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As I step into the room a silver flash blurs my vision Before I can take a breath the world falls awayBrianna has always felt invisible People stare right past her including the one boy she can't resist Blake Williams But everything changes at a house party where Brianna's charm bracelet slips off and time stands still In that one frozen silver moment Blake not only sees her he recognizes something deep inside her she's been hiding even from herselfDiscovering she is descended from Danu the legendary Bandia of Celtic myth Brianna finds herself uestioning the truth of who she is And when she accidentally binds her soul to Blake their mutual attraction becomes undeniable But Blake has his own secret one that could prove deadly for them both Bound together by forbidden magic Brianna and Blake find themselves at the heart of an ancient feud that threatens to destroy their lives and their love

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    Wow What a mess What an utter messTo begin with I'll have to hand it to ya if you want something steamy; a young adult novel with a lot of vague sexual content make out sessions and some yummy oral sex references then this is your go to book If you happen to enjoy a bit of the paranormal slash mythology strewn into the books you read then there's a bonus tooAnd you know what steamy scenes are lovely and all that I can enjoy me a good romp session between the pages But there's gotta be a decent story behind it too A sensible plot Characters we can sympathize with Motives we can get behind And in these aspects and so many this novel just falls shortIn this review I'm just going to point out the so many issues I took up with But before that here's the gist of Silver by Talia Vance Brianna is one of those girls You know the not so special girls who are actually special Thanks to a magical charm bracelet her dead grandmother gave her which she for some reason always wears she's as good as invisible All the boys ignore her see; and even if they look at her they never really look at her And because boys don't look at her her life sucks Right? I mean my life would suck without all the boyz staring at meOf course one day the bracelet breaks conveniently at a party and she goes from barely flickering lightbulb to oh glorious sunbeams it's so bright in one second So of course she manages to catch the eye of the guy she's been stalking for practically all her life And he imprints on her Not like Jacob the pedophile imprinting but like he does some unexplainable and conveniently unexplain ed bit of hoodoo and they're like bonded foreverz Or until death do us part whichever comes firstAnyway Turns out the bracelet also protects her from being all out Boy magnet because she happens to be a Goddess That's right she's a god friggin diddly darned oddess Kinda makes being invisible irrelevant hey? Well not if you're a horny sixteen year old my friendsAnd now the whole point of the story is that there are these Sons of Killian forgive me if I got the name wrong who are bred like freaking stallions specifically for the purpose of hunting her down and killing her And of course our forbidden love part of the story is when you guessed it Her love interest happens to be one of these Sons and had claimed her for his kill Somehow That part I never really understoodSo now that I've got the plot out of the way here's where it ALL went wrong 1 Portrayal of Girls There were no I repeat not a single one female character in this book who were characterized in a positive light No one save the main character Even the characters who were portrayed as beautiful and perfect weren't actually beautiful and perfect She doesn't look uite so perfect up close Her face is a bit too narrow and her chin sharpens to a pointShe's pretty like a pond full of brown water beautiful until you look too close Of course Brianna No one's as beautiful and perfect as you We reserve that title for you Oh our Shining GoddessAnd of course girl on girl hating is a prominent feature in this novel Every other girl who is seen even talking to Our Love Interest Blake must be described by the way they dress And the size of their womanly parts Fishnet leans against Blake's SUV in a too short skirt and too low top A second girl with round fake boobs whispers in her ear as they watch Blake approach I'm glad you two are so intimate that you know the genuinity of her breasts Brianna I also love it how we're being preached that having breast implants is such a tasteless thing to do I mean I'm all for loving your body as it is and I for one wouldn't tamper my body with plastics or silicon or whatnot But you know other people don't share the same view as me and if they want to perk up their breasts why the hell shouldn't they? But they're like sixteen So friggin what? If their parents gave them consent and the money to do it who the hell are you to get in the way? If it makes them feel confident and comfortable of their own bodies who the hell are you to condescend them?Our lovely main character doesn't even hide her misogyny Right That's why you ignored me completely and hung out with the stripper sistersDid your date with the Boobsie Twins fall through? And what irritates me even is that her judgementalness yeah I know that's not an actual word isn't rebuked or even acknowledged by any of the other female or male characters Far from it The male characters also add their own poorly informed categorization of women Pardon me for saying so but you don't seem like his typeWhat is that supposed to mean? So I'm not dumb snobby or slutty Oh Joe fills the silence See guys like Blake will always have their minions stray puppies that follow them around begging for the smallest scrap See where I'm from there's two kinds of girls the kind you screw and the kind you marry Yeah? Well fuck you douchebag Good luck finding a wife 2 Portrayal of Boys Or at least the portrayal of the kind of boys girls want There's this deep rooted belief in I daresay all societies that girls love them a bad boy This is something personal for me because my current boyfriend believes in that which is why he is admittedly a bit of a jerk sometimes Just sometimes I swear And he's always just fooling around Anyway We can debate all night long over the fact or so he claims that whether or not we are aware of it us girls are always attracted to jerks and assholes and the cold hearted boysWhich is bullshit Unfortunately he always wins the debate by saying Well you're dating me aren't you? and for almost three years too And this is why I despise books like this Books that reinforce that idea He's about to look away but I grab his arm You know Christy right?Why? Did she say something?Not exactly Have you ever broken a girl's heart before? He's still watching Christy What kind of uestion is that?I don't know Could you try being of an asshole? Wait Are you saying that Christy would like me better if I wasn't so Nice And guess what? It worked Immediately I don't know if this scene was supposed to be there for humorous content but not Effing no dudeThat poor guy isn't the only example though All our love interests are jerks and coldhearted dildos to some extent Don't get me started on Blake I mean if our Goddess wasn't so damn hot I don't think he or anyone else for that matter would have thought twice about killing herOh which brings me to 3 What a shallow piece of crap I'm sorry but there you go It must be said Everything in this book is shallow The friendship between Brianna Haley and Christy was so bizarre I was wondering throughout the entire book why they were even friends in the first place It's like this friendship I had back in primary school with a girl who I was only friends with because she was my biggest rivalOh yeah I was also a shallow little Anyway You know those friendships You're always competing with each other In my case we never competed when it came to boys We were still in the stage of cooties at that time And in high school at Brianna's age I like to think we both matured by then We broke out of our friendship and found people we you know actually liked to hang out withBut Brianna? She's secretly jealous every time a guy flirts his balls off with Haley Haley on the other hand can never be happy for Brianna when a guy finally does show her some interest Christy is possibly the most self absorbed out of the lot only really interested in getting someone to satisfy her sexual urgesAnd not only shallow friendships but the entire premise of this book was so shallow I couldn't begin to fathom where the urgency is Brianna is supposed to be in some sort of mortal danger from the Sons who by the way knows exactly who and what she isBy all accounts she should be dead But they're just I don't know lounging around waiting for God knows what There was only one scene when someone finally did attack her but it was so piss poor and no follow up came after it whatsoeverAlso the scene the random scene when the other demigods or Goddesses or whatever those two were shows up at the poker game? What can anyone tell me was the entire bloody purpose of that? For a bunch of Goddesses can I just say how stupid and not thought out that was?All in all Silver was just too much a nonsensical read for me It was too drawn out too many unimportant fillers too damn melodramatic for my taste The only reason I'm not giving it a one star is because I don't really know Because I reserve that place for the atrocious pieces of writing? And at least Silver was readable It was finishable albeit with a lot of self motivation and it certainly had an interesting premise A charm that makes a girl unnoticed and ignored I thought I'd be reading about a cursed girl but when I realized how secretly special she was it all went downhill from there

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    I read this when I was twelve my mom had told me that I could move on to YA since I had read every juvenile book that was any good in our library I remember working hard to make sure my reads were clean because I had heard from a few older kids that YA had some smut I ended up actually hurling this book across my room in disgust which I NEVER do Books are my lovelies So when I came across this book the other day I was curious I remember that this book was bad but I didn't remember to what extent so I picked it up againExcuse me while I throw up Grown ups Oh those books that have sex oral sex teenage drinking and it glorifies those things to death? Put it in the YA section teens aren't strangers to thatAlso grownups Why are so many teenage girls pregnant? Why do our kids sneak out? Why is Jonny smoking that good stuff? HOW DID MY SON GET AN STD??? Oh I don't know maybe if you ignorant wet wipes didn't oh I dunno glorify that stuff in books and claim it's normal and all teens do it your children wouldn't be drunken fools But hey I'm just a fifteen year old kid what do I know? shrugsAnd these books look innocent but LIES Also I want to slap Brianna Seriously I'm not joking She literally slut shamed every girl in these books She also compared herself to every single girl and decided that she was wayyyy prettier but oh no she's totally not snobbish in the least It cracks me up that she actually thinks this I'm not dumb snobby or slutty an actual sentence from this book I wish I was joking but I'm not No Brianna you're not dumb you're downright stupid Like it honestly blows my mind that you're even alive I didn't know people could live without a brain yet here you are You're not just snobbish you're the UEEN of snobbery America Singer just called she wants you to get over yourself And as for being a slut don't get me started just don'tAll I have left to say is why?

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    45 stars The first time this book landed on my sight I know it's gonna be a good book So when I saw this in Netgalley I reuested it right away But I got declined So I reuested it again And still I got declined By this time I was almost so willing to just wait for this book to be released But then I said just one time I could be really persistent or hardheaded Ha I did a little editing on my bio then reuested it for the third time And fina freaking lly they approved me I'm so happy that all my effort didn't come to waste because this book did not disappoint This is a very stunning and gorgeous book It's very rare for me to encounter paranormal books that are influenced by Celtic Myths and Irish folklore so when I read this everything were almost pretty new to me I really loved the uniueness and originality of itIt wasn't the kind of the book that would instantly blew you away in fact for the most parts I was a bit confused and puzzled with all the mythological stuffs but through that just brought curiosity in me It just made me intrigued and interested in knowing and figuring out what was going on It never wavered to hold my interest And when the revelations and twists came I was absolutely satisfied with the outcome and how everything turned outBrianna Paxton is an easy character to like and connect She's genuine smart strong and humble She's beautiful but no one notice her despite that I didn't see her being so bitter about it Of course she always wonders why and there were moments that she feels bad about herself but she wasn't the kind of person who whines and feels angry about it all the time But Brianna is still a girl and like any other girl she wishes to be notice by the guy she likes Blake It took me some time to trust Blake I like him but I wasn't entirely sure if he was being real or honest to Brianna at first As the story progressed as information were thrown I realized that Blake is just torn from doing what his family expects him to do and what he really feels But I was really glad that when he already has to choose he chooses Brianna and took the risk of it And I saw that he was sincere and honest about it The romance between Brianna and Blake is absolutely a winner for me I love how they got connected fought it but in the end gave in with it and soon find out that there's than just the curse that connected them but something from their heart that is much real genuine and bigger love I can't remember how many times I died from swooning with these two and with all those sweet and steamy momentsThe paranormal and mythology aspect of this book is very intriguing and engaging I love the story about Danu and Killian and how the curse started I love exploring the abilities the characters have and how they used it It was fascinating and very engrossing Overall this is a very captivating and stunning debut novel I applaud Talia Vance for writing such a very uniue novel with original plot awesome twists brilliant characters and gorgeous romance I highly recommend this I need Gold now And swoon worthy moments between Brianna and Blake Thank you Flux and Netgalley for providing a review copy of this book PS Did you know that I read this twice? I'm not much a fan of re reading there are only two novels I've re read The Hunger Games and Obsidian Both I'm really addicted about So what does that mean? That I'm addicted to Silver? Oh hell yeah This book has definitely the potential to be one of my most favorite YA series I just wanted to say that this book is really really good and I want you guys to pick this one up and so just to encourage you I'll share you a uote from one of my favorite scenes yeah this is a steamy one The heat of his skin comes through his shirt and the fabric becomes an intolerable intrusion He helps me pull the shirt over his head and it’s my turn to gasp My fingers slide from his neck to his belly button forging a tentative path along his stomach “You know you’re kind of beautiful yourself” ARC p236If I could uote the whole scene I really would LOL So there I hope that one helped me convince you to read thisThis review is also posted at Book Overdose

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    This one is kind of hard to review because after a uarter of the way through I knew this was going to be one of those books where I had to read the whole way through to determine how much I liked it and I knew I was going to absolutely love it or absolutely hate it Turns out this book blew me awayI liked that this was not your typical paranormal romance It had to do with mythology magic and a love story that was 1000 years old I had no idea what to expect because it was story kept me on my toes the whole way throughYes there were times that I wanted to shake a character or even smack them around a little bit but I think they fit their roles well And my favorite character was Austin because you never knew what to expect from himI will be honest that I was a little disoriented at first because I couldn't tell who were the good guys and who were the bad guys And I didn't know what to make of Blake? Was he the jackass that he was portrayed to be? Did he really care about Brianna or was it the bond? How was he wrapped up in this whole plan and was he really sincere about everything or was he going to betray her? And even Brianna herself Was she one of the good guys or was she really evil?But unlike a lot of books that are written to keep readers in the dark I wasn't frustrated by the story development at all In fact it just made me intrigued True I wasn't particularly ecstatic that I didn't know what was going on but I wasn't pulling my hair out in anger and annoyance either Everything just fell into place where it needed to fall into place and the everything seemed to unfold where we shouldI don't know how others are going to like this book but it was a breath of fresh air because it really did blow me away

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    This review is also at my blogActual rating 15 starssighOh Silver what to do with you?First let's get this out of the way if you want a good book this is not it The Characters Ugh All the women in this book are portrayed as slutty sex toys except of course for our lovely stunning beautiful great looking did I mention beautiful? protagonist Brianna I was really disturbed by this This book was written by a woman And yet every single girl is displayed as a slut? No Not just no but hell no Brianna's friends are only there to make Brianna look good She has two friends who are both uite slutty and all over the boyzzz Why are these three friends? Don't ask meThe boys in this book are all total pervs Everyone and I mean everyone is making remarks about how good lookin' Brianna is and vaguely implying sexual things The love interest is supposed to stand out by not being pervy or so I think but is miserably failing At one point he says he's happy he's learned to control himself because otherwise he didn't know what he would have done to Brianna the first time he saw her That's just creepy Again I say hell no The slut shaming Yes it deserves its own department Because God there is a lot of slut shaming going on A few uotes to illustrate my point Did your date with the Boobsie Twins fall through?Fishnet leans against Blake's SUV in a too short skirt and too low top A second girl with round fake boobs whispers in her ear as they watch Blake approach Who are you to judge them Brianna just because they hang out with your one true love? Who the hell are you? Ugh It's just ugh This whole book is ugh I mean we've got a stalker We've got slut shaming We've got the whole world is slutty except for me We've got instalove We've got uotes like this Pardon me for saying so but you don't seem like his type what is that supposed to mean? So I'm not dumb snobby or slutty Oh Excuse me? Excuse me? Ugh Ugh ugh ughAlso apparently girls only like bad boys Loving and caring boyfriends are absolutely out of the uestion This is a scene of Brianna talking to a boy who likes one of her slutty friends I don't know Could you try being of an asshole? Why would I do that? I'm trying to help you out here I don't know how to explain it Wait Are you saying that Christy would like me better if I wasn't so Nice And this worksThis is just wrong on so many levels I can't evenAnd the worst thing about this?I want to read the seuel

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    I always try to finish a book in the hopes that the story will get betterMaybe that will happen with this onebut honestly i don't place much faith on itconsidering it's routeSo far we have spoiled brats a girl who must be beautiful although no one notices that due to a piece of jewelry that she uses her friends who are justtoo meaningless for me to use words regarding them and leave at thatbecause honestly those tv series like 90210 keep popping in my mind and a love interest or two since she breaks the bracelet and all of the sudden she's irresistible directed at an idiotso NO I won't be finishing this oneOh and her father refers to her horse as piece of meat Oh my GodHonestly so far this books only keeps alive teen clichés that should just be kicked to outer spaceA girl who hangs out with friends who aren't her friends In fact there's a word for those girlsit starts with a BBecause heaven forbids us if girls are actually friends to each otherThen obsessing with a boy whom she doesn't knowmaking out with another one which she met five minutes ago in a closet because HEY it's a party and that's what teens are supposed to doOO LovelyCompared to this Twilight is amazing

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    Actual full review Original is scheduled to post here on my blog on September 3rd 2012 when I will be hosting my stop on the Silver blog tour Stop by And You Goodreads peeps get an early glimpse Yay When describing Silver the words clever or perhaps witty astounding and bewilderingly intense come to mind In this fascinating tale tangling threads of ancient Celtic myth and an authentic yet strong heroine Silver manages to do three things 1 make itself feel as valuable as silver pun intended 2 sincerely pluck out the nature of desire and growth of teenagers therefore inducing twisted plots and often frustrating but understandable decisions and 3 transform the mythological genre into a new excitingly uniue and incredibly detailed creatureBrianna is a protagonist who may not be the most cunning or responsible person in the world but she is uick on her tongue and a do er not a sitter In other words this is a heroine who deserves the hero in both the linguistic and romantic ways The relationship between her and Blake was accidental but a powerful metamorphosis from pure lust to pure bond and then and then less and the realistic portrayal despite the mythological differences of relationships enhanced the story rather than drag it down with tons of cliché romanceI think what makes this book so compellingly rich is the way Talia Vance sneaks in foreshadowing A fantastic story wouldn't make itself so great without some inventive foreshadowing and Talia is the sensei the story is a bundle of messes at one point and you're thinking what is going to happen? How? Is this what it will end up being a jumbled jargon? and then suddenly the entire twist is thrown in your face What makes it so special is that the carefully arranged plot pieces are not just one single storyboard but multiple subtle ones so that even if you figure some things out and you believe that the story is but over the eventual revelation that you never saw coming will only surprise and enthrall you all the Silver may seem like simply a pretty cover and a blooming romance but that judgment would be a mistake In truth the nature of Silver is like the furious scrawl of a uill noting down myths and history It is a platter of delicacies gifted with silver domes concealing the entrees so that when you lift the tray and peek inside it is a surprise a mystery and an invitation to a world meticulously crafted and tasteful both and at once

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    I really enjoyed this book and feel sad to be leaving this world behind for a while I can't wait for the next book in this series Brianna doesn't stand out in a crowd Well that's an understatement it's like she's not even there Especially with guys they can't even make eye contact with her She's been introduced to her crush for the last two years Blake so many times and he still doesn't know she's alive She thinks she must have some kind of problem with her pheromones Until the night she's at a party and her charm bracelet breaks Blake looks at her and sees her really sees her and her life will never be the same againBrianna thinks she's just an ordinary girl until she accidentally bonds her soul with Blakes and he tells her about her heritage His one sided version anyway she learns as time goes on But her heritage means that she and Blake are mortal enemies and one of them must kill the other to survive The characters were good though I felt that some of them could have been fleshed out a little Especially her parents who seem too naive as to what their daughter is Brianna is a likable protag and I enjoyed her relationship and interactions with Blake The friendship that she has with Haley and Christy felt very realistic to me girls can be bitchy when it comes to guys Having to keep her magic secret does cause some sticky situations for Brie with her friends And Austin an appealing love to hate bad boy who made this story interesting This book is a fast paced fairly uick read with the mystery of Brianna's heritage and powers being gradually revealed I think fans of paranormal romance will definitely enjoy this one

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    Don't touch this with a ten foot pole SeriouslyThe writing is atrocious The characterization plot romance and 'mythology' are absolute rubbish The protagonists both male and female reach a never before seen level of revoltingness This is one of the worst 'books' I've ever tried to read and I don't understand how anyone could make a decision to publish this

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    25 Stars Although this book was slow to start it did end up grabbing my attention about half way I ended up speeding through the last half because I got so into it I’d say my biggest complaint was how often the main character talked down about herselfI understand that the author was trying to make a point but it honestly started to get extremely frustrating every time she put herself down I literally found myself saying “oh come on seriously?” Aside from that a few editing errors and the writing style sounding literally like a teenager wrote itit wasn’t a terrible book I am definitely considering reading the second one but probably getting it from a library rather than purchasing