Free pdf Decluttering: 50 Minimalism Ways and Strategies to Declutter Your Home and LifeAuthor Eugene Barry Gordon –

The Audiobook Is Of A Motivational Program Than Instruction Manual Discussing The Themes Of Minimalism According To A Relatable Context It Breaks DownWays Of Reducing Clutter Within Your Life, Grouped According To Four Categories These Are Mind Set Or Perspective Implementation Social Media Themes Peripheral Considerations All These Tools Are Meant To Reduce And Eventually Eliminate Clutter In Your Life, From A Mental Position To The Implementation And Everything In Between Governing The Life Of An Individual The Audiobook Encourages A Lifestyle Change From Consumerism, Which Has Become A Silent Plague On The Present Society, And Shows Ways Of How To Assimilate Minimalism Into Your Life Until It Becomes Part Of Your Habits Minimalism Is Not Encouraged As A Goal But As A Continuous Process Because Cluttering Is Oriented The Same Way Clutter Is Also A Lifestyle That Entails Glut And Neglect This Audiobook Teaches How To Be Aware Of Your Surroundings And Keep Vigilant Of Your Mind And Your Residence

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    enjoyable and useful book

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    Total life changer Shifted the way I think about everything in my house Time for me to declutter and this will be the perfect guide

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    Very disappointed looks like it took 10 minutes to write Ive written emails longer than this book and the information is just basic.

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    Poorly regurgitating common advice.Written like stream of consciousness blog Most distracting grammatical errors I have ever seen in a book I started skimming about less than halfway in and gave up around 70 percent of the way

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    I liked the concept of this book, but was greatly disappointed in the actual product There was a lot of redundancy grammatical errors misspellings which I found greatly distracting unprofessional For that price I expected much better results.

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    A change of life style is what the knowledge you grab from this book guarantees its gives a clear breakdown of several ways to declutter and best categories to concentrate on