Free ePUB For the Love of Norton: The Cat Who Taught His Human to LiveAuthor Peter Gethers –

There Are Only Three Things A Cat Needs For A Fine Life Good Food, A Comfortable Bed, And Universal Praise And Love Luckily After Converting His Human, Peter, From Cat Hater To Cat Lover Norton Has Plenty Of All Three And They Re About To Get Better, As His Peter And Girlfriend Janice Decide To Up Sticks And Spend A Year In Rural France Norton In Provence Is Like Well The Cat Who Got The Cream, Whether He Is Hunting For Mice In The Rambling Garden, Hanging Out With The Local Stray Cats In The Sun Drenched Town Square Or Being Treated To Delicacies In Fine Restaurants And With Norton By His Side, Peter Finds That His Gallic Neighbours Welcome Their New Guests With Open Arms Over The Course Of The Year, Peter Learns How To Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy The Pleasures Of A Simple Life In Addition To Being The Internationally Bestselling Author Of A Cat Called Norton,Peter Gethers Has Written Two Novels And, Using The Pseudonym Russell Andrews, Five Bestselling Thrillers In His Spare Time, He Is A Book Editor And Runs A Film Company