Free pdf Music Therapy: Discover the Healing Power of MusicAuthor Paul Catalani –

This book is good for an introduction on what the therapy can do and in what ways it s used I appreciated the explanations of the different types of music therapy used It is missing examples of these techniques are used clinically Lastly, when using text to speech it reads the sources under the pictures so it would be nice to have a index of the credits rather than in the text. Music Can Undoubtedly Elevate Our Spirit, Induce An Extraordinary Reverie, And Even Compel A Move Or Two But Wouldn T It Be A Surprise To Learn That Music Can Actually Be Applied Therapeutically To Treat Cognitive, Sensory, And Motor Dysfunctions A Wealth Of Research Has Shown That Music Can Be Applied As A Form Of Therapy To Retrain And Reeducate The Injured Brain It Is Currently Being Applied In The Treatment Of Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer S Disease, Huntington S Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson S Disease, Stroke, Autism, Aphasia, And Much Besides Music Is Also An Effective Approach In Dealing With Children, Depression, Anxiety, Child Birth, And The Rehabilitation Of Speech And Language You Will Learn What Do Music Therapy Sessions Look Like Neuroscience And Music Therapy Benefits Of Music Therapy In The Treatment Of Depression Music Therapy As A Medicine Children And Music Therapy And Much This Audiobook Discusses Every Facet Of Music Therapy Who Can Benefit From It What The Therapy Sessions Look Like Its Application As Medicine Its Relationship With Neuroscience And Much The Audiobook Also Dilates The Various Techniques Employed In Neurological Music Therapy NMT , Ranging From Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation RAS To Melodic Intonation Therapy MIT I enjoyed this short book on music therapy Good introduction to the topic I learned a lot Good case studies and examples Concise information on an important topic. Great Product i returned this after getting about 10 pages in i am wondering if this has been translated from another language the writing was mistake filled and extremely was so general that i felt i was reading one of my high school student s papers the author made some very bold statements without giving specific credit to the studies he she claimed regarding the findings weird for a medical book paper.i am very interested in music therapy this was going to be my first book on the subject.i will look elsewhere.