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Stephanie Plum é caçadora de prémios O desaparecimento do seu tio Fred Shutz deixa todos intrigados e é Stephanie sob orientação do seu mentor profissional o enigmático Ranger uem vai investigar o caso Numa visita a casa da tia Mabel a jovem é surpreendida por uma série de fotografias espalhadas sobre uma secretária ue retratam um corpo dentro de um saco de lixo A partir daí Stephanie entra por caminhos ilícitos em busca de uma explicação Um romance policial ue não descura o sentido de humor e ue conta com uma protagonista absolutamente genial

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    Book Review 4 out of 5 stars to High Five the fifth book in the Stephanie Plum cozy mystery series written in 1999 by Janet Evanovich If you thought Stephanie was off her rocker wait until you meet of her family Uncle Fred has disappeared and all they can find that might lead them to his whereabouts are the pictures he's kept hidden of a dismembered human body We know Stephanie's family has some crime connections between her cousin and a few other distant relatives But when Grandma gets hold of a stolen gun and starts showing it off to everyone we realize why Stephanie is the way she is Of course beyond that of who her mother and father are I would love to be friends with this woman but never be in the same room as her as disaster is bound to happen This is one of the first books where the major issues heat up between her and Joe Morelli over her relationshipfriendship with Ranger Joe should be jealous She's certainly crossed that line a few times even though she and Joe have had this on again off again thing going on Mystery is great here especially when it's family And who doesn't love trying to figure out who cut up a body? About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by

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    425 An outstanding monthly buddy read with the coolest gang in town The BBBs Problem is you aren't living up to your earning potential Lula said We only got chickenshit cases these days What you need is to have a serial killer or a homicidal rapist jump bail Those boys are worth somethingYeah I'd sure like to get a case like that Big fib If Vinnie ever gave me a homicidal rapist to chase down I'd uit and get a job selling shoesI want to belong to the Plum family Yes they are insane yes they are genetically challenged but they are soooo much fun all else pales in comparison Reading these books one a month is a great decision It is so because the books have a very specific feel to them and binge reading them together would do a disservice to the comic relief they provide I think of them as a giant chocolate candy bar with nuts and taffy and everything most wonderful you can think of Eating one of them is an orgasmic experience but it does verge on suicide by candy Attempting two is a death wish come true Spacing them and using them as the fluff between the dark heavy reads we have delved into as of late is the wisest thing our mods at BBB came up with and I salute their responsible decision making after all they are very concerned with our healthy reading habits Burning out on a favorite series sucks and this is the best way to prevent itThis is the 5th book in the Stephani Plum series and she is just as incompetent as ever She is broke and for some reason no one is jumping bail in Trenton She has no money to pay her bills and rent and is looking for something to supplement her income Enters Ranger her new part time employer The job jobs are varied semi legal and definitely not very fitting our luckless bounty hunter On top of that she is working in close proximity with Ranger and Stephani is only human and uncomfortable attraction hums between the two of them Not that there is anything wrong with that after all she and Morelli split a while ago over differences of how they perceive marriage and commitment Not that it's any of my business Lula said but what's going on with you and Morelli? I thought that was over with you two when you moved outIt's complicatedYour problem is you keep getting involved with men who have lots of potential in bed and no potential at the altarI'm thinking of giving men up altogether I said Celibacy isn't so bad You don't have to worry about shaving your legsSo single Stephani has attraction problems money problems family problems her uncle Fred has gone missing and she is looking for him bounty hunting problems and worst of all Ramirez is out on parole and has been looking for her Needless to say typical for our characters chaos ensues and at least two cars meet their maker And Grandma Mazur steels the show every time she is on page I love those books and you guys have to give the series a try it is a very pleasant and fun way to spend an afternoon the books read that fast I recommend them to anyone who does not take everything too seriously these books are only for entertainment and bringing laughter in your lives not to make deep philosophical or socioeconomic statements so do not judge them as such There are stereotypes there are tropes often used in comedy and there are some mushy parts but the overall product is totally worth the time So I wish all wonderful time reading and many many satisfying books

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    I think my last status update says it all These books are such a cocktease I don't know why I keep checking these out from the library Some supernatural force keeps pulling me down the Mystery aisle and forcing these books into my hands I can't explain my fascination otherwise I don't really like Stephanie the mysteries are contrived and ridiculous her family is annoying the love triangle is BEYOND frustrating and the constant addition of let's see how crazy THIS supporting character can be is just about the last nail in the coffin of this series for me But I can't stop reading them I just CAN'TThank god for the library

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    I don't get it the driver said I hardly scraped against your car Why would it explode like that?That's what her cars do Lula said They explode Stephanie is hell on wheels Literally Her crazy relationship with cars are some of the funniest parts of these books She is singlehandedly putting the insurance companies out of business at this point And it's awesome soonIn this book Stephanie is looking for her Uncle Fred Of course this job doesn't pay and people keep getting murdered after she talks to them But that's just another day in the life of our bumbling bounty hunterOn top of that she starts working side jobs for Ranger Let's just say that her bad luck follows her to any job that she tries She's worse at her job than Phil at Jurassic ParkAnd along with the always awesome Lula Stephanie picks up a dwarf and a new stalker Bunchy that she brings dinner to as he's watching her from his car She's even pretty considerate of his limitations when he is following herBunchy Don't drive too fast There's something wrong with my transmission It makes this real bad sound when I do over forty He could just let Stephanie borrow his car Transmission problem solvedSo the only thing I am not too thrilled with in this series is that we have begun a love triangle Why why why? Is God punishing me or something? I've been a good person I helped someone once I kept my kids alive to adulthood It is just so unfair No I'm not being overly dramaticI get that Joe Morelli and Stephanie have opposing views on marriage But he's coming around You know what my biggest fear is? I worry that someday you might be the mother of my children See? That was practically a proposal And romantic tooBut Ranger is closing in on Steph He finds her craziness funny and doesn't mind all of the car destruction He kisses her and she's thinking about it In a way I kind of prefer Ranger He has that dark and dangerous vibe that is pretty alluring He's oozing sexuality my favorite kind of oozing Okay the only kind of oozing I like Except for hot fudge That's some good oozing too Anyway where was I? Freaking diet makes me so hungry that it's hard to think Oh yeah Ranger he also has cool cars And Joe likes to sit and watch baseball on TV at night Yeah I vote for RangerThe end of the book was a major tease I need to get on to the next one

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    This is probably the twentieth time I've read the Stephanie Plum books I love them obviously When I need a truly entertaining story to make the day better these are always the books I turn toReread March 2018

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    Ah Stephanie—what has happened to your uncle who seems to have gone missing? Who cares? It’s the journey and not the well you know the rest If you are reading this series from the beginning then you will get the jokes ie when the fire alarm goes off in the funeral home everyone looks towards Ms Plum She has a history Evanovich has here style of writing perfected good thing because there are nine novels in this series—short pithy sentences detailing a swiftly moving story Like I have said before it is the cast of characters that makes her books so enjoyable High Five has the regulars Ranger Morelli and Lula as well as a couple new whackos like the dwarf who refuses to be brought in and a bookie named Bunchy who may be a cop I shouldn’t be enjoying this series as much as I am but they are light reading and a sweet break from others considered serious There is a scene where a ninety year old woman shoots a man He in turn explodes It is very funny The author never drags out a scene—sometimes abruptly ending one in a surprising way one of Ranger’s henchman picks up an annoying guy and throws him out a window—expedited in one sentence and completely unexpected There is a conspiracy mired in the garbage pickup business And cable It’s all clever and hilarious

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    I enjoy this series I read these books when I need something light Grandma Mazur can usually be counted on to make me laugh out loud I'm glad the character of Ramirez is now out of the way I didn't like him still being in the story I look forward to the next segment

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    35 stars?SoI did not like this seuel at allI enjoyed it binged it laughed with it but did not like itBecause A love triangle?Really Janet?I found it cringy and most honestly hope you did not let Stephanie choose the other guy in that last cliff hanging scene

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    Broke No one is skipping out on bail Struggling with the lack of satisfaction in life and with the two sexiest men on the planet Stephanie Plum finds herself intertwined in family drama when asked to investigate and locate her Uncle Fred Flying purple headed piglet Vinnie is making money left and right He doesn’t play much of a role in this book but that doesn’t keep the small statements from ripping gasping laughter from my gut “Vinnie’s overjoyed” Connie said “He’s making money by the fistful No bounty hunters to pay No forfeited bonds Last time I saw Vinnie in a mood like this was when Madame Zaretsky was arrested for pandering and sodomy and put her trained dog up as collateral for her bond” Ranger is a delicious bad boy character that gives you shivers and has the hair on your arms standing at attention Although there may be a few women out there who would disagree or just flat out would never admit it Ranger is THE MAN of men Mysterious Sexy Unobtainable Wrong In High Five the attraction between Ranger and Stephanie is tiptoeing across a dangerous line of uncertainty Ranger’s a Cuban American His features are Anglo his eyes are Latino his skin is the color of a mocha latte and his body is as good as a body can get He had his black hair pulled back into a ponytail He was wearing a black T shirt that fit him like a tattoo and a black SWAT pants tucked into black high top boots Joe Morelli is the type of guy that mother’s warn their daughter’s about Stay away from that one He’s a good cop and even better in bed Stephanie tries her best to keep her distance to suffer along with him as they play a game of who gives in first Moments of doubt and jealousy leaves them both unsure of their standings and the sexual frustration between them does nothing to help the situation Get a grip I told myself We’re talking about a simple sex act here This isn’t a medical emergency like having a heart attack This can wait twenty four hours Stephanie Lula as always is a force to be reckoned with A woman in need of no introduction; Lula hauled a small cannon out of her shoulder bag and pointed it at Bunchy “You slime faced bag of monkey shit” An endless search for Fred is driving everyone crazy A strange man is following Stephanie A “little person” is crashed on her couch and uses her coffee table as his desk for work A punk sheik in desperate need of a reality check in respect pushes Stephanie over the edge Cars explode But that’s nothing new is it? I recommend this book to adults There is mild violence less in this book than the others and some implied sexual content Read books 1 5 as fast as you can because they’re about to rock

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    1 I'm in love with Steph and Morelli2 I'm even on board with Ranger finally3 No offense to CJ Critt but her voice for Briggs was THE WORST Glad he's out of the picture also ready for Miss Lorelei King4 Grandma Mazur remains one of my favorites along with Lula5 Steph needs an unlisted phone number and she also needs to move so these creeps can't find her preferably back in with Morelli6 Too many swoon worthylaugh out loud moments in this book It was pretty solid7 WHAT WAS THAT ENDING?8 I may have finished the book with my hard copy so I can't even cheat by the different voices on my Audiobook9 Need Hot Six NOW10 Thank goodness there are 20 books in this series I can't get enough