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this book was disgusting It was pornographic and disrespect to women If I could give it zero stars, I would. I love this I love the art style, which is rounded and cartoony than i consider my usual style I love the setting and the timelines, and the slightly subdued gothic vibe that runs through the whole story This was made into a OAV long ago, and although I saw it at the time, I dont remember much about it, so I think I might need to track it down online and give it another go. Benkyo Tamaoki Updates A Vietnam War Era Anime Story To Present Day Japan The Immortal Saya Returns Still Clad In Her Trademark Sailor Suit And Armed With An Ancient Samurai Sword To Continue Her Holy War Against The Vampiric Chiropterans Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer In Tone But With Graphic Violence, This Book Is Recommended For Mature Readers This is the kind of dark, gritty, gorey and sexy atmosphere that always hovered around the anime series, Blood , which I felt never reached its full potential or even tried Tamaoki s erotic drawing style, combined with the darkness of the storyline, took me by surprised in the best way possible I wish the rest of the series was this creepy and kinky.Also, news flash, this isn t a prequel, it s the conclusion I had no idea Oh, well I m still gonna read the Bloodmanga. EhBought this book years ago finally read it.It was okay Nothing special. Waited forever for this book to find it somewhere I got it on ebay in 2008 and loved it.Alot of evil things going on but thats what saya s all about, thats why you would pick up the books i think p The problem with any Blood manga light or otherwise is the automatic strain I have with understanding what s going on next to the background information if any is given These books are difficult but worth it I like them, but I wish I could attribute understanding with reading experience. Although I m usually all for yuri moments, this one was just weird It was creepy, then, perhaps, maybe that was the intention.None the less, the read altogether aside from the one scene above was alright Nothing incredible by any means.The movie is far better It s a favorite of mine, actually The book, however, not so much. this is pretty gooddespite the violencethe story is hard to understand till i had to search it on wikipedia to understand it Pbut the modern show of this blood is so much better, in my opinion but all the characters look rearranged XDthe only thing that is confusing is really about the chiropteransahaso waffle lady s kinda right Dit is a smidge creepybut like this version is extremelysexual, leave it at thatlike totally older teen ishokay, this is based on the movie, blood the last vampirethis is just like a visual of the acutal moviethe ending was a bit sketchy, even though i knew what was going to happeni can only wait for the next movie to come out, the actual live movie starring korean celebrities Dhow awesome is that A decent horror title, with a fair amount of blood and guts and the seamy underbelly of modern life, etc I feel like the suddenly, hot lesbians scene is kind of gratuitous, but it is a horror staple, even if the characters would then typically be the first to die The titular vampire who hunts vampires is not very good at fitting into modern society All of the exposition winds up crammed into the final showdown, which is kind of distracting The ending is purposefully vague, which bothered me at first, but I think it s fitting for a horror story to leave you feeling off balance and unsure.