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When Read At The Right Moment, A Novel Can Change Your Life Bibliotherapists Ella Berthoud And Susan Elderkin Know The Power Of A Good Book, And Have Been Prescribing Each Other Literary Remedies For All Life S Aches And Pains For Decades Together, They Ve Compiled A Medical Handbook With A Difference A Dictionary Of Literary Cures For Any Malaise You Can Imagine Whether It S Struggling To Find A Good Cup Of Tea Douglas Adams, Two Sugars Or Being In Need Of A Good Cry Thomas Hardy, Plus Tissues , As Well As Cures For All Kinds Of Reading Ailments From Being A Compulsive Book Buyer To A Tendency To Give Up Halfway Through A Novel Ella And Susan Have The Tonic For All Ailments, Great Or Small Written With Authority, Passion And Wit, The Novel Cure Is An Enchanting Reminder Of The Power And Pleasure Of Forgetting Your Troubles In A Good Book

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    It is easy to look up what you need, For example i looked up identity crisis, letting go of past, selfishness, broken heart etc etc. So many issues that I was thinking played a role in my life For each one I found at least one book that i can read And even reading a few lines written by the authors of this book is soothing and consoling I can definately recommend this book.

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    It s hard to find out about this book, but once you find it, it s hard to consider doing without it if, of course, you are a reader or have readerish longings Not only are the diagnoses varied from being a teenager to having itchy feet or teeth, as the case may be but the book descriptions are acurate without being overly revealing, intelligent without being snobbish, and simply funny I diagnosed myself as having existential angst, and read Siddhartha It was the perfect book for my weary heart there was another who went before me and who helped me find the threads of joy in my life again.

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    Bet you thought reading reference books was no fun You were wrong Therapeutic classics abound, so it s a question of finding the right ones.

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    This a must have book for the avid reader The authors have a novel for all your moods Also great coffee table book

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    It is an interesting idea to think about the relevance of literature in this way Unfortunately, however, in most cases the interpretations of the individual literary works depends on a moralistic understanding of these texts, disregarding the complexity of the a morality not immorality of literary texts.

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    NB This book is a bit of fun, read it for it what is , it is not a literary dissertation I often read this book in my lunch break and come back cured of something whatever it is my addiction to coffee The novel cure is a book bursting with lists and names of books for you to read whatever your mood or ailment is, from the mundane of having constipation to the ridiculousness of being a Goody Goody and seriously feeling like all hope is lost These two writers have cleverly created a wonderful labyrinth of authors and titles that is amazingly clever , beautifully compiled with wonderful explanations to accompany it all I guarantee this book will totally draw you in and increase your literary knowledge whilst at the same time mop up all your emotional needs WHATEVER they are.