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Looking To Discover How To Collect Antiques Have A Passion For Antique History Have You Uncovered A Unique Item And Want To Know The Antique Appraisal This Practical Guide Is Designed To Teach You About This Amazingly Complex, Yet Elegant Simple Hobby Let Me Help You Take The Complexity Out Of This Hobby And Show You Exactly What It Takes To Collect Antiques Like A Seasoned Veteran I Give You The In And Outs Of This Business Within This Guide You Ll Will Learn How To Finally Quickly Identify Antiques And Assess The Antique Appraisal For These Unique Items If You Don T Know What To Look For In An Antique And Cannot Quickly Asses The Value, Then Antique Collecting Made Not Be For You The Secret To Your Success Will Be How Well You Apply What You Discover In This Guide You Are About To Begin A Journey That Will Entertain, Educate, And Excite You For The Rest Of Your Life Here Are Things You Ll Learn About Antique Collecting Within The Pages Of This Practical Guide Bargaining Your Way To A Better Price Finding Clues To Continental Pottery American Pottery Can You Identify This English Furniture Welcome To The Maze Following The Trail Of American Furniture Clearly A Rich History Glassmakers Of England The Fine Glassware Of Europe And Much Collecting Antiques Can Be A Fun And Exciting Hobby Or Business Gaining The Knowledge Needed To Identifying Antiques Is A Must And Once You Have Discovered This Knowledge You Will Have The Confidence And Be Well On Your Way To Becoming An Antique Collector My grandma has given me tons of antiques and I love collecting them, but I didn t have much knowledge about the history or anything about antiques really So I found this book extremely helpful It s well written and has tons of information I ve never been good at bargaining a price, and really took note of all the helpful tips and tricks of barging, and the benefits of shopping around before purchasing I also thought the Tools of the Trade was very helpful.This book talks you through so many different aspects of Antiquing, from the history to learning to spot out the fakes The author really explained the different types of pottery, and furniture in a way I could actually understand To me antiquing isthan a hobby it s a love I can share with my grandmother I feel like I ve learned a lot from this great book I would highly recommend it Good I learned a lot about how to judge the antiques, to help me decide what I want to collect, for myself It all boils down to why you want to collect them For profit, or pleasure If you are going for profit,or as an investment, this book can help you with making the right decision If it is for pleasure, collect what you love Searching for certain objects, or styles, or makers, and eras, this book can help you judge if it is real, or not, and save you a lot of angst, from being passed unworthy pieces A good book for beginners, with plenty of great advice Enjoy, the book, before you decide die to step into the ring, with experts, and cons. I understand this is a short book on tips, but I would have loved to see a pic of any type piece that was described The most helpful for me was the black light I do have one to check for vaseline glass, but didn t know about checking for fixes I am very confused now lol, but don t know that I m any worse than I was. I rated this book based on the average readers ease of reading It is interesting, but maybein depth than expected I was hoping for a list of general things to look for when scouring an estate sale And this book has that, but you have to read through a lot of history to gather it Good information. mostly common sense to someone that has been collecting a whilegood facts about how to spot reproductions and fakes and repairs Very good book, excellent tips