[ePUB] Gun Control: Do We Need to Ban Guns? Should We Allow Guns? the Gun Debate and What We Can DoAuthor James Persinger – Cheapnikeshoes.co

While I found myself agreeing with much of what the author writes I think , his mediocre grasp of the English language was a trial in itself Having to stop and translate what I THINK he meant is distracting, at best If one is writing for an American audience, and your native language is not English, please consider a proof reader or five There are and always will be bad people.There are and always will be guns It takes a good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun Protect yourself or call a cop after the crime and the cop will bring his gun to stop the bad guy with a gun Still there must be guns.I preferr and am responsible enough to own and protect myself, my family, my country , with a gun. This is the weirdest book I ve ever read not because of the subject but the author s word choices Is he from a foreign country where English is not the primary language There are also numerous typos throughout the book Apparently his choice of words mean different things than what most people are accustomed to Thankfully it only cost 2.99. The controversial question of gun control is discussed in fine detail in this book Many topics are included such as personal protection, crime control, reasons to ban guns, andThis is a very interesting read, well researched, and neatly written. Good book with some great points and good ideas The insurance concept is worth exploring and it d be interesting to hear the NRA views about it. Gun Control Do We Need It Or Not If There S One Thing That A Lot Of People Around The World Know About The US It S That Americans Love Guns Depending On Who You Are This Might Be A Source Of Pride Knowing That Your Country Provides You With The Ultimate Freedom To Preserve Life And Liberty For Others It S A Source Of Shame That Even While Being The Richest Nation In The World, It Doesn T Come Close To Having The Same Level Of Gun Control As Many Third World Nations This Is Where This Book On Gun Control Comes In Here You Will Be Given An Insightful Look Into The World Of Firearms And Gun Control Understanding The True Nature Of Gun Violence In The US Is As Much About Developing The Ability To Think About The Statistics And Society As It Is Determining Whether We Should Be Allowing People Firearms Or To Take Them Away Completely How Can We Realistically Reduce Gun Crime And Stop Headlines About Another School Shooting Jump In And Discover All About Gun Control Right Now