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Susan Kerslake writes with a strange subterranean beauty about the vast landscape of fear With stark precision detailing the thin line between fear and obsession her stories give us an inner topography of the victim The Book of Fears explores many of our twilight zonesFrightening haunting and unforgettable The Book of Fears is a major contribution to the genre of the short storyThe book contains ten short stories Billy Push Me Pull You Choices Trust Mirror Mirror Sweet Grass The Rules Did You Ever The Wrong Story Skye

10 thoughts on “The Book of Fears

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    I read this book many years ago but only now think I understand it a saddening tapestry full of beauty I shall read it a few times I think

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    According to the back cover of the book the stories are ‘frightening haunting and unforgettable’ I’d rather rephrase that and call them ‘touching and sad’ instead But although I liked the stories I’m left with mixed feelings about this book As mentioned the stories are touching and often sad but for me personally it just became ‘ of the same’ after reading the first few stories and putting the book aside for than a week didn’t solve my ‘problem’ Which is a bit of a shame really as I had probably appreciated the book and given it a better rating if there had only been two or three stories in it instead of ten which of course would not have been possible as the book only has a limited number of pages as it is