the evolution of bookshelves and libraries fasinating For those that love books and the history about them, this is the book for them I found it hard to put down, but then I am an addicted bibliofile From The Author Of The Highly Praised The Pencil And The Evolution Of Useful Things Comes Another Captivating History Of The Seemingly Mundane The Book And Its StorageMost Of Us Take For Granted That Our Books Are Vertical On Our Shelves With The Spines Facing Out, But Henry Petroski, Inveterately Curious Engineer, Didn TAs A Result, Readers Are Guided Along The Astonishing Evolution From Papyrus Scrolls Boxed At Alexandria To Upright Books Shelved At The Library Of Congress Unimpeachably Researched, Enviably Written, And Charmed With Anecdotes From Seneca To Samuel Pepys To A Nineteenth Century Bibliophile Who Had To Climb Over His Books To Get Into Bed, The Book On The Bookshelf Is Indispensable For Anyone Who Loves Books