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as the man who started Christianity But it turns outhe wasn't just a man and he didn't just start Christianity Most folks think of Jesusas an other worldly religious leader a great moral teacher or maybe they don't think of him at all But he had dirty feet partied cooked breakfastand got himself killed Who was this guy?Why did people hate him so much? And why should I care? Whether you've never looked closely at the Christian faith or you've dismissed it as irrelevant you owe yourself a glance at a Jesus unencumbered by stereotypes You might be surprised at what you

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    Tired of the Americanized sissy Jesus of the modern day Prosperity Gospel? Fed up with the hypocrisy of mainstream Christianity and the corruption of the so called church? Yeah me too Kinda makes you wanna give up on this whole God thing doesn't it? But wait Not so fast Don't let all of our culture's uasi Christian nonsense spoil the true revolutionary awesomeness of Jesus for you Give him one chance please Get ready to pick up a REAL 500 lb earthy splinter filled wooden cross and follow in the footsteps of the REAL Jesus the one with dirty feet The one who dines with the lowlifes the prostitutes the poor and the dying The Jesus who pisses off rich people with nothing than simple parables The Jesus who doesn't just preach at people he actually feeds them and heals them expecting nothing in return The Jesus that said the last will be first and the first will be last and really meant it Check out this book and meet the REAL Jesus You'll either hate him or love him There's no in between You either want to be a part of his Kingdom of Love for the Sake of Othersor you'll run back to the Kingdom of America where it's Love for My Sake Love only if I get something in return

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    Don Everts uses poetry and simplistic thought to explain the origin of the Christian faith in Jesus With Dirty Feet Some readers might find the text of this book distracting and I would agree The words wander all over the page moving in all directions and forms However that doesn't take away from the beauty of Everts' words The author strips away all of the religion and tradition of Christianity looking at it with a fresh perspective The result is a biography of Jesus minus the religious propaganda This book is directed at seekers trying to find out what Jesus is all about It breaks down the history and origins of the Christian faith giving just the basics but still doing so beautifully Great for anyone who is wanting to learn about Christianity

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    Though it's billed as a book for non Christians it seems much appropriate for explaining to religious conservatives that Jesus is and was much less of a dictator than many believe If you already see Jesus as something of a hippie you won't take much new away from this bookThe author formats the text in a manner not unlike poetry with ample use of line breaks shape and location within the page However the novel utilization of superficially poetic format lacks as much effect as one might hope In fact one starts to expect that the format was used instead as a playful way to increase the page countA good idea perhaps but rather poorly executed

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    This is a Christian Primer like no other you have seen For those of you desiring art in faith this is the book for you It explores the reality of Jesus as a man as well as God Written in sense lines the book flows like one long poem that reveals a Jesus that is easy to fall in love with and fear his call on your life at the same time

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    As uniue as the style is that Don used to write this book the content that is poured into the uniue style is eually uniue I've recommended it to numerous folks who like me have been moved and challenged by it It will stretch and challenge your thinking of what it means to be like Jesus

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    A small simple book that truly drives home that many human divine and wonderful characteristics of Christ This book was an incredible comfort to me in high school when I was beginning to doubt the existence of God and the value of the Church

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    A plain language attempt to get at the heart of Christianity While its tagline says it's for skeptics I also think it's good for those of us who have grown up in the church as a challenge and to refocus us

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    Andrea's review a beginner's guide to knowingunderstanding Jesus A very simple to understand easy to read book about a very complex thing

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    challenging; new ways to think about Jesus faith church salvation the Bible

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    Loved It It is so true we really need to just set everything aside and follow GodJesus