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I read about The Prosecutors in a roundup on narrative fiction Similar to books like Courtroom 302 and No Matter How Loud I Shout, Gary Delsohn spent a year taking an insider s look at the justice system.In this instance, he spends a year in the Sacramento s District Attorney s Office In that year, prosecutors will try several men who were involved in a robbery where a young man was shot and killed They ll deal with a man who hung his girlfriend on video tape, an immigrant who murders his wife, two year old son and several other members of his family.Overall, it was a pretty interesting fly on the wall account of what it s like to prosecute It was often grim due to the nature of the crimes the DA s office dealt with.However, I felt like at times the book lacked the overall depth of Courtroom 302 and No Matter How Loud I Shout, which both included extensive research and placed the issues in greater context However, I realize that The Prosecutors seemed like it was envisioned as an inside look at justice along the lines of a non fiction Law Order. The facts of these cases alone would have made for a fantastic read Unfortunately, Gary Delsohn is not a strong writer His senseless repetition of facts and aggravating tendency to compose horrible run on, convoluted sentences did these stories a great disservice That said, the cases are compelling and the pages are turned relatively quickly It is easy to feel for the victims families and you find yourself genuinely concerned in the outcome of the trials Overall a decent book that had potential to be outstanding. I read this book of my shelf for some inspiration for my Criminal Law class I didn t realize how much it would take me back to criminal law practice and remind me why I got out of it I did get some good ideas for teaching, but I can just picture walking through the dingy courthouse with each page I think this should be required reading for any law student considering criminal law, it definitely helps de romanticize it It s the harsh reality of our criminal justice system, which isn t pretty at all G d bless the people that do it, but attorneys really shouldn t do it for than ten years Just leads to cynicism and you lose the ability to look for justice. I don t think any of this is really surprising to someone who is an attorney, but it is probably good insight into what prosecutors deal with on a daily or yearly basis at a DA office It covers a few high profile murder cases including a shaken baby case, the end result of the Patty Hearst and Symbionese Liberation Army murders, a murder in the process of burglary, and a rape murder This book gives a slight glimpse into the lives of attorneys outside of their cases Frankly, this book read too much like a condensed court transcript The cases were interesting though and could very well have been put into a case law book. Overall this was a decent book but very uneven Some of the cases were interesting and I think it gave a pretty decent but limited idea of the inner workings of the criminal division of the Sacramento DA s Office There are probably several better books on this general subject. I liked this book although the author s style of writing made the story difficult to follow on a few occasions However, as the cover promised me, this book provided an interesting insight into how a district attorney s office works by examining the treatment of some high profile cases out of Sacramento during 2001 I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in true crime, criminal justice, or government in general. Well written Gives interesting in sites into the politics of prosecuting a case As well as how cases where everyone know who did it can go un prosecuted An educational window into the legal system. I enjoyed this book, but I think it s because the district attorney s office detailed is the Sacramento County DA s Office I live nearby and many of the cases detailed were already familiar to me.This book definitely shows how a prosecutor gets involved in a case, it becomes a part of them. Depicting American Justice At Its Best And Worst, The Prosecutors Lifts The Lid Off Today S Legal System With Details That Are Shocking And Graphic Than Any Television Show Or Bestselling Novel Allowed Unprecedented Access To Spend A Year Inside An Urban Prosecutors Office, Gary Delsohn Provides A Riveting, Behind The Scenes Look At How America S Increasingly Overburdened Judicial System Really Functions Seen Through The Eyes Of The Main Characters In This True Life Drama John O Mara, A Tough, Jaded Homicide Chief And Jan Scully, An Accomplished Former Sex Crimes Prosecutor Who Is Now The DA The Prosecutors Shows Us These Dedicated Public Servants At Work The Cases They Encounter Within This One Year Are As Shocking As They Are Indelible A Simple Robbery In Sacramento, California, Goes Bad And Shatters A Family Forever A Serial Killer Is Caught Only After A Nationwide Manhunt A Well Respected Doctor Is Accused Of Murdering His Own Daughter A Twenty Five Year Old Cold Case Involving Patty Hearst And The SLA Explodes And Brings Incredible Pressure And Scrutiny To The DA S Office The Son Of A High Ranking California State Prosecutor Faces A Possible Death Penalty For Kidnap, Rape,and Murder The Prosecutors Chronicles The Real Life Legal Dramas That Are Waged Daily In Our Courtrooms It Is A Book That Enlightens, Educates, Entertains, And Even Infuriates At Times With The Miscarriages Of Justice, But, Ultimately, Shows In Stark Detail The Intricacies That Make Our Legal System Work Interesting cases, but not strong writing on my opinion You can tell he normally writes short newspaper stuff