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A Tale Of Two People, Tono Takaki And Shinohara Akari, Who Were Close Friends But Gradually Grow Farther And Farther Apart As Time Moves On They Become Separated Because Of Their Families Yet Continue To Exchange Contact In The Form Of Letters Yet As Time Continues To Trudge On, Their Contact With One Another Begins To Cease Years Pass And The Rift Between Them Grows Ever Larger However, Takaki Remembers The Times They Have Shared Together, But As Life Continues To Unfold For Him, He Wonders If He Would Be Given The Chance To Meet Akari Again As The Tale Embarks On Takaki S Realization Of The World And People Around Him

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    That ending Hi I bought this book because my friend said it was really beautiful potentially feelsy and since I am a masochistic prick, of course I bought it I wanted to read something fast, easy and heartbreaking Boy, was this heartbreaking The thing that is so heartbreaking is not that they might never see each other again, but that it was so uncertain of everything view spoiler Takaki had lost himself while losing Akari, and he could never open up to anyone He kept hurting people because he could not stay true to himself That is heartbreaking, that he lost himself.However, the real heartbreak is the ending Because here we see Akari, happy, and she wishes that Takaki found his way which I fucking hope he did after this book We also get to see Takaki moving on from his latest relationship, trying to reclaim himself And that is beautiful, and hurtful But then, we see insert name whose feelings for Takaki still lingers and that is horrible Because we don t know if she will be able to move on We don t know if anyone s able to move on.AND THEN THAT FUCKING ENDING insert name is in Tokyo, going there to look for Takaki but figures, hey, I got his number I might call him someday, if I feel that I actually cannot move on past this point But first, I ll give my own life a try, and try to be happy without depending on the past AND IT FUCKING ENDS WITH HER LOOKING UP TO SEE SOMEONE, AND WE SEE HER REACTION, BUT WE NEVER KNOW FOR SURE WHO IT IS SHE SEES It s Takaki, I swear to you, and that is heartbreaking because I don t know how they react Do they get together IS IT LIKE OPENING UP AN OLD WOUND WILL THEY BE ABLE TO MOVE ON WE JUST DON T KNOW Fuck this hide spoiler

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    Edit Upping the ratings to four stars because so many days and books later, I still catch myself thinking about it at the oddest moments My greatest quibble was the ending still is but upon serious reflection, I ve decided that I wouldn t have it any other way because that s how life is Relationships are messy things they don t always go the way you want them to You meet people, you grow to love them, you learn a great number of things from each other and there s always a solid chance that things might not work out at times, circumstances are to be blamed and I m okay with that, too I love how beautifully this truth of life is captured here Yes, I m bitter but I m going to deal with it 8th January, 2016I m so invariably pissed right now, and it s not because this manga was bad, oh ho hofar from it The ending was awful seriously, you can t end a story like that, where s your humanness , and I wanted to shake Tono kun and knock some sense into his dense head, perhaps Because the whole woe is me act gets really old really fast, dude And look, I get it, you re a kind person and a decent enough human being, but seriously get your shit together and stop toying with other people s feelings D Yet, despite the bull headed asshole of an H, this book deserves each of the three stars or because the emotions conveyed were so beautiful and unalloyed that I almost cried a few times BUT Acting like an A Grade asshole, not cool dude, not cool.

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    I kinda see what this was trying to do, but to me it just felt like the story kinda went nowhere Nothing really happened they kinda just grew up and that s it.

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    First I read the novel, then I watched the film and after it, I read the manga It made me cry on some of its part but of all the books that made me cry, this one is different.It s not like the other books that will make you cry an ocean After reading it , the story has left a heavy depressing mark in my heart yes, it s painful and depressing at the same time The depressing aftereffect will make you think about life and about the power of time and distance to disconnect people s once strong bonds I could entirely relate to his Takaki feelings how hard it is to love someone who s too far from you how hard it is to endure a world without that someone and trying your best to occupy your mind with different things but at the end of the day, you still think of that someone Somehow, later in life , we will meet a lot of people that will bring you into the different roller coaster of emotions but in the end no matter how many people you meet who made you somewhat happy and gave you much of experience, there s only one person who can fulfill the empty holes of your heart.I don t like how their story ended.But that s life We have to endure it It goes on..That s why we have to move on But,the thing I ve learned from it the most is that,we can never move on in life without closure.

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    To see a preview of the art and a trailer for the film this graphic novel adaptation is based on, be sure to check out this review on my blog, Reading Robyn When you look back at your life what stands out The story behind 5 Centimeters per Second is one that will seem familiar no matter what your personal experiences are At some point we all lose something, we all regret losing something, and we all long for the something we lost For Tohno Takaki he fell in love at a very young age and lost the chance to experience it when the girl of his mutual affections, Shinohara Akari, moves far away They fall out of touch, but she s the girl he just can t move on from There s no closure, no ending, just a long silence of something that never got the chance to be anything This graphic novel is just two volumes long and is based off of the 2007 animated film of the same name The author Makoto Shinkai also wrote and directed the film, which can only mean good things for the adaptation quality.I ll be honest, it feels wrong to talk about the graphic novel without at least linking to the movie trailer The art of the film is so beautiful that I almost feel like on a visual level it could be a better format for the story, but I will have to wait till I see it to make any comparisons The trailer here is the subtitled version, though there is an English DUB of the movie as well As the story goes we see the various relationships Tohno falls in and out of Growing up isn t easy, love isn t easy, but you ve got to make it work somehow right What I enjoyed about the graphic novel is that we don t just see things from Tohno s perspective This is not just his story, it s also Shinohara Akari s story, and Kanae Sumida s story, and a bit of Risa s story too Normally these women would be considered secondary characters Tohno s narrative, but 5 Centimeters per Second stays true to its realism in making these characters have their own development and their own life story that we get to somewhat engage in.Despite the overwhelming praise I ve seen in people recommending this, I didn t come away from the book liking it as much as I thought I would The graphic novel has a unique perspective that as a reader you add your own personal meaning to the story being told What stands out to me may not stand out to others and vice versa You may see this as a depressing story or you may see this as a hopeful story Either way it s all up to how you interpret the characters and their interactions on a personal level The experiences I bring to it is part of the reason of why I just didn t enjoy the first part of the book with the events between Tohno and Shinohara Akari I just couldn t see a good reason for why these two were so very attached to each other As someone who has moved around a lot it was impossible for me to view their separation via distance as something as dramatic as the story needed it to be Yes, people lose touch, but it s not impossible to stay in contact if you want to as badly as these two did That personal experience I was talking about involved me moving 5 hours away from my best friend and we kept in constant contact for four years after after that move But not all was lost I became quickly engaged in the story when the character of Kanae was introduced I connected with her instantly, which made her the most relatable character in the story to me Different people will connect with different characters The great thing about this sort of story is that it isn t required of me to connect with each and every one in order to enjoy the book fully 5 Centimeters per Second is like a collection of short stories that happen to be interwoven together as part of life s grander scheme It s something that you ll want to read than once just to see what you can devise from its meaning.Despite any misgivings I had at the start, this graphic novel is something I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in reading it I m seriously looking forward to checking out the film just to experience this story again.

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    Human interaction, this whole member of society thing, is hard There s no rulebook, no trailguide And everything that attempts to mark out the boundaries and admonish a sort of Best Practice approach to the world of humanity is just some arrogant SOB s shot in the dark based off what worked for her or him Nobody really knows And when you add to that the volatile mix of emotions and hormones, it becomes flatly miraculous that any of us can lay claim to even a modicum of success when it comes to Being Around People Which is, of course, funny when one considers just how naturally social we are, as a people.While I personally have at last settled into a comfortable kind of success on the interpersonal front, it took a while Decades And in those decades when I was trying to figure it out trying to make friends and find love I screwed things up often, badly, and often badly I hurt people and was hurt by other people My emotions overcame my reason which only would have mattered if I knew what I was doing I did this to someone once I am shamed For this reason, me being part of the broken human race and being smart and being stupid and being filled with love and distrust and kindness and anger for this reason, watching Makoto Shinkai s 5 Centimeters per Second was a resonating experience It felt true and honest For all its awkwardness, for its sliver of a resolution, for its refusal to offer satisfaction for all of that, I appreciated Shinkai for telling a story I could believe in His film charts a love s gradual evolution into void through three segments It s good and powerful and most viewers I hear from don t actually like the movie My wife thought it was a good film that she never really wants to see again Kind of like me and Grave of the Fireflies.When I saw that Vertical had released an adaptation of the film, I was initially skeptical Beyond the fact that adaptations from other mediums into comics rarely fair that well, any adaptation of Shinkai s film would have to navigate his reliance upon scene to scene and aspect to aspect cut Part of the power of Shinkai s film comes from its staccato barrage of imagery, something impossible to adequately simulate in comics And then, lastly, I wasn t sure I was in the mood to watch people engage in romantic suffering I fell you, Kanae I really do I needn t have been concerned Yukiko Seike s adaptation acquits itself on all points More than acquits itself, actually Because as good as Shinkai s 5 Centimeters is and it is good , Seike s 5 Centimeters is better.In truth, while sharing a foundation, the two are very different literary artifacts Kind of like comparing James Feni Cooper s Last of the Mohicans with Michael Mann s Seike takes Shinkai s rather terse script and expands on it expansively Her sense for a story that either was only hinted at in the source or even didn t exist at all is robust Characters get backstories Relationships develop Takaki s girlfriend has enough dialogue to make the dissolution of their relationship mean something and we actually bear witness to that dissolution And where Shinkai s original ends in three chapters, Seike s creates an entire additional fourth chapter, moving Shinkai s world well beyond it s original purpose.With all of her additions, Seike s adaptation strikes an entirely different vibe and its tonal difference is dramatic While my wife might not ever want to see the film again, I m certain she wouldn t put it out of the realm of possibility that she might return to the book While Seike doesn t obliterate Shinkai s original conclusion, she does offer something satisfying at least to Western readers who delight in loose ends being tied and clipped I am one of those who appreciated what I imagined Shinkai to be saying with his mostly downbeat1 1 conclusion I thought his ending was natural to the story he was telling Caveat I was also fine with the conclusion of John Sayles 1999 film Limbo, whose ending was booed in my audience That said, Seike s version is the mature work and its length and heavy use of dialogue allow it to explore the implications of Shinkai s world a bit insightfully.Probably because of Shinkai s interests combined with his film s barely over an hour runtime, the original s focus was acute It was solely concerned with Takaki and how his inability to hold onto love dominated and destroyed his life at least for a time Seike s version treats that but also explores the ramifications of Takaki s brokenness We are all every one of us participants in our societies and even our most internal struggles leave marks on the outside world Our joys, fears, activities, ideologies everything affect those around us, even those we fail to notice Seike s 5 Centimeters explores that in a way that Shinkai s was either unable or unwilling to do And Seike s epilogue takes Takaki s story beyond where we previously saw it end and does so in a way that s both true to Shinkai s 5 Centimeters and true to the new vision, which Seike has developed.Roundly satisfying, I liked this It was good I felt like I was reading something worth my time which is a remarkable thing for an adaptation Mature loves stories in comics aren t the most common find, so any solid literary romance is worth pursuing and supporting._____________________Note1 There s a bare trickle of hope in the final frames of the film, though not enough to overwhelm the far greater sense of loss._____________________ Review courtesy of Good Ok Bad

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    Please note Minor spoilers have not been tagged Only read this review, if you re completely okay with being spoiled, ever so slightly 5 Centimeters per Second is a manga about two childhood friends who try to keep in touch but gradually lose contact with each other as time passes The story isn t just that though It s about the feelings that come with first love the concept of having to move on from first crushes, friends, familiar surroundings Constant changes I m sure we can all remember a time when we said so and so person was our best friend at one point in our lives and now we ve barely seen them or spoken to them I m sure we can remember a time we said we d never forget someone when we were kids, but I m sure if we ran into them, say tomorrow, we d barely recognise them let alone remember who they were to us As badly as I put that, it happens to all of us Takaki Tohno and Akari Shinohara became the best of friends in a short space of time Sharing their interests in books mainly YES Never having been able to tell each other their true feelings, they move on to different towns and cities due to family circumstances Takaki Tohno says something so interesting in the novel I ve always felt like it was a kind of defeat to come to like anyone else Those earnest feelings I used to have That serioussincere longing I could never forgive myself for losing hold of that longing It made me wonder if I d ever felt like that about anything The need to love something for fear of feeling like a failure And this is what ruined all of his relationships Takaki not being able to overcome his initial love not being to let go of Akari not being able to understand that people drift apart and moving on with life does not make you a traitor He failed to overcome his love for Akari for fear that he will be betraying his past self, and her We all want to hold our loved ones close We all want to be with them for eternity but the harsh reality is, that we won t be able to hold on to them for that beautiful forever.And that is what this manga is about It teaches us the reality of our world The reality of true love The fact that relationships do end People drift apart, things get awkward, best friends don t talk every day The world moves quickly And if we decide to live our lives in the sweet memories of the past, it will indefinitely leave us behind.

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    This manga is all about mood and silent feelings It s beautiful and sad if you re in the right frame of mind, but boring and pointless if you re not I first started reading it when I wasn t in the right frame of mind, abandoned it when I realized I wouldn t enjoy it, then restarted it today, when it worked for me.The story as such is pretty simple Akari Shinohara is a girl who transferred to a new school, where she meets Tono Takaki, a boy who seems to like her They become close friends they read the same books, they dream together and everything seems possible to them It s quite sweet, but then they have to move very far from each other because of their families Even after they re separated, they manage to meet one last time, though, after a long trip by train, and missed connections, and snow And the letter Tono wrote to confess his feelings for her is lost in the endless bad luck of that day.But as it always happens, distance and lack of easy communication means they drift apart Their letters become rarer and say less and less, until all they have left is the memory of a friendship, and the memory of his promise to become a person she would be proud of.It creates a ripple in Tono s life, making him always unsettled, always unable to commit fully to a relationship, always inadequate, always telling himself he doesn t do the right thing or what matters most And no, it doesn t really get resolved.

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    This is a beautifully written and heartbreaking story The author does a amazing job of showing the fault of building a person up your mind, until they become than a person, at least to you This is shown through Takaki, the main character in the story who fell in love with a a girl in elementary school After promising and failing to keep in touch as the years went by due to both having moved away from each other, he lets this idea of her and the feelings he once had build up to the point were he is constantly stuck in the past, unable to move on in life This becomes a problem as his inability to move begins to affect his relationships with other people He is so focused on the past and the future that he misses all the good that s right in front of him A realization he comes to later on in his adult life, but not after hurting a few people along the way I know most people will probably disagree with me on this but I enjoyed the ending It kinda gave me some hope that Takaki has finally put the past behind him, and maybe make up for past mistakes Cause seriously, poor Kanae,and Risa.

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    Ok just end it like that