download Textbooks Darts: Fifty Ways to Play the GameAuthor Jabez Gotobed –

brilliant The Best Selling Darts Book Of All Time, With A New Darts Game For Every Week Of The Year, Together With The Standard Rules, And Old Favourites Played By The Champions Seven Million People Play Darts In Britain Alone Gotobed Is Their Favourite Handbook very good, needs a couple of reads to take it all in useful when recruiting new members, and explaining the games Amazing book, with amazing ideas HOURS AND HOURS OF FUN just what he wanted if your a casual darts player like myself,youl find this little book extremely helpfull.there are only so many games i could play outside of the usual 501,301,but this book opens up a whole new way of passing the time at the board.familiar games like killer are all there,explained clearly and neatly,but theres also new games that id never heard of like ibrox,bowls,and too many to mention here.this book will vary your normal routine and make for a great night with your friends or yourself,so i recommend it highly.enjoy. Hmm, it would seem to me that the author maybe had a dozen or so actual dart games but had already committed to the title, either that or the publishers didn t like A dozen or so actual dart games and about 38 tenuous ones I made up myself He really struggles at points I think Better suggestions could be hit a 3 and you have to call me Bert for the rest of the week miss a double 4 and you have to drink your tea like a dog or some other nonsense. Enjoyed reading about Dart games which are no longer played Will interduce them back to the young and old players when next at our local.