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An original full length dark paranormal erotica novel not available in print on sale for a limited timeWELCOME TO AXL WOLFDORN'S WORLD WHERE THE WOLFEN HAVE LIVED AND THRIVED IN UNDERGROUND CAVERNS FOR 1500 YEARSOn the edge of civilization there is a place called Circle City Alaska The last town before the Yukon Flats gives way to frigid desolation DON'T TAKE IN STRAYS IN CIRCLE CITYWhen Zoe O'Brien a secluded widow kills a crazed mother wolf and saves the only cub from sure death she ignites a war between the Wolfen Clan and the Kontar Clan The wolf people have been enemies of the dog people for centuries and the cub she takes in is heir to the Wolfen throne CAUGHT AND IMPRISONED BY WILD CREATURES WHO CARE NOTHING FOR HUMAN LAW Taken prisoner by the Wolfen for murder and kidnapping Zoe is forced to see and do things with creatures she never knew existed held against her will in a world she both desires and fears A MAN ON THE EDGE OF TURNING INTO A BEASTAxl Wolfdorn is coming of age ready for his Unleashing and on the hunt for his Moonswan the female he will choose for the Chase and the royal Feral Consummation A WOMAN WHO SHOWED COMPASSIONBut how can he consider bonding with a mate when the only scent deep within his nose is the tangy scent of the woman who saved his life the very woman who forced his clan into war the woman he must now kill to avenge his mother's death?CIRCLE CITY LORD OF THE WOLFEN BOOK I by Alisha PaigeHow much wild can one woman take? Do you have enough wild in you to make it to The End?Some Words of WarningThis book was months away from releasing in print worldwide when the book was pulled due to creative differences between the author and editor This book is rated R due to Adult Situations Violence and Drug Use The editor was wanting to dilute this book removing most love scenes toning down the war between the Wolfen and Kontar and removing all drug use The author wrote this book intending it to be an ultra dark paranormal romance bordering on horror for fans of the blackest romance novels and makes no apologies for multiple sex partners torture scenes war scenes and recreational drug use The author makes it clear to the reader that the Wolfen are NOT human beings and are half human struggling with their animal side running with the pack loving with the Pack Further the author believes half men half wolf creatures would take full advantage of natural plants for medicinal purposes as well as recreational purposes to enhance sexual awareness and for relaxation Those offended by a book about wild creatures living life on the edge at psychological war with the beast within and using natural plants for pharmaceutical use may want to reconsider buying this book and search for a fluffier read A Word From the AuthorI wrote this book after watching a PBS special on wolves I started wondering what would happen if there were real people who were half wolves who lived in packs and were ruled by an alpha male I decided to place the Wolfen in a remote place so they would not be discovered and able to thrive for thousands of years without detection The book grew from there After deciding on Alaska as the setting for the novel I researched the area and came across many mentions of marijuana and how many plants are allowed in every household With all the benefits of medicinal marijuana I decided to incorporate it into Wolfen Life I really stretched the bounds with this book; blending horror erotica and paranormal and wanted to see an extremely dark and wild story unfold I hope you enjoy Circle City

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    This is the crappiest shifter book I have ever read First Axl's mother tries to kill him He is saved by Zoe She takes care of him His family finds him and puts her in a cage for 8 months He makes her attend is Unleashing where his is supposed to sleep with 6 women he made his harem He plays with them all but sleeps with Zoe and makes her his wife He bites her to turn her and then while she is passed out he sleeps with all of the other harem members even though he just married Zoe He then continues to sleep with his harem Oh and the whole time everyone was drugged out of their minds Did I mention I hate cheaters He claims to love her yet doesn't really show it She can not go back to her life During her first changing war breaks out They escape and go back to her old cabin which his grandfather the king has turned into a porn set Did I mention that's how they earn their money? Making porn? He finally meets his father but instead of listing to what has happened to him he tries to kill him Zoe and Ivan his father run Axl gets hurt because Zoe lead him to a old hunter trap Good for her Its been about 5 weeks since she has been gone and he is complaining about loving her and missing her but still he is sleeping with the girls in his harem Yeah right Did I mention this all happened on national television and Zoe saw it all while she was away? She then rips off her sacred necklace and Axl starts to get sick She has babies She didn’t know she was pregnant The two guys who were helping her put the necklace back on her to help her and then Axl finds her She tells him she doesn’t want to be with him and that she just wants her life back He tells her there is no going back and they must have sex for both of them to heal She is like ok I feel better already He claims he missed her terribly and she is like ok WTF is wrong with her? I totally hate him thus can't even like the story Zoe is no better I'm happy she got her son back she thought was dead but jeeze she was a complete wimp and pushover I will NOT be reading any of the seuels

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    Zoe finds herself falling for the future King Axl of the wolfen kingdom Axl loves her already for rescueing him as a pup from a crazed shewolf Unknowingly putting herself in danger Zoe is taken and locked up by the present King of the Wolfen So the only way to save her is by Axl making her his moonswan forever mating them Along the way Zoe learns much about her moonswane and his wolfen heritage

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    Intriguing dark paranormal romance Read the complete review here Coffee Romance Reviews

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    SummaryZoe O’Brien unwitting kills a crazed she wolf thinking at first it’s hunters known for killing pups for their coats In order to defend both herself and the wolf pup shoots the attackingwolf killing it instantlyZoe is a widow who lives on the edge near Circle City Alaska What she doesn’t know is thisis also the secret home of a clan of Wolf people who have been hidden for centuries Lonelysince losing her family she finds comfort in caring for the small pup and doesn’t understandhow any mother would try to kill her own young So against everyone’s advice she decidesto nurses the pup back to health She has no idea how that decision is going to change herlife The pup she lovely named Jack is actually Axl Wolfdorn the only surviving heir andthe future Lord of the Wolfen peopleFor the first time since his mother’s strange behavior and since his father abandoned themand left them defenseless he finds comfort and love Knowing he cannot stay with this kind woman plans to leave as soon as he is able He swears to always protect her at any costfor the rest of her lifeWhen the Wolfen fined him they accuse Zoe of killing his mother and taking Axl Axl tries toget his grandfather to understand Zoe had no other recourse but to defend them both from certain death and should be honored and not punished and subjected to such a brutal punishment of death his pleads fall on deaf earsConfused and scared Zoe’s only hope of surviving will come in a most unexpected wayWhen she discovers that the pup she saved has grown into a robust striking handsome manand his feelings for Zoe have grown from gratitude to desire A desire so strong he is willingto defy his grandfather and do the unthinkable by making her part of his Unleashing andtaking her as his mate First however she must survive partaking in the ritual of hisUnleashing in what can only be explained as a sexual orgy the demands that she will beforced to endure will be atrociousKnowing this will make his grandfather furious Axl is willing to risk everything for her even banishment as his mother once did for his father Axl’s grandfather banished his own daughter once for defying him; would he also banish his only grandson too?As Zoe tries to adjust to this strange and new world and as she realize what acts she will be forced to endure surprising she is not so much frighten by what is expected of her but of her eagerness to participateExistence between the Wolfen people and the Kontar is tentative at best Guilt and hated cloud Axl’s grandfather’s judgment even further with the death of his daughter adding fuel to an already fragile way of life between the two clans He seeks revenge against them for not protecting her after Axl’s father left her defenseless Maybe too a part seeks atonementand using his hated as an excuse for his own guilt and failings for his part in his daughter deathThe uestion is whether past mistakes can be amended or the discord of both clans willcloud reason making any resolution too late for both sidesReview What an exciting story Circle City the Lord of the Wolfen by Alisha Paige mixes passion lust and violence She stirs things up with the eccentric and erotic sexual appetites of the Wolfen people This intriguing and at times disturbing tale will bring you to the edge of your seat as you witness first hand the trials that Zoe must endure as Axl introduces her to the world of the WolfenBetrayal and mystery add fuel to this story as the plot unfolds and long held prejudices come to blows The hidden world of the Wolfen and their enemy the Kontar is complex asold customs clash and the need to survive demand they make changes in order to formulate ways for their continued existence Whether that existence will be in peace or bloodshedyou will have to read the story in order to find out This story hits hard and fast and is so rich with delicious characters there is no time to be gentle and court the reader Just like Axl does not have the time to gently court and seduce Zoe as he would have liked so must the reader feel the tenacity of each moment to fully grasp the desperate situation that both Axl and Zoe are facingMy only complaint is that I almost felt like I started in the middle of the story With so much going on I felt crucial components may not have been developed as well as they might have if time allowed I felt that this story almost needed two books to really tell it That is the only problem at times especially with such a complex tale such as thisDoes this hurt the story? Absolutely not I’m just greedy and maybe it’s my own selfish craving to see this world reach the standing it begs for So my hope is that as this series continues we will be given details that enable us to get closer to this world and its peoplebecause it most definitely has me craving for Alisha Paige has the talent that I have no doubtCircle City the Lord of the Wolfen Book 1 is only the beginning of a very stimulating series and well worth the read Ms Paige has also bravely moved into a sensual world that skirts the edges of the darker sides of sexual exploration I too would like to see her expand on that For those with a sensitive constitution I can only say don’t let the unknown interfere Instead of fighting itlet yourself look beyond preconceived ideas and just let go I won’t tell

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    Lord of the Wolfen by Alisha Paige is the first book in the wildly sexy series Circle City It's a delightful spicy and very sensual read with very likeable and well developed characters It's a perfect book for chilly spring evenings it will most definitely keep you warm The heroin of this story Zoe O'Brien is a secluded and lonely widow who after loosing her husband and son in a car accident decides to live far away from civilization She lives alone in a worn log cabin built on snow covered Alaskan ground The story stars with Zoe being yanked out of sleep by a wolf howl followed by terrifying yelping Convinced that local hunters trespassed on her property to kill a wolf she pulls on her husband's jacket and runs out in hope to stop them Instead of hunters though she finds a crazed mother wolf who already killed seven of her pups and is now about to kill the last one Zoe shoots the female wolf just in time to save herself from being brutally ripped to pieces She picks up the pup cradles it against her chest and brings it home with her intending to take care of the terrified poor thing The pup he saved is not just any pup though As Zoe learns later Axl cause that's his real name is a Wolfen one of the People of Wolf able to shift into a wolf form at will As a matter of fact he is the heir to the Wolfen throne Accused of murdering the Wolfen Clan leader's daughter and kidnapping Axl Zoe is taken captive by the Wolfen and she's imprisoned in the Circle City She finds herself in the middle of the war between Wolfen Clan and the Kontar Clan surrounded by creatures she never knew existed Zoe's life is about to be changed forever and there's nothing she can do about it Alisha Paige has written an unbelievably fascinating and captivating paranormal romance She created an amazing mesmerizing world filled with beautiful sexy creatures burning desires and steamy fantasies This book is erotic fast paced and enthralling Paige brings the reader into a fantasy world of Wolves and Dogs a world of passion and eye popping rituals Erotica fans will love the sizzling heat of this story It's one of those books you just can't put down until you've read it all in one setting I really enjoyed the plot Even though I am not at all a fan of Erotica genre I had a lot of fun reading Lord of the Wolfen it was perfectly balanced and not to overwhelming in it's sexiness Whether you're a fan of Erotica or you simply enjoy ParanormalFantasy novels I think you should give this book a try it really is a great read

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    Fast paced and detailed Circle City Lord of the Wolfen is a new series by Author Alisha Paige who brings many worlds of paranormal together in this action packed and uick paced bookAxl and Zoe go through a uick whirlwind romance that you attribute to “Love at first Sight” The sexual tension and release will leave you suirming in your seat and ready for a cold shower The plot line is deep and the twists and turns of the book will keep you wondering how things will happen and how it will endThis book is not for the faint at heart or young adult reader It is a true adult novel with adult situations explicit sexual details and is very open about drug use While it might not be for all audiences it is a good read and intricate story and anyone with an open mind will enjoy the start of this series I look forward to seeing what happens in the future Circle City series

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    So we have a wolf clan where the income comes from making porn movieswhere a wife multiple partners otherwise known as a harem are the privilege of the prince where the mating is performed in the Pit witnessed by pack members males only broadcasted on the porn network and is spiced with a liberal dose of drugs and alcoholThis is so not for me Please do not get me wrong the writing is good and there are few editing errors mind you the one where at the restaurant the diners were presented with a PICTURE of a dark beer had me LOL The world building and the mythology of the Wolfen is interesting and imaginative The low rating comes from finding a drug taking cheater as a hero personally distasteful I am The one and only and where nobility and devotion is defined by deeds not title kind of a girl

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    Not a bad story if the author stuck with the main characters and their struggles but the obsession of the current leader of the Wolfen was a bit obsessed with porn and making money by producing it Those parts of the book kind of ruined it for me because it was such a disconnect from the central story and there was too many scenes of Kory making and thinking of new movies and how much money the movies would bring him I wanted to read about Zoe and Axl not about Kory making porn

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    OMG this book on shapeshifters was the longest book I have ever read Different yet very datailed Zoe and Jack Axl's story was very uniue yet romantic The book was fast paced and never lingered on one subject which I liked If you want to read some strange paranormal romance and don't get shocked easily then this book is for you I really enjoyed the ending and I will read the next book in the seriea I will also read of Alisha Paige books

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    Dark sexy paranormal that kept me on the edge of my seat I will definitely be watching for from Ms Page