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A PRETTY YOUNG WOMAN Denise Amber Lee was a 21 year old happily married mother of two little boys She had her whole life ahead of heruntil an intruder broke into her Florida home Within a few short hours she was savagely terrorized murdered and buried naked in a shallow grave near a desolate swampA DEPRAVED KILLER Michael King a 38 year old out of work plumber was a ticking time bomb For years neighbors called the police on King complaining that among other things he'd thrown battery acid in their pool and slashed their tires Denise's fate was far worse In a horrifying act of cruelty King bound her with duct tape raped her repeatedly then shot her deadA TRAGIC FAILUREIncredibly Denise managed to call 911 twice during her abduction Eyewitnesses and her distraught husband also called but a slow inefficient system tragically failed her As a result Florida passed the Denise Lee Law setting voluntary standards for 911 systems King was sentenced to death But for Denise and her loving family it was too lateIncludes 16 Pages of Shocking Photos

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    A particularly sad story when you realise that if not for the monumental stuff ups of the 911 Emergency staff Denise might still be alive So hard for her familyThe last half of the book deals at length with the trial which I found particularly interesting Except for Dr Wu and his PET scans which the author covered in a previous book that I read Dr Wu seems to have a similar script for both cases And no doubt many others?Well researched and well written I enjoyed it

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    This book was very factual very upsetting to anyone Being a 6 month resident of North Port FL Denise Amber Lee's brutal kidnapping rape and murder were so very personal to me I didn't know Denise personally but I found parts of the book very emotionally painful both as a woman and a resident of North PortThat something as this could happen in this town is so very scary Denise's calls for help and her doing everything humanly possible to save herself was so very sad please people this young woman obviously put her two small sons in the crib before she left and I'm sure she begged Michael King for the small favor of doing this not knowing her fate at the time but expecting the worstIt is just incomprehensible to me that she could do all the things that she did to save herself and her sons and also had the help of people along the way and stillend up the way she didI really needed to learn the uglier aspects of the case which I had not been privy to just to put Denise to restHer husband Nathan may write a book in the future revealing of the unsavory aspects of this case but this book gave me enough for right now I don't know what drove Michael King to do this to Denise someone who had never done him any wrong and had every reason to live but I DO feel that he deserves the death penalty and I for one will be happy when he's gone He undoubtedly will suffer a humane death than Denise did not only physically but emotionally He should not be given the right to live on this earth any longer than necessary

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    Wowthe utter futility of Denise's death will stay with meso horribly sad It made harrowing reading to learn all she did to ensure this shithead was caught yet because she was let down by the system she still ended up dead I'm amazed she kept her composure enough to leave the clues she did and to make THAT phonecall and to remain lucid enough to share clues with the 911 operator I salute Jan too who clearly did her very best to ensure the person she encountered was given assistance She'll forever live with the fact that the people she was asking for help weren't on the ball enough to get help there in timeThen the DMV and their practices also managed to work against her in that they didn't update records for 90 days A fat lot of good that wasYou may think we're referring to a murder in the 80s but this was in the 21ST CENTURY with CCTV and immediate communicationscross referencing available and still the system fell down The author wrote it in such a way you still hoped there might be a different ending which was clever It was upsetting tooIt was hard wondering what on earth made him pick Denise or where he encountered her too He clearly knew who she was and where she lived but he didn't talk A pity they can't torture it out of him What is worrying is that people don't usually do this once and they tend to progress in their criminality yet King didn't appear to have a record unless something crops up in the future I wondered during the trial about the tree that was mentioned but the uestion was struck from the record too There's still a gun out there somewhereI was sobbing in placesespecially thinking of how she felt leaving her sons in the house Then when her dad said I cried when she was born I cried the day I dropped her off at school and I cry every day now It was sad to see the photos when I've finished reading too and meet Denise Pretty girl and so youngIt was staggering too just how long the whole judicial process took considering it was a total open and shut case And no doubt King will be dicking about with appeals now for the next 2 decades It's all wrongThe defence witnesses in the penalty phase I found staggering Pretty much all of them lied their heads off uite blatantly and it was uite astounding to read especially doctor Wu's testimony How he had the gall to ethically testify to the shit he did was jaw dropping Kudos to the author for knowing how to use apostrophes and no horrible mistakes all the way through All I spotted was a needless space in one word and ties used in place of tires plus he used tact twice when I'd have used tack One chapter should've been September 3rd 2009 tooI am sure her family will never ever get over Denise's needless death It just should never have ended the way it did

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    This was a very moving true crime book although I would have preferred a little focus on the players' stories rather than so much focus on a re telling of the murder trial To be fair to the author though the answer to the biggest uestion 'Why did the killer choose this victim?' will likely never be knownAny reader will be moved by the story of the victim Although she showed unfathomable courage under unthinkable adversity she was the most innocent of victims and should be alive todayI was also particularly drawn to the story of Jane Kowalski a 911 caller who was heroic in her own right I would have liked to have heard from herThe story will forever reverberate with me I will forever connect the story of Denise Amber Lee when the subject of the 911 system

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    I really liked this book Having spoken to the author about it as well I will certainly be purchasing of his books

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    True Crime StoryA good interesting true crime book It is about the kidnapping rape and murder of a young mother The author makes no effort to explain why he just gives all the details of the crime and the trial

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    Women Be More Aware of people you know Very sad and a very good book Once you pick the book up you won't be able to lay it down It captures at the begging

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    This book is about the Case of Denise Lee It happened in 2008 and is by far one of the most involved books I've ever read on this topic Michael King kidnapped raped and murdered Denise within hours He drove right into her driveway and forced her to his car leaving her two toddlers alone in their crib This case started in Florida but involved Michigan as well Michael King's family is in Michigan He would come back here yes I'm in Michigan to visit family After forcing Denise to leave her home in broad daylight he took her back to his home where he had a rape dungeon He kept her there for a few hours then put her back in his car and drove to a wooded swampy area and killed her This brutal crime was so blatant and heinous it shocked everyone Neighbors and others spotted King's car and him They positively identified him and his vehicle Denise tried to saved herself and leave clues She was able to successfully call 911 with King's cell phone She screamed Help Me any time they were near other cars I do enjoy reading true crime I always have However this book is extremely intense and graphic I wasn't prepared for that It had a negative affect on me I remember this case I remember reading about it and hearing about it in the news The book gives you play by play as if you were sitting in the court room At times I felt it gave to much detail I think the technical side of it could have been explained better I know those who enjoy True Crime will love this book and be glad they read it I recommend it but only if you are a hardcore True Crime reader

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    A Killer’s touch is a true crime story following the January 2008 abduction and murder of a young Florida mother of two Denise Amber Lee Twenty one year old Denise Amber Lee was the daughter of the head of Charlotte County Sherriff’s Office Marshall Fugitive Task Force in southeast Florida Denise’s husband Nate Lee upon arriving home from work finds both his boys ages one and two together in the baby’s crib windows closed Frantically noticing Denise’s purse containing her cell phone contents strewn across the couch with Denise nowhere in sight With terror in his heart Nate makes a call to his father in law saying Denise is missing I am on my way he answers The story carries you heartbreakingly through the events leading up to Denise’s removal from her home the frantic 911 phone call Denise herself makes while held captive which points law enforcement in her direction Although multi jurisdictional teams of law enforcement personnel are racing the clock following close on her trail crucial miscommunication in relaying information leads to the tragedy that befalls the young mother However Denise proves the most instrumental witness of all in leading them to her killer The story follows throughout the apprehension of Michael King the only suspect in this grisly crime and the subseuent court case that follows The prosecution and defense bring out their best arguments evidence and experts but will the jury find Michael King guilty?

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    This book was part of a trilogy of 3 of Michael benson's true crime booksBook 1 Watch Mommy DieBook 2 A Killer's TouchBook 3 A Knife in The HeartMichael Benson is a good writer but so far I have never rated his books than 3 stars but I think this book deserves 4 YahWhat a sad story this was It is so sad because the victim acted so smart and kept on fighting and she should have been saved if all the support systems had worked Her husband did the right thing her dad the cops and the woman who called 911 Alas the 911 operators made big mistakes CCSOLater the victim's family sued them but they came back with a statement saying they had not promised to protect the victimHow nasty and weird Anyway If you want to try a book by this author I suggest this one Yes there is much trial but I did enjoy that part as well