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The Times Atlas of European History uses clear authoritative texts and full colour computer generated maps to chart Europe's history simply and comprehensibly Forty six double page maps create a dynamic picture of a continent in flux and reveal the ebb and flow of political fortunes in unprecedented clarity In addition 200 subsidiary maps provide essential background by highlighting the key events which led to each major shift in Europe's political development If you want to trace and understand the growth and contraction of Roman Europe the rise of Russia the fragmentation and unification of Germany or the heyday of Bohemia or Poland or Serbia or Hungary this is the book for you

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    I have a different edition to the one in the caption but I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in European history but doesn't know where to start The detail is not so explicit but at the same time there are enough dates events and basic information to inform you of where to look if you want to discover about a period in historyThe genius of this book is its system of a big map on one page and on the next it is divided into three to four sections describing the main events of a certain period of time For example the main map may show the extent of Napoleonic France at its peak The next page shows description and the various highs and lows of territorial movementsA geography geek I may be but this book is constantly being referred to in my house and it has increased my understanding of how Europe came to be as it is