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What an exciting book on the history of the Wright brothers, and the development of the airplane aviation Their history making first flight production of the airplane One of the most wonderful history lesson in aviation The only drawback is that the book is 4 6 1 2 but the content is first class. Kelly wrote the official story, as authorized and sanitized by Orville Wright, of the brothers Wright As a devotee of the Wrights, it is unfortunate that Kelly filled his book with deficiencies and erroneous claims made on Orville s behalf A careful reading of the entire Wright papers and material still unpublished, reveals that Wilbur was the brains behind the discovery of flight it was Orville who added his mechanical expertise in the building of the flyer It is so unfortunate that so much that continues to be written about the Wrights is merely a reshuffling of old facts and surmises, with the result of a perpetuation of errors and distortions.It was John R McMahon who told the real story based on his revision of an original manuscript by Earl Findley Orville had turned to Findley to write the biography but it was too near the truth too personal and he nixed it.But the truth came out, when McMahon wrote a series of articles on the Wright Brothers in Popular Science, January 1929 When he came to write his book, still based on the Finley manuscript, Orville protested and was able to get several passages, on threat of court action, changed in the book For example, Orville didn t want the years Wilbur spent at home as an invalid, revealed Orville also has himself elevated above Wilbur, as the creative driving force in the airplane s invention.If you want to investigate the real story, take the Kelly book with a grain of salt, and read instead, John Evangelist Walsh One Day at Kitty Hawk, published by Thomas Y Crowell Company, 1975 Even better, wouldn t it be good to have the unpublished Finley manuscript published, instead of suppressed.But don t look for the Walsh book at the Wright Brothers Memorial National Park Service Visitor s Center In a recent interview with a National Park Service Ranger there, he told me the Park Service regularly reviews all books before being put on sale in their facility, and the Walsh book was not one they would put out for sale After I explained to him my credentials, he freely admitted that the information in the Kelly book was Orville s attempt to re write history But he stated that the Park Service didn t want to ruffle feathers of Wright family members, by putting out thecorrect John Walsh biography, which he admitted, wasaccurate.I had always wondered why Orville, theout going of the two, would, in later life, say very littlehe refused to give speeches, interviews, and said next to nothing at celebrations in honor of the Brothers.Kelly, to say the least, gives less paragraph space to Wilbur s achievements, andevents of consequence, in numbers of paragraphs, to Orville There are so many myths perpetuated by the Kelly book, too numerous to enumerate here in this review I have heard Park Rangers at the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kitty Hawk, still repeating them as fact Suffice to say, if the reader will look at the Walsh book, one will find the myths revealed in a conclusive way. An engaging read about all time and effort the brothers put into the contraption that today we could not live without, I think From their bicycle days to them figuring out how to propel the plane and then keep it balanced and be able to control it I think are interesting They were casually watched by folks as they spent hours trying to get it right in a nearby field.When they had mastered it they had few takers, people wondered what to do with it Tried to share it with the military They took it to Europe to share it with them Hard to believe that in such a short time from creation they were putting guns on them Features diagrams and an index at the end. In This Fascinating Biography, Fred C Kelly, A Former Newspaperman, Author, And An Old Friend Of The Wrights, Tells The Story Of TheBrilliant, Dedicated, Flight Obsessed Bicycle Mechanics From Ohio Who First Realized Mankind S Age Old Dream Of Conquering The Skies Long Considered The Definitive Wright Brothers Biography The Manuscript Was Read And Approved By Orville Wright , Kelly S Work Recounts The Wrights Small Town Boyhood, Their Early Interest In All Things Mechanical, The Establishment Of The Wright Cycle Shop, And The Complete Behind The Scenes Story Of How They Designed, Built, Tested, And Flew December,The First Flyer