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Castel is an elf stranded in human lands slowly dying from lack of magical energy Mendry is a human assassin descended from a line of vampire 'Dragon Knights' who seek to bring an evil dragon back to life When Mendry's father steals a child he believes to be his grand daughter the seventh generation needed to carry out the resurrection ritual Mendry and Castel come together to save an innocent life facing evil mages and Together with the child's uncle and mother they make an unlikely band of heroes and find a whole new meaning to the word family

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    I definitely could have stood for a bit elven smut in this one grins but all in all given the length of the story it's well balanced Between the world building the character development; the tension of plot and romance is well crafted and though it left me wanting it was in a good way Veinglory has that knack I notice for drawing the threads to a satisfying resolution without the anti climactic deluge of details It leaves you wanting to see of the characters their lives without flooding you with than your interest is piued forA good uality in a story teller to leave you coming back for

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    35Lots of world building in a relatively short storyI felt so much for poor Castel he definitely deserved his HEA with Mendry and his clan This was a free story on the autors website view spoiler I do have to say the first scene between Castel and the other elf at the bathhouse I would tag as dub con I understand the reason it was in the story but it was difficult for me even though it was in no way brutal or violentpoiler hide spoiler

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    I really like the world building and would love to read from Castrel and Mendry Emily Veinglory for this FREE gift edition

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    I would have loved to see a bit angst and smut Still loved the story 45 stars