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McGill Feighan was not your average 22 year old Terran He made his rather substantial living flinging to the far corners of the universe He devoted his life to a so far frustrated uest for the Far Being Retzglaran And an interstellar crime syndicate known as The Organization had put out a contract on him when he was four days old All of which only partially explains why McGill finds himself teamed up with an Actuni plant monk fleeing the Flinger Network PsychSection and seeking an encounter with the most ancient of all mysteries

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    Love this series about teleporters for hire Just wish it had a conclusion I emailed the author about it once and he was surprised that someone was still hanging on years later Well you know I'm STILL waiting and probably will until you drop over dead Kevin

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    Love this series must reread it soon Now re readingso sad about his room mate Weird water world