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I didn t realize that you could publish a book without knowing basic grammar it s literally painful to read. Do You Want To Think Like Sherlock Holmes Do You Want To Develop The Skills To Pick Up On Subtle Social Cues Such As Micro Expressions, Body Language, And Human Psychology To Discover The True Motives Of Your Peers We Ve All Seen It In Movies And Novels Where Leading Detectives Are Able To Take Sparse Amounts Of Information And Put The Puzzle Pieces Together Coherently In An Almost Supernatural Fashion The Fact Is That People In Society Do Not Always Showcase Their True Intentions Does Your Significant Other Truly Love You, Or Is He Or She Having An Affair Does Your Boss Truly Value Your Input At Work What Do Your Friends And Colleagues Really Think About You My Audiobook Is Designed To Teach You The Ins And Outs Of The Many Intricacies Of Human Psychology After Listening To This Audiobook You Will Have The Insights, Skills, And Capabilities To Instantly Analyze Almost Anyone Also, You Will Learn How To Influence People, Identify Personality Types, And Spot Covert Psychopaths And Anyone Who Has Malicious Intentions Toward You What You Will Learn Psychological Theories And Philosophies Dark Psychology Identify Psychopaths And People With Malicious Intentions How To Influence People How To Instantly Analyze Anyone Decipher Body Language, Micro Expressions, And Other Paraverbal Communication Different Personality Types Your Close Friends May Be Sociopaths And Narcissists Facial Profiling Deductive And Inductive Reasoning Think Like Sherlock Holmes Importance Of Understanding Social Context And Much, Much This Is Your Chance To Get Ahead Of Your Peers And Be One Step Ahead Of Everyone You Come Across By Breaking Down Their True Intentions, Which Manifest Through Body Language, Micro Expressions, And Other Paraverbal Activities The Greatest Investment You Can Make Is An Investment In Yourself Master The Ins And Outs Of Human Psychology Fast And Become An Excellent Practitioner Of Analyzing People From All Walks Of Life And Have An Edge Over Every Social Encounter You Come Across My Life Experiences Combined With Historical Psychology Are All Jam Packed Into This Convenient Guide This Is All You Ll Ever Need To Become A Master At The Art Of Analyzing People Never Be Left Wondering What Others Are Thinking Ever Again So update. I read the book and I found DOZENS of grammatical errors I want a refund, this is totally unacceptable Did no one proofread this Your where you re should be, clam instead of calm Ben instead of been This book is trash and I d fire whoever typed this up and published it It is literally written by a 6 year old. I m satisfied with this guidebook If you purchase them, you can learnabout how to analyze people This is your ultimate guide for understanding human psychology, behavior, body language, theories, dark psychology, influencing people and personality types The mind is not tangible like our brains However, it can be thought to be of aabstract and metaphysical theme that exists conceptually The purpose of this book is to make you question prevailing ideologies, considering and social norms Thanks for the info from Author Grateful I truly delighted in finding out about the diverse character types and how I would now be able to perceive those characters in the individuals around me On the off chance that you need to Analyze People, at that point get this book I am exceptionally happy that I discovered this book since I took in such a significant number of new things from it and I turned out to be increasingly mindful of the encompassing I unquestionably prescribe this book as something everyone should peruse and know This is an excellent guidebook I read this book step by step instruction I can know lots of things This book is very good and it contains a lot of new and effective steps and information about How to Analyze People Despite its size, it is organized logically so you can either read it from beginning to end, or you can look through the detailed index and jump around to read the topics you want to learn first I am happy to get this book Thanks