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The Book Talks About The Spirit Of The Laughing Buddha Which Is A State Of Ultimate Relaxation, Happiness And Contentment Sakshi Chetana Brings In This Book The Rare Combination Of Ancient Buddhist Wisdom And Its Practical Use In Our Daily Lives In The Modern World For Living In Joy Buddha Has Had An Immeasurable Influence On The Human Race The Laughing Buddha Is A Practical Aspect Of The Buddha, Who, After Enlightenment, Showed Us The Way To A Euphoric Living Right In The Middle Of Our Daily Chores And Responsibilities In Other Words, Sakshi Has Brilliantly Introduced The Wisdom Of Buddhism For Ecstatic Living In A Market Place This Book Wonderfully Explores The Legends And Lessons From The Life Of Laughing Buddha, Whose Spirit We Can Imbibe For A Delightful Living Lucidly And Beautifully Written, The Laughing Buddha Contains The Wisest Spirit Of Buddhism In A Readily Understandable And Accessible Form, Often In A Question Answer Format, For Even Those, Who Are New To Buddhism The Book Is An Enjoyable Read For Everyone Who Aspires To Live A Joyful And Meaningful Life

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    This is a wonderful resource for those interested in developing a happy lifestyle and a successful positive attitude towards life It contains the secret of living a balanced life in the midst of everyday turmoils The Kindle formatting is excellent It provides for easy reading and thoughtfulness.Loved it.

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    I really liked this book It is about life style It kept me locked in the whole time I found beautiful and practical tips on relationship and everyday life The book contains a wealth of information on the secret of wealth and happiness.

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    This book emits such peace and tranquility The euphoric figure on the cover as if speaks inside so that his spirit can sink deep within us and become daily practices Sakshi s ability to simplify big Buddhist philosophy and combine them with the simple Zen like attitude of Laughing Buddha is brilliant This lovely, small book contains profound observation, stories and wisdom to be applied in our daily lives I am pleased that I picked up this book on laughing Buddha, which is a joy to read This book has caused me to refocus on how I approach my daily life with total understanding, meditative awareness and joy, to live my life to the fullest.

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    This book was wonderful Having been interested in Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy for many years, I was thrilled to read this book There are certain basic principles in life that we can all practice without going into much philosophical depth Sakshi Chetana addresses issues like living in the spirit of Laughing Buddha in our busy day to day life The issues like the art of mindful living and the living with an unpleasant situation in life are discussed excellently with practical wisdom This book provides simple guide for happy living, following Buddha s teachings.

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    Laughing Buddha is the symbol of prosperity and happiness Within us there is always a child Buddha, who is relaxed, happy and full of fun This book is about awakening that happy Buddha within us.Historically, Laughing Buddha is an incarnation of Maitreya Buddha From time to time Maitreya Buddha manifested in this world to help people Normally, the people of the age do not recognize him This book talks about that kind Buddha.I loved the book I enjoyed the writing style of the book.

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    Such a lovely hands on explanation on how to be happy No mumbo jumbo language, very understandable and inspiring.

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    The true spirit of Buddha is reflected in the book I thoroughly enjoyed the book.