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Though out of print at this time, I bought this book a couple of years ago and think it deserves a review here The fact is, there are no really modern books about the game, books that give an idea about modern electronic play and innovations, but this short text has a solid historical overview Like several other books currently available, it is from a British perspective and dates from the late 1970 s Unlike several others, it doesn t pretend to teach you how to win, at least not past the anecdotal story at the beginning from some past champion As we all know, improving at darts is simply a matter of practice This book, though, has information about various past styles of dartboard and a refreshingly nonconformist chapter on the history of the game One gets the impression that the author would not be happy with the current state of darts as a coin op Americanized bar game Worth a look if you know what to expect. Relates The History And Rules Of Darts And Offers Tips On Selecting Darts, Improving The Throwing Technique, And Developing A Winning Strategy