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Seems like with McCarthy you have to fall in one of two campsyou either love him or hate him there is no middle ground This is my first taste of non fiction although there are aspects of his Fiction that almost feel like reportage rather than pure fiction I really liked these essays and I think what is most impressive about McCarthy s non fiction is he picks a subject such as another writer such as James Joyce and after awhile you forget that the subject of the essay was James Joyce because his language and narrative takes off into all these divergent directions and his vocabulary is fascinating think some of his words even stump the Kindle dictionary so I have to go look it up online it s quite impressive in my opinion that some of his essays almost have a fictional feel to them in that you feel like you re escaping the everyday branch of reality and being taken a tour on an entirely different world or sub world that is exclusive to McCarthism While much of literature these days is preoccupied with conforming to genres and so called entertainment loops that never really offer much depth or even insight McCarthy is something new and just what literature needs I can t wait for I never thought I could have so much fun reading about jellyfish Loved this book The writing is amazing. Essays On Literature, Pop Culture, And From The Cult Novelist And Critic Tom McCarthy Fifteen Brilliant Essays Written Over As Many Years Provide A Map Of The Sensibility And Critical Intelligence Of Tom McCarthy, One Of The Most Original And Challenging Novelists At Work Today Typewriters, Bombs, Jellyfish Explores A Wide Range Of Subjects, From The Weather Considered As A Form Of Media, To The Paintings Of Gerhard Richter And The Movies Of David Lynch, To Patty Hearst As Revolutionary Sex Goddess, To The Still Radical Implications Of Established Masterpieces Such As Ulysses How Do You Write After It ,Tristram Shandy, And The Unsung Junky Genius Alexander Trocchis Darkly Beautiful Cains Book The Longer Recessional Examines The Place Of Time In Writinghow Writing Makes A New Time Of Its Own, A Time Apart From Institutional Timewhile The Startling Nothing Will Have Taken Place Moves From Mallarm And Don DeLillo To The Ball Mastery Of Zidane To Look At How Art, Whether That Of A Poet, Novelist, Or Athlete, Destroys Given Codes Of Meaning And Behavior, Returning Them To Play Certain Points Of Reference Recur With Dreamlike Insistenceamong Them The Artist Ed Ruschas Royal Road Test, A Photographic Documentation Of The Roadside Debris Of A Royal Typewriter Hurled From The Window Of A Traveling Car The Great Blooms Of Jellyfish That Are Filling The Oceans And Gumming Up The Machinery Of Commerce And Military Dominationand The Question Throughout Is How Can Art Explode The Restraining Conventions Of So Called Realism, Whether Aesthetic Or Political, To Engage In The Active Reinvention Of The World