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When Susan Richards Adopted An Abused Horse Rescued By The Local SPCA, She Didn T Know That The Memoir She Would Write About The Experience Would Become A Best SellerThe Book Led To A Book Tour, In The Course Of Which, Susan Reconnected With Family And Friends Whom She Had Cut Herself Off From She Had Given Up On Romance, But At The Second Reading Of Her Tour She Encountered The Man Who Had Sold Her His HouseYears Earlier, Dennis Stock, A World Famous Photographer Despite Her Many Qualms About Age And Intimacy, They Fell In Love

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    Susan writes as I would expect her to speak, from the heart Beautifully written, this book brings you along for the ride you know what will happen but you enjoy being an observer and feel every emotion she confronts on her journey.Susan is an inspiration, she feels like an old friend, she is well deserving of the bright future she should have always known she would someday achieve

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    I read Susan Richards other book Chosen by a horse which I enjoyed a great deal This one was very interesting and I would recommend it to others, but the story line or memoir was a little unstructured, and not what I was expecting.

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    A beautiful and very touching memoir I thought I was only a dog cat lover but now I love horses Susan is an eloquent writer and I never got bored reading about her life and experiences I really loved Chosen by a Horse too though I shed some tears.

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    the book was a good read if you are into horses or have horses you know where she is coming from

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    Great will shop again

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    I absolutely adored this book, but then again I adore horses and everything about them A very emotional story I loved it.

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    Another lovely read

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    Fascinating memoir and seemingly honest Interesting to learn a about life in New England, USA, from the other side of the pond, Old England, UK