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The Most Comprehensive Guide To Cricket That Has Ever Been Written Most Other Dart Books Only Focus On Fundamentals And The Most Basic Rules Of Both Cricket And This Book Is The Only Complete Strategy Guide Available And Will Cover Almost All Possible Angles And Game Play Scenarios To Help You Become A Master Of The Game Includes Detailed Graphics That Even The Most Novice Players Can Follow If You Want To Learn How To Master The Game Of Cricket And Learn What It Takes To Compete With The World S Best Players, This Book Is For You The Author S Email Address Is Also Included In The Book If You Have Any Questions Or Would Like Further Help Discussing A Particular Scenario

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    Great book for Dart fans that love playing Cricket Really well written and clear I m new to cricket but this book gave me a lot of confidence in my game Would recommend to any dart fan.

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    Cricket has never been a favorite game of mine preferring x01 games, but American players really seem to love it and it s everywhere However America, you ve been playing it wrong all along I ve never been bad at cricket but I ve also never been good at it I read through this book a few times along the way learning how to better understand what I should be closing and at what point in the match, how I should be pointing to keep the lead, and at what stages of the game The biggest benefit I ve seen is how I should be approaching the game mentally It s really three simple rules with just a few conditions that are made very clear and given in great, simple visual examples You think cricket has deep strategy and complex No, no it s not and this book proves it Want to change your game and the reduce stress to win Buy this book My Success story a few weeks after reading this book At a recent cricket tournament having the knowledge I learned from this book took me into the quarter finals I lost to a player who was throwing 7 marks to my 5 6 marks which is hard to beat, but accuracy is an aspect of my game I ll need to improve This book wont teach you that as that comes with time on the practice board and working on one s consistency Time and Practice is the mantra But, I wouldn t have made it to the QF playing the way I always had And while staying warmed up at the tourney I was surprised at watching other players knowing what I know now seeing the lot of them some who have played 15 years all using flawed strategy, their lack of progress and weird routes in games, many good players losing momentum, and losing matches With my newly learned cricket knowledge I saw the flaws in their games and I can now judge my opponent to understand if I should be playing the player, or playing the board There are tournaments ahead of me and one has a silver cup in my future, I hope I feel I can say that this book has made me a better cricket player, or so I d like to think This was a great, cheap buy with big results Happy throwing

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    I met Jason in a league match, and he suggested reading his book after some discussion of our games of cricket I purchased the book read it over a couple days The game of cricket is pretty dynamic and rarely is there only one right play, and as such the book isn t prescriptive but rather presents approaches to analyzing the game state It covered some things I was familiar with but also presented several ideas I hadn t considered before The top 3 things I learned that I will be applying to my game are 1 As a 2 MPR player, going to the next number even when opponent hasn t closed the number e.g when opponent goes first and hits 2x s20 2 Situational dart at the bull before all numbers closed e.g throwing bull after closing 17s with second dart 3 An interesting table of number matchups to get mark advantages and remainder benefits e.g on 20 vs 17, scoring six 20s 20 requires opponent to hit eight 17s to regain point lead for a two mark advantage The book is written in a thoughtful and logical manner I would recommend it to cricket players of all levels.

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    The book is an easy read with well laid out real life scenarios presented The author also does a good job breaking down some alternative ways of thinking I would recommend this book to new and advanced intermediate players If you average over 3.5MPR already, chances are you won t get much out of it.For myself, I was able to instantly apply some of the theories presented and win some games easier because of it Well worth 7

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    Texas hold em is a easy game to learn and takes a life time to master Mike SextonThat quote can be applied to the game of cricket.Now with this book it is the first step for you to learn the game cricket and the steps on how to master the game of cricket.This book talks about the history of cricket and the rules of the game.The best part of this book is the strategy on how to win at the game of cricket Examples of when to close numbers vs Keep pointing.The book walk through multiple scenarios of what to do at different points in the game.After reading this book my cricket game has improved I proved this by playing people online in soft tip as wells Dart connect computer opponents

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    Been playing darts for about 6 months, this book is well written and very helpful I think both newbies and advanced players will benefit from reading.