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A Beautiful Warrior Princess Is The Only One Who Can Save Her Land From A Tyrannical Ruler Whose Only Form Of Governing Is Oppression And Corruption In A Remarkably Daring Departure From CLAMP S Usual Fare, This Stand Alone Historical Fantasy Set In Ancient Korea Features Striking Brushstrokes Reminiscent Of Shirahime Syo

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    Not unpleasant, just very Cheesy, it was like reading an anime episode.

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    This book has beautiful illustrations and powerful female protagonists, which is everything I love about CLAMP I felt like there wasn t much closure with the ending of Part 2 before it went to another comic, so I m hoping CLAMP has a sequel in the works if they don t already.

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    this was very Exciting book I would recommend it to my class.

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    Lovely artwork, as always, but the story was a bit lacking Just not very interesting or imaginative.

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    everything is so pretty but wow, this is dark now I have to look into the legend to see what else happened.

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    Bem, n o tinha como n o ser bom Rsrsrs Al m de sempre ter uma hist ria com tra os lindos, adorei ver uma lenda coreana

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    This was fantastic, and had all of the makings of a CLAMP classic as well This comes off as unfinished, but truly great in its own right Even though it is one of their earlier works, evident even without knowing the release date due to artistic choices it still follows the atypical subject matter they are so known for Most mangakas would not pick a Korean legend for their inspiration China yes, but not Korea I loved that they took it on while putting their own stamp on it The art was fine for them, but it was clearly rushed and at times messy This was most evident in their monsters animals take special note of the dragon and tiger In a way, I m glad they did not finish this If they had continued through the legend, they would have probably followed the legend s ending and have our couple not end up together That is CLAMP s trademark after all This way I remember the story as a happier adventure with justice being carried out It s a little odd that I would say happy with all of the death and suicide, but Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong have a lightness to them that I just enjoyed through and through I can see myself reading this one again, unlike many of the other CLAMP series I tend to pick up.

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    The only problem with this book It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short.That s it.Ok, ok There s not much to say about this book except that it is one of CLAMP s well written fantasies The main character Chun Hyang is extremely likable She hates the Warlord and his son and stands up to them when everyone else is afraid to She meets Mong Ryong who is a perverted traveler who just falls for her VERY quickly As good as this manga is there is only a couple of adventures in the one manga The last chapter being about her when she was younger There s also questions I have about her father Who was he Where did he come from He must have been a great person because her mother was a good person that became attracted to him right And what happened to him Other than those questions I really do like this book Any fans of CLAMP should read it.

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    As with all of CLAMP s manga, Legend of Chun Hyang is visually stunning gorgeous art and breathtaking layout all the way The story is coherent and interesting as well, although it feels like it was chopped off with much story left untold I believe the technical status of this manga is incomplete, meaning that CLAMP has story that the could and probably want to write, but they don t have the publishing support to finish it at this point I truly hope that they will be able to continue the story in the future, as it has the potential to be a captivating epic As it is, the single volume currently available is an enjoyable work that I would recommend, particularly to those who like romantic adventure stories with an element of tragedy woven into them.

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    Compared to other CLAMP things this is a weak story I feel like trying to do a retelling of a story in one book was just not enough to really get fully engaged It feels like there was to the story that never got told It s pretty to look at and I can tell it had potential, but it just didn t deliver.