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I bought this book initially as I was going to a workshop run by the author and was intrigued to find outabout him The book is engagingly written, and just as with hisrecent hit Just my Type Simon has a real gift for taking a relatively obscure, dare I say even nerdish topic, and bringing it to life with interesting anecdotes and background stories I found myself drawn into the narrative and picking up fascinating snippets of information along the way. Bought as fun birthday present, quick delivery Very interesting book , not only about stamps but collecting generally. Great book for anyone interested in stamps or has lived in North London A lot of the characters described were my neighbours Received item in good, undamaged condition Thank you. Stamp literature Simon Garfield can make any topic exciting. Little do wives know how much men spend on their hobbies But my wife is about to find out After reading these two opening sentences, you just have to find out what happens next, especially as the words marriage guidance counsellor s house follow them very closely Simon Garfield s weakness is stamp collecting, a hobby he began in his childhood and rediscovered in middle age, much to the detriment, it seems, of his bank account His main philatelic pursuit is for errors stamps suffering from printing mishaps A colour missing here, the Queen s head missing there rare, often valuable, often expensive to acquire and plainly irresistible to the committed collector.To someone who, like me, has no interest in stamp collecting, the prospect of reading a book such as this might seem a little daunting But this is not just some worthy tome written in the fusty code of those already in the know Part memoir, part journalism, part social history, this is an engaging and often funny read.Onthan one occasion, the author worries about the apparent decline in his hobby Stamp collecting is not cool these days there are not many iconic footballers who admit to an interest in philately Reassurance that he is not alone in his collector mania has Garfield on the look out for similarly afflicted people We learn of a man who collects light bulbs, and of a well known British wrestler s collection of rusting cars.Garfield s childhood memories contain a rich seam of anecdote In 1968 I had a crush on a girl who was frightened of the Post Office Tower, begins one excursion into the past And there are some wonderfully funny teenage reminiscences about furtive visits to the grubby rear section of a bookshop in the Finchley Road Here, well thumbed second hand copies of various men s magazines were available Men Only , Club International Health Fever Pitch, but Simon Garfield manages to take a dull for us non philatelists subject and imbue it with warmth and wit as he marks out his life with constant reference to his collection I must admit, I did feel a little jaded towards the end of the book The constant conversations and meetings with dealers in his search for an illusive item began to pall Overall, though, this is a splendid read and, if you re looking for something a little different, this may well fit the bill. As A Boy, Simon Garfield Started Collecting Errors Rare Stamps Flawed By Printing Faults And Absent Colours As An Adult His Childhood Obsession Became A Full Blown Mid Life CrisisThis Amusing But Painfully Revealing Account Of A Passion He Was Once Only Able To Admit To People He Could Really Trust Traces His Fascination For These Tiny Print Slip Ups From The Simple Pleasures Of Boyhood To An Attempt To Create Order Out Of Chaos And Finally The Gradual Decline And Break Up Of His Marriage A Touching Testimony To What Is, By And Large, A Peculiarly Male Emotional Displacement, It Pulls You Into A World Of Pricey Bits Of Paper And Their Impact On The Lives Of Those Who Love Them