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The Engagement Ring Is The Only Fully Comprehensive Guide, Written By A Top Diamond Jewelry Expert With OverYears Of Experience Hand Making Jewelry, Lewis Takes You Behind The Scenes And Exposes Trade Secrets That Will Help You Get The Perfect Engagement Ring For The Price You Will Love It Covers How To Source The Diamond, To Knowing Which Diamond To Choose It Gives A Better Understanding Of The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Ring On The High Street Or Having A Bespoke Ring Made It Covers The Valuation Certificate All The Way Through To The Insurance There Are Also Plenty Of Proposal Ideas, As Well As Tricks To Help You Get The Celebrity Look For Less This Guide Is All You Need To Give Her Exactly What She Wants At A Price You Will Love

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    Lewis is clearly an expert in this field and has put together an excellent guide for those about to make a huge decision and investment The book is clear and well wriiten it demonstrates the importance of getting the right advice at the right time It should eb a must for all those thinking of getting engaged Highly recommended

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    I know this book is aimed at the engagement ring s BUYER, but honestly, it is a fantastic read regardless or whether you are buying, wearing, just looking, or dreaming of a diamond ring The author s voice is full of wit and humour throughout while also letting us readers in on quite a few interesting facts It is not bogged down with information us diamond loving girls don t give a hoot about, and easy enough for the fellows to follow and understand Gave me a good chuckle A fantastic book that honestly deserves the 100% 5 star rating it has received.

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    This book is great for anyone who is planning or ready to be engaged The book will give you a step by step guide on what to do, starting from thinking about the profession your other half is in and the kind of jewellery he or she wears, this are little things that I believe are important that the book mentions which enables you to have a clear decision on which type of ring to go for which does not interfere on the persons day to day living.I enjoyed reading the chapter of all the different places where you can propose, all very romantic starting from the simplest to the most extreme.After reading this book I m confident that the ring and the time your proposal will be a magical and romantic experience you will never forget.

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    I was very excited to read this book as was just getting engaged and found the book very honest as well as informative and in fact contacted Lewis the author and my fianc and I got our ring from him From the discussions, design and making of the ring was a very exciting time and I am so happy we found Lewis who made me a most beautiful ring Thank you Lewis.

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    This book is amazing All you need to know about engagement rings is encapsulated in this one, easy to read, book and its entertaining Lewis is THE professional to work with when it comes to diamonds Engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, earrings, necklaces you name it Lewis can do and this book shows his true passion for the engagement process I have experienced Lewis work first hand and I can definitely say, with confidence, that the book is worth it and then following up with a meeting with Lewis is the cherry on the cake Great fun read

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    A diamond of a book The book gives you a great understanding of the steps involved in buying your partner an engagement ring, in an informative way which is also fun and engaging It covers the points you need to consider before before choosing a design, the all important 4 C s, it gives loads of examples of some beautiful rings made by Lewis Malka, but the book also gives you loads of ideas about how you might propose, the most popular dates, venue and theme ideas It is a must read to anyone who is thinking of proposing, but beware the book makes the whole process sound so enticing that if you were in doubt, you might just read it and think, well let s just go for it

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    The engagement ring book by Lewis Malka is your personal guide to help you through the engagement process It will help you not only to understand how to choose a ring of your dreams but also provide basic information about diamonds history and sources, proposal ideas Answering main questions which you probably haven t been thinking about regarding your engagement It s a really important step in everyone s life, a ring becomes a part of your most romantic memories and the amazing jeweller and person Lewis Malka presents us with this great book.Thank you Lewis and enjoy reading it everyone.

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    This was such an illuminating read Purchasing an engagement ring is one of the biggest investments you can make, so you better make sure you have all the details to ensuring you get it right This book gives all the insights needed to ensure that when making a decision to buy an engagement ring, you end up knowing exactly what your partner will want I ve recommended this book to all of my friends who are getting engaged and to those who have already got engaged, so they know what they missed