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First Published In , The Ultimate Cigar Book Has Become A Classic In Its Field, And Is Generally Credited With Having Helped Launch The Current Cigar Smoking Craze It Has Been Reprinted Numerous Times In The United States, And Is Now Sold Worldwide No Other Book Contains As Much Detailed And Factual Information On Virtually Every Facet Of Cigar Making And Cigar Smoking Now We Present An Audio Edition Of The Beloved Fourth Edition For The Audio Loving Aficionado Of The Future ForgetThis Book Starts Out In BC Before Columbus And Transports The Cigar Enthusiast On A Fun And Fact Filled Adventure Into Virtually Every Realm Of Today S Popular And Growing Cigar Smoking Pastime Written By One Of The Most Knowledgeable And Internationally Celebrated Pipe And Cigar Authors Of Our Time, Richard Carleton Hacker S Well Known Wit And Wisdom Will Keep The Listener Enthralled With Every Minute, As He Takes You On An Information Packed Would Tour Of Cigars Starting Off With A History Of Cigar Smoking, The Author Then Shows Us How Cigars Are Made Today Handmade, Handrolled, And Machine Made , Divulges The Secrets Of Finding The Perfect Cigar, And Discusses The Ritual Of Smoking And How To Properly Care For And Store Our Cigars From There The Book Lists A Number Of Innovative Cigar Accessories, Suggests Which Beers, Wines, Whiskeys, Brandies, And Cognacs Go With What Cigars, Enlightens Us With A Chapter On Cigar Smoking Celebrities, And Concludes With The World S First International Compendium Of Virtually Every Cigar Brand Known Today, Complete With Histories And Observations On Taste, According To The Author S HPH Highly Prejudiced Hacker Scale Ratings If That Was Not Enough, There Is Even A Dictionary Of CigarSpeak The Ultimate Cigar Book Is The Most Comprehensive, Factual, And Up To Date Book For The Cigar Smoker Or For Those Who Just Want To Learn About The Fascinating And Popular World Of Cigar Smoking PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio

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    What a brilliant read I could not put this book down and it opened my eyes to the world of cigars and cigar smoking that I never knew existed.It s hard to believe that anyone could write a better cigar book than this Thoroughly enjoyed it

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    Nice read Not really a reference book but a nice read all the same One persons interpretation of taste is different to another persons so take flavours etc with a pinch of salt Never once have I tasted coffee and chocolate etc on a cigar

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    Excellent product

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    Lots of good advice, hints, tips knowledge from a well respected author.

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    love it

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    If you don t know a Double Clara from a Double Corona, or if you are thinking about a career as a Catador, then this is the book for you This book is authoritative and well written I enjoyed it greatly, and even Mrs Wesley who cannot abide my cigar smoking habit admitted that she found the book illuminating and interesting It s not a one read book, but rather a volume to which many readers will return time and time again A well deserved five stars.

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    the writer really knows the subject, describing it well and entertainingly Only bad point is this some times he is too ego centrical, and so I learn far too much about him in some times, than cigars, he passes over it by being well informative though.