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I gave this a try after reading good reviews I think the author usually writes for the young adult market and this is aimed at adults, but to me it read very much as a teenager s book Obviously this doesn t mean it s not a great book, but for me personally it just didn t work I have passed it on to a friend s son, who I think will appreciate itthan me. I would never have dreamed of picking this up, but I saw the author being interviewed on TV and my interest was piqued I have to say I was totally captivated from page one, and felt a such a sense of loss when I had finished The pageant of war, medieval cities, the 19th century etc passes before us through the eyes of Tomorrow, the dog whose sad fate is to live forever People, animals, friends and worlds come and go but through no fault of his own, he must endure I couldn t put it down, and it left me asking the question how on earth did the author think of such a tale Such a stroke of genius Moving, funny, exciting, heartbreaking and finally ending in the only way it can I finished it far too quickly A story written from a dog s point of view A dog and his master who have lived for hundreds of years They become separated and the dog spends hundreds of years trying to find him Shouldn t really work should it Well it does, and remarkably so There are some very touching moments, some very horrific ones, and I found it impossible to predict how it would all end Some very strong characters the dogs especially A bit of jumpiness in the timelines, which I don t always like, but that apart, this is a truly great tale If you want a classification for this novel, I suppose historical fantasy is he closest, but it works on a lot of levels Well worth a read, and I m not really a dog fan A beautiful tale of love and devotion from wonderful canine characters I loved the book from start to finish and recommended it to any dog lover It was beautifully written and I enjoyed the historical element This is the first book I have read by this author and I will definitely be looking out forof his novels in the future. Tomorrow is a beautifully crafted, ornate pursuit through the cities, palaces and battlegrounds of Europe That it is told through the eyes and senses of a dog over its 200 year life, makes the observations of behaviours, compulsions, loves, and follies all thepoignant This is a fascinating, fantastical, raw, heartwarming and breaking, wonderful read. Thank you to Penguin U.K Michael Joseph for making available a digital edition of Damian Dibben s Tomorrow in exchange for an honest review It was originally published in May 2018 with its paperback edition released in May 2019.I was very impressed with this extraordinary work of historical fiction and so elected to purchase its Kindle Audible combination The audiobook was narrated by George Blagden.I began Tomorrow with very little knowledge of its story apart from it having elements of magical realism I was surprised to find that it was narrated by an immortal dog I have never encountered a premise like this and quickly found myself caught up in its story.Our narrator s master, Valentyne, despite his activities in producing a tincture that can extend life indefinitely, is only once referred to as an alchemyst in the reference to Ben Jonson writing a play about him As things turned out Valentyne was upset once he discovered Jonson was portraying his alchemist as a conman.The narrative moves between the early 19th century 1815 and flashbacks to events in the long lives of its main characters Its doggie narrator was born 217 years before this and some 127 years previously he had lost his master We learn the circumstances of how they became separated in Venice and of this loyal companion s devotion to initially wait for him and later to search across Europe for his master.One delightful supporting character is Sporco, a mischievous Venetian street dog that accompanies our narrator from Venice to the battlefield of Waterloo He is very much a normal dog and makes an interesting contrast to the restrained, sage voice of our canine narrator Tomorrow was well researched in terms of historical detail spanning a number of centuries Damian Dibben also very effectively portrays a sense of his long lived characters dealing with the passage of the years and leaving behind loved ones who were subjected to the normal ravages of time.The novel also contains useful timelines of major historical events, Reading Group questions and a Q and A with the author The U.K cover art deserves special mention for its creativity.This was such a warm, uplifting novel Seeing history and especially war through the eyes of a dog was very moving Tomorrow was a novel that made me contemplate life and death, that made me laugh and cry All round an excellent book. Penguin Presents The Audiobook Edition Of Tomorrow By Damian Dibben, Read By George Blagden Tomorrow Tells The Story Of AYear Old Dog And His Search For His Lost Master His Adventures Take Him Through The London Frost Fair, The Strange Court Of King Charles I, The Wars Of The Spanish Succession, Versailles, The Golden Age Of Amsterdam, Th Century Venice And The Battle Of Waterloo As He Journeys Through Europe, He Befriends Both Animals And Humans, Falls In Love Only Once , Marvels At The Human Ability To Make Music, Despairs At Their Capacity For War And Gains Insight Into Both The Strength And Frailties Of The Human Spirit With The Rich Historical Vision Of Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell And The Captivating Canine Perspective Of The Art Of Racing In The Rain, Tomorrow Draws Us Into A Unique, Century Spanning Tale Of The Unbreakable Connection Between Dog And Human