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Stories Of Pipe Smoking S Greatest Craftspeople Intertwine With Advice And Commentary In These Essays On The Art Of Pipe Smoking While Exploring Pipe Craftsmanship Worldwide, This Audiobook Combines Tales Of The Author S Visits To Europe S Most Prestigious Pipe Makers With A Look At Pipe Smoking S History And The Hobby S Most Famous Practitioners, Including Albert Einstein, Norman Rockwell, And Mark Twain Interviews With Old World Craftspeople Provide Insight Into The Delicate And Personal Craft Of Pipe Making, And A Treatise On Pipe Smoking S Relaxing Benefits Intermingles With Advice On How To Smoke, Buy, Break In, Clean, And Use A Pipe To Cope With The Frantic Pace Of The St Century

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    Felt the start was a bit pedantic but ones I got in to it grate reed looking forward to reeding his second book

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    Great book

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    Very informative,easy to read,a must for any pipe loverMuch informations on various pipe manufacturers in Europe.Full of useful tips on how to get the best smoke out of your pipe.

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    This book is total yawnsville, my suggestion to any aspiring pipe smokers is, purchase The ultimate pipe book In search of pipe dreams is one mans search for the emperors new clothes, but not as good a tale as the former, a yawn, yes a yawn, not a yarn One mans quest to pay anything for a pipe hoping for a good smoke whilst paying megabucks and not managing it, total rubbish and a waste of trees used for the paper.

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    If you smoke a pipe you should read this book It was I book that I picked up on a whim and will not part with It is less of a book, rather of an anthology of Rick Newcombe s articles over the years Yet it reads like a book or at least it did for me It cover s ever angle of the Pipe life He does spend a lot of time talking about some rather high end pieces At the same time he has a way making you feel like you are with him as he travels the world and meets many different pipe makers It is a journey through the pipe collecting world I have been smoking a pipe for over thirty years myself and I still picked up a few tidbits here and there reading this marvelous book.

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    While this book is on the surface an homage to the finest pipes in the world, it contains a wealth of knowledge for any pipe enthusiast I am by no means a pipe collector, but I eagerly devoured all of the knowledge the author laid out I really want to meet this guy and sit down and smoke a pipe with him Thank you for an amazing collection of essays

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    An outstanding read for both the novice and experienced pipe smoker alike Mr Newcombe gives a wide and detailed overview of pipes and then men behind some of the best His advice about opening pipes is spot on, as I have opened a few of mine to his specifications while reading this book To my delight they all now smoke like a dreamthe only problem is I now have to do this for 100

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    I enjoyed this book on my Kindle While I was hoping for a broader scope directed toward the average pipe smoker like myself , I instead found this book to be very much focused upon the collector of top shelf pipes which are far beyond the financial reach of almost all brothers of the briar That being said, it was still very interesting to see how the other half lives those who can afford pipe collections in the hundreds if not thousands of pieces often costing several thousands of dollars per pipe There is not a thing in the world wrong with that, by the way However, for me personally, I was hoping for something on pipe smoking, perhaps a bit of history and such directed toward the average pipe afficianado wishing to grow in understanding of this delightful pastime.The description of the book was not clear to me about it s focus In a way, this was fortunate, because I would not have downloaded the book, yet because I did I ve gained insight into a world far beyond my world of refurbishing old briar to enjoy a small rotation of good pipes It was like taking a Bedouin accustomed to an entire life in a desert to the local Water World type amusement park and giving him ice in every drink between water slides and such Well done Fine writing , good humor and frankly the introduction and closing comments are so well written that they alone are worth the price along with the very practical and balanced insights into the resurgence of anti tobacco hysteria, where much of the actual science which has been surpressed relating to pipe smokers and their enhanced lives is shown to have been knowingly surpressed in order to facilitate governmental control of our lives.A Good Read while in quiet contemplation with pipe in hand Ray

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    A very informative book on the history of pipe making The stories take place all over the globe The biggest names in pipe manufacturing and Craftsmanship are visited by the Author Very enjoyable read and I lookForward to reading Still in Search of Pipe Dreams next.