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Follow acclaimed author Ashley March who was praised by Booklist for her “elegant writing and sizzling sexual chemistry” into the world of Victorian romance where Lady Cecily Bishop—promised by her parents to a stranger—must fend off the seductive games and heady caresses of Baron Sedgwicka task that becomes difficult with each soul searing kiss

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    I feel bad about disliking this short story so much because I loved Romancing the Countess but the fact is I found the writing overwrought the plot ludicrous and the characters completely unconvincing I'd call it an erotic historical than a romance as well Screwing Lady Cecily would have been a apt name for it in ways than one

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    This is a short story apprx 15000 words I believe about Lady Cecily and her choice between honoring a marriage arranged by her father or honoring her heart to the man who has seduced her with his words and kisses Baron Sedgwick I was a bit surprised as I started reading that it seemed to be that Cecily was cheating on her fiance but as the story moved uickly along we learn of the truth She has never met this fiance and does not actually know his name I uickly gathered where this was going but I still needed to know why so I kept reading In fact I was able to finish the entire story in about an hour hour and a halfwith the kiddos around so not badOverall this is a satisfying love story that will live a smile on your face A very steamy love story about a man who loves a woman and a woman who refuses to bend and chooses to honor her parents choices for her even though her heart is breaking My only complaint as it always seems to be with short stories was I wanted a bit Not much but maybe a couple glimpses of Cecily's and Sedgwicks relationship as it had been going on for two years would have helped me truly grasp the love these two shared Still the writing was excellent and the love scenes smokin and now I am looking forward to Ashley Marchs next book Romancing the Countess even now and hopefully Cecily and Sedgwick make an appearance in it 4 stars

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    This just didn't work for me There was no background to the story How did the Baron and Cecily meet? Why was he so enad of her? Why did her parents refuse to tell her who she was marrying and the secrecy behind her betrothal?? I also didn't care for the heroine she seemed almost cold in her demeanor I finished this ONLY because I actually paid for this novella instead of borrowing it from a Nook friend 1 star D

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    I think I'm done with Ashley March I've now read both of her books and this novella and still can't figure out why people rave about her writing I guess it's just not my cup of teaI had many problems with this novella It's a short format so my expectations in terms of plot and character development weren't all that high going into it However I was expecting there to be SOME plot to go along with all the steam Don't get me wrong I am far from a prude and don't mind love scenes as long as they're tasteful but it feels like this novella was nothing but love scenes What little plot there was felt incredibly predictable I knew immediately that Cecily's mysterious fiance would turn out to be none other than Sedgwick There was so much information missing from this story For example how did Cecily and Sedgwick meet? How did Sedgwick fall in love with Cecily without her even knowing of his existence? Why didn't he just court her instead of concocting such an odd scheme to ensure that she would have to marry him one way or another? Even if he had gone ahead with this plan because he was afraid her parents would object to him as a suitor or for some other reason he could have revealed himself to Cecily right away and allowed her the chance to get to know him as her fiance instead of the man who was trying to tempt her to stray Also if he was so desperately in love with her why did Sedgwick keep delaying the wedding for than two years? It seems like he would have wanted to marry her sooner rather than later since he wanted to be with her so badly If his only motivation was that he wanted her to fall in love with him and not marry him solely because she felt obligated after he invested in her father's company there were better ways to go about it He could have just married her and worried about whether or not she loved him after the wedding Clearly there was a strong attraction between them so I don't think it would have been all that difficult for him to convince her to love himI couldn't figure out Cecily either especially why she was so uick to forgive Sedgwick for deceiving her If I were in her position I would have made Sedgwick worry about whether or not I was going to forgive him or try to obtain an annulment for a lot longer than a single afternoon Also I couldn't understand Cecily's connection to Angela her best friend who died in the carriage accident We're told that they were best friends but it seems like Cecily must have been uite a bit younger than Angela given that Angela had already been married for long enough to have a toddler son Overall I'd recommend skipping this novella It is definitely not worth the 299 I paid for it

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    original review can be found at Romancing RakesSince reading and re reading SEDUCING THE DUCHESS by Ashley March I had been hankering for another book by her Here's a little confession before I share my thoughts on ROMANCING LADY CECILY I participated in Ashley's First Annual March Madness Blog Party and never really made the connection until I discovered her book on my shelf Apparently I had pre ordered it right before its release October 2010 read it and loved Philip and Charlotte Then I waited Hoping she'd come out with something else Well here's the something else that ties in to her next book ROMANCING THE COUNTESSThe story sets up the beginning of ROMANCING THE COUNTESS At the beginning of this story Cecily finds out her best friend Angela had died in a carriage accident while running away with her lover Lady Cecily Bishop must choose between the sinfully delicious Baron Sedgwick who pulls her in deeper with every kiss every touch OR the mysterious August the suitor who her father had signed her over to two years ago to cover an investment Cecily's inner turmoil had me sitting on the edge of my couch literally wondering whether she would give in to Sedgwick after he proposes to her OR be the good girl and do as her parents wish Oh Cecily What a dilemmaBaron Sedgwick has been wooing and teaching Cecily the art of carnal pleasures up to a point of course She must remain intact whispers down there for her future faceless husband He realizes that he has fallen for this woman and gives her a choice of marrying him to complete the seduction OR follow through with the marriage to The Other Man I found it endearing that he called her kitten Throughout this story I crossed my fingers and hoped Cecily would choose Sedgwick Well being the good daughter she lets Sedgwick go and heads towards the altar with the unknown suitor soon to be husband Dun dun dun Favorite uote No musician could have played an instrument better His voice was like a song of seduction to her senses the husky invitation of a violin sliding beneath her well guarded defensesOverall Once again Ms March has captivated me She had me laughing sighing wishing and egging on Sedgwick and Cecily towards a HEA despite that mysterious August and in only 15000 words That is an amazing feat for an author to convey so much emotion and some sexiness going on in a novella Ms March I am very much looking forward to reading ROMANCING THE COUNTESS You have set up the story beautifully I bought this on Kindle

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    Review originally posted at Ramblings From This Chick Lady Cecily is waging an inner battle with her emotions To choose the man she loves or honor her father's wishes and marry a man she's never met Cecily has developed such strong feelings for Baron Sedgwick but feels as if he doesn't feel the same and that it's all a game of seduction to him From the first time Baron Sedgwick caught a glimpse of Lady Cecily he has done everything he could to make her desire him His feelings for her go beyond just lust but he can't let her see that he loves her He knows she would never be the man that her father would choose for her so he does everything in his power to make that happen This was such a great short story Normally I try to stay away from short stories because they always seem to be missing something Everything is just thrown together so uickly that the story just falls a bit flat for me I never get a real sense of the characters Not at all the case with this story Everything came together so well and the pacing of the story just worked I won't lie I do wish there was but only because I enjoyed it so much and I wanted to spend time with the characters

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    This is story about Lady Cecily and Baron SedgwickLady Cecily Bishop must choose between the sinfully delicious Baron Sedgwick who pulls her in deeper with every kiss every touch OR the mysterious August the suitor who her father had signed her over to two years ago to cover an investmentBaron Sedwick propose to cecily to run away with him but Cecily is refuse and decide to be a good daughter and married her fiance but when in the church Cecily shock when she found out that Baron Sedwick is same man with her fiance August Cecily feeling she is being play by Sedgwick because either of her choice will be same result Sedwick will have her So they not consummate they wedding night Cecily accept Sedwick when Sedwick make revelation about his action and say that he love Cecily unfortunately this is only short story so the conflict and the emotion is not deeper

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    Lady Cecily has a tough decision to make marry her unknown fiancée or run away with the wicked Baron SedgwickThis is a cute little storyFirst Baron Sedgwick gave me a hard time he was so arrogant and cocky and it looked like he didn't really care for Cecily But halfway through the story the reader gets a glimpse behind his facade and oh boy he is soooo in love with CecilyCecily may be young and putty in his arms but she stays true to herself and decides to choose the honorable way even if it hurtsThe development of the relationship is believable the love scenes are surprisingly spicy and there is a very romantic happy endingYes i enjoyed it and now I'm looking forward to the next part of the seriesRead my full german review HERE

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    This may have been a short story but those 15000 words were packed with a lot of punch I was captivated from the first paragraph all the way to the end The chemistry between Cecily and Baron Sedgwick sizzled from the beginning and the story wrapped up with a perfect ending I won't say how it ended but Cecily's action in that last scene were perfect I was so happy that Ms March ended it this way I'm waiting impatiently for Romancing the Countess to be released now

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    This was such a sweet and easy read And hot Spicy Whoa