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Katarina Bishop has worn a lot of labels in her short life Friend Niece Daughter Thief But for the last two months she’s simply been known as the girl who ran the crew that robbed the greatest museum in the world That’s why Kat isn’t surprised when she’s asked to steal the infamous Cleopatra Emerald so it can be returned to its rightful owners There are only three problems First the gem hasn’t been seen in public in thirty years Second since the fall of the Egyptian empire and the suicide of Cleopatra no one who holds the emerald keeps it for long and in Kat’s world history almost always repeats itself But it’s the third problem that makes Kat’s crew the most nervous and that is simply the emerald is cursedKat might be in way over her head but she’s not going down without a fight After all she has her best friend—the gorgeous Hale—and the rest of her crew with her as they chase the Cleopatra around the globe dodging curses realizing that the same tricks and cons her family has used for centuries are useless this timeWhich means this time Katarina Bishop is making up her own rules

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    This was my very first audiobookI'd never found a reason to listen to a book rather than read it because it just takes so much longer to finish Also I noticed that most people who love audiobooks tend to have a commute and I'm never in a car without kids long enough to listen to anythingSo no reason for audio booksButI started exercisingbecause flab happens And for a while it was fun with Richard Eventually however I moved on to an aerobic walking video Because I'm cool like that And also because it hurts my knees to even watch stuff like thisAnd as much as I benefit from the low impact exercise the lady who does them is like Fran Drescher in yoga pants Is your workout in a slump? Then come join us We're sisters in SWEATinsert braying laugh This is REAL sweat ladies in fake Italian accent I lika to sweat insert braying laughter I'm soooo sillyGod help me for 45 minutes a day part of my workout consisted of not throwing my shoe at the televisionThen one glorious morning at the library I was introduced to a little something called Play A Way Not by My Librarian mind you No she was too busy collecting late fees probably from orphans to bother showing off this technological wonder to an honored patron like myself Not mad Danielle just disappointedAnd now with tiny things that the kids these days are calling earbuds I can block the goat like bleating of Walking Chick's voice while still making my doctor happy with my daily dose of aerobics AND I get to listen to a story while I do itSo was Uncommon Criminals any good you ask?WellI grabbed it because it was available that day at the library and not because I'm a big fan of Ally Carter's seriesI was just so friggin' happy not to be listening to those lame jokes horsey laughter that I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed anythingHaving said that I think this was a cute story Not fantastic but cute I had a hard time swallowing that these kids were good enough to fly all around the world and con professionals But then again I'm waaay outside the age range for teeny bopper heist stories And this is definitely a teeny bopper story I do love YA but this isn't a series that I would recommend to adult readersBut it is something that I would recommend to my daughter in a year or so which says somethingRecommended for teens

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    I haven't read the book yet obviously but I know that this is going to be a good one All of Ally Carter's YA books ave been a success and I'm sure this will be too The only thing I will be disappointed with if she doesn't have is some kissing with Hale and Kat I mean it's soooooo obvious that they like each otherEDIT The cover is gorgeousEDIT Reading the synopsis just makes me excited and I'm about to die of anticipation

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    If there was ever a Young Adult book written almost exclusively for actual young adults it’s Uncommon Criminals In fact with its light tone overly simplified plot short chapters third person narrative and extremely subtle romance it is at times appropriate for younger young adults or even middle grade readers and should be judgedrated as such After successfully stealing back four paintings from the seemingly impenetrable Henley museum and returning them to their rightful owners Kat has acuired a Robin Hood like reputation Therefore she is only mildly surprised when an old lady the rightful owner of the Kleopatra emerald asks her to steal the supposedly cursed stone and return it to her family Still feeling lucky after several well done jobs Kat shuts down her instincts and accepts the job Hale is the voice of reason very much against it but as always he goes where Kat goes regardless of the conseuences If Heist Society reminded me a lot of Ocean’s Eleven Uncommon Criminals is an oversimplified version of Ocean’s Twelve The crew gets conned by a better thief and they must find a way to outsmart that thief and retrieve what they lost Though the thief here isn’t as hot as Vincent Cassel that’s for sureAs much as I like Hale and he’s one swoon worthy boy believe me his wealth and status seem awfully convenient at times His contacts open all doors the crew travels in private jets and if they need a yacht near Monte Carlo well of course he has one ready I loved how devoted he was to Kat in Heist Society but in Uncommon Criminals he went from being devoted to being a doormat at times Kat too seems to have changed for the worst After the Henley job she developed not just a reputation but an overabundance of ego as well She had reason to up to a point but she went a bit too far by taking sole credit for something that was a team effort Keeping in mind what I mentioned at the beginning I won’t lower my rating because the heists themselves seemed far too simple I look at this book the same way I’d look at The Famous Five – I would have adored it when I was twelve loved it still when I was 14 At 28 I found it entertaining but I really can’t take it seriously I’ll read the third book mostly because it focuses on Hale and from all the characters he’s the one I haven’t managed to figure out

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    For a bit of WW Hale eye candy go to 45Favourite uote Luck is a strange thing in the life of any thief and halfway decent con man What is it that keeps the mark from counting the till or the guards from looking up at precisely the wrong moment? Kat had learned at a very young age that luck is for the amateur the lazy those who are unprepared and unskilled And yet she also knew that luck like most things cannot be truly missed until it is also truly goneWhen it comes to seuels they can be a scary thing especially when you love the first book But Uncommon Criminals is just as good as Heist Society Once again Ally Carter offers all the right elements for another fun read clever writing a uick and suspenseful plot and entertaining charactersAgain there were plenty of twists in this cleverly constructed plot making it impossible to put Uncommon Criminals down And when I did I was thinking about all the ways Kat could possibly get herself out of trouble this time I also love how Carter brilliantly describes the settings She really knows how to capture the beautiful places like Monte Carlo the crew visits and you can picture everything perfectly thanks to Carter's wonderful writing Kat is a genuine and likeable character She is independent smart and stubborn In this instalment Kat has to learn to that she doesn't have to do everything on her own even if she doesn't need help That it is okay to want help from her crew Kat showed a lot growth I also love the distinctive bunch of secondary characters As soon as I started the book I was eagerly awaiting when Hale Gabrielle Simon or the Bagshaw brothers would pop up in the story and when they did they didn't disappointI know fans of the first book will be wondering about the romance Does anything happen with Hale? Well all I can say is the spark is still there and you will have to read the book I recommend immediately Overall this is one addictive series that I highly recommend I really hope Carter writes a Heist Society #3

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    25 starsI'm reading the reviews for this book and all I can say is that I definitely agree with many of you who said that this book is truly a YA book intended for young adults I wish I read it when I was 14 or 15 because I would've adored it It's light fun and overall cute Of course sometimes we get a bit of drama llama situations and uestionable choices made by our interesting characters but overall this entire trilogy is entertaining Hale is cute though I love him

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    HOLY COW I didn't know it was possible for me to like a book than Heist Society and then BAM Book #2 was crazy good Those were some awesome plot twists and to be honest I think this was even better than the first book if that's possible I'm going to start making a list of the names Kat guesses for Hale's first name Basically LOVED IT Update After reading this and the first book I now have an official list of the names Kat has guessed for Hale along with whether he definitely said no or if it was a noncommittal answer If you'd like me to post it here let me know

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    There was no way I couldn't like this book even if I tried Ally Carter wrote in everything I look for in a good heist story the loyal crew for the hero or in this case heroine plot twists at every turn crazy mysterious villains and of course the seemingly impossible heist that the crew needs to pull off by the end of the storyI would say that Uncommon Criminals is the blockbuster popcorn novel for YA for this summer as Super 8 is this summer's blockbuster movie for Hollywood sort of hyped up but not as much as others have been and attached to several big names of their respective industriesOf course coming from Ally Carter the plot of Uncommon Criminals was nothing short of riveting For the whole 304 pages I kept the novel in my hands and never looked up unless to uickly take a sip of my caramel frapp or occasionally getting distracted by people sitting next to me The writing was elegant and polished adding some glamor needed for the story like thisKat was a believable character The way she sticks with her family and the way she takes up a Robin Hood like role was poignant to me She seems so wise and she's seen so much of the world already that I was taken aback when I remembered that she was only fifteen The same goes for the rest of her crew It's hard to believe that they're only sixteen or under when they're country hopping by themselves but hey it worksSpeaking of Kat's crew I badly badly badly want to join them Not so much for the thievery but for the traveling I want to go all around Europe and working with the crew wouldn't be bad The second in command of Kat's crew is WW Hale who's handsome smart conveniently rich and every bit as stubborn as Kat herself One of the best aspects of the novel besides the thievery was Kat and Hale dynamic It plays out nicely because we and Kat and Hale themselves never forget that they're first and foremost best friends The other crew members are Simon the tech geek of the group Why is every geeky guy named Simon these days?; Angus and Hamish the adorable brothers note every heist story needs a pair of brothers; and Gabriella Kat's cousin and foil in the series meaning that she's fashionable and knows how to hold herself The heist itself? Brilliantly done I know that I'll have to read over the ending again to take in all of it I'm really looking forward to finding out who Visily Romani is or will we every find out? It might've been the frapp and the windy weather outside but it suddenly got chilly whenever Mr or Ms? Romani's name got mentioned Very mysteriousscratches chin Uncommon Criminals can get serious sometimes as the themes of the story family friendship betrayal are serious but it's always just like any well made Hollywood popcorn summer blockbuster funRecommended to all

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    Ahhhh Where do I begin?I remember reading Heist Society a loooong time ago I remember listening to the audiobook of it uite a few timesI remember loving this series I just didn't rememmber HOW MUCHI loved this book I was so surprised and pleased to discovered it is as good as the first one plus adventures truths even lies and oh so many incredibly kick butt actionThe characters Gosh the characters I didn't recall them being this awesome they were all SO CLEVER SO SMART It takes some okay a lot of talent to write a book like this and to meMiss Carter deserves an standing ovasion I can't even imagine how much time it took for her to plot all her characters' actionsEach and everyone of the situations on this book were complicated and tricky at first to be ended later in the most simplified way you could think ofor actually haven't think of these guys are teenagers after all and trust them to find the answer to an exit problem using five hundred doves not kidding don't askWhat I also loved about this second book is that it shows Kat's flaws I mean I knew she had them SHE knew she had thembut it's nice to see them aknowledged She can be a super kick ass thief but she's also a fifteen year old girl who has normal problems while living an extraordinary lifeAnd Hale oh W W Hale the Fifth how I love you He kept the loyalness he has come to be known for He's awesome you can tell he's deeply in love with Katbut he's not gonna take her crap and I like that he's fierce reminds me of a GOOD Chuck Bass utterly confident careless in a way only the extra rich areEvery other character kick major butt in this one too Gabrielle was cool in book 1 but I LOVED her in this one And Nick oh Nick I love you too 3I just hope Miss Carter has something good prepared for him cause in the short amount of pages he's been in I've come to love him and wish him nothing but the bestThis book is incredible and I can't wait for the people at WB to give the green light so they can start turning this series into a movie It'd be the ultimate action packed romance full funny filled film I've ever hoped to watch

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    “Love is the biggest con of all”This seuel is really better I could totally picture the world and loved Carte's way of making the characters look like good badass people They are thieves who have no unbelievable tech guns or really dangerous people behind them and still made the book enjoyable I liked how they were conning and robbing in a classic and elegant way and still were the good guy And how sly they were The writing was really easy and pleasant but the romance “Kat felt her heart beat faster adrenaline pumping through her veins and she knew he was right She studied him for a long time Do you believe in curses Hale?He looked at her I believe in you” It had some cute and cheesy lines but I expected so much with Hale that I was kinda disappointed Or at least with Nick So because it was lacking is some ways I wouldn't say this book is a YA but had of a Middle Grade feeling to it The plot twist got me by surprise but the ending was really predictable It was a really easy read and would recommend it for sure D

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    I honestly thought that I would like this better than Heist Society but the ending failed so miserably that I am left feeling nothing but disappointment The ingredients for a fun intelligent read were there but they were wasted Overall the story was distractingly unrealistic the characters were bland and the ending was poorly put togetherFirst let's talk about the novel as a whole I am echoing myself from my review of the first book but really? I'm supposed to believe these kids are capable of huge dangerous heists? They don't seem to put much thought into their plans and after awhile it gets tiring to be told what brilliant young thieves they are when I haven't been successfully shown that this is trueThere's also a lot of telling instead of showing when it comes to the characters I have no emotional attachment to a single one of these people probably because they never come alive to me I don't even remember the Bagshaw brothers' names let alone understand the differences in their personalities Because liking to blow stuff up doesn't count as a personality trait FYI Even the two main characters Kat and Hale seem like your typical reader stand in and vaguely dreamy love interest respectively uick sidenote about Hale I am so over this archetype Overprotective possessive dudes are running rampant in 95% of the teen fiction I've been reading lately and I find 0% of them attractive So Hale needs to either grow up or go awayHowever despite all of these issues the biggest problem for me was how weak the ending was There were several plot twists that occurred simultaneously and none of them were executed well I was irritated by how impossible the ending was impossible to guess that is I even went back and reread key scenes but Carter neglected to lay even the most basic foundation to show how her plot twists could happen There were no subtle clues no vague wording to give any indication that the ending was even plannedAnd it really sucks that this is the case Because up until the ending I was moderately enjoying myself These books are fast paced and action oriented which is refreshing in the sea of emo romances dominating the YA section If only Carter had put thought and effort into wrapping up her plot and I wouldn't mind rounded characters either then this book might have been something