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super I ve never read a book written in this way There s so much Biblical truths and facts scattered all over the book Really enjoyed the entire book, thank you I ve heard of so many confusing views of end times, including 40 years as a generation and using that to predict Jesus coming This book, presents history, facts and Biblical views of the end times without all the unscriptural predictions Never knew God s message to us can be so supernatural, it s placed everywhere in His Word The tables, charts and figures also provided me with better understanding and I can do my own Bible studies with it One of my favourite numbers is 19, and with this teaching revealed, I know how to increase my chances of healing Makes me appreciate God s Words better and the next time I read through my Bible, it definitely opens my eyes to see further truths from God I ll recommend this rich book to anyone who is interested in knowing about the Bible I am a medical doctor and am very amazed at the depth and breath of the research that you have done to be able to provide the numerous facts and figures I can only conclude that God has gifted you with many talents.You are a MATHEMATICIAN To be able to see how all the numbers add up is fantastic You are almost a scientist You can understand scientific data and see it pointing to a Wonderful Creator.You are an orator I enjoy watching your DVDs I have watched 3 so far One Word can change your life How to overcome DepressionThe gematria of the Hebrew language cannot be coincidental Like the gematria of the Hebrew word pregnancy is 271 The rabbis looked for than what the text tells on the surface You demonstrate there is to the words The numbers of Hebrew words are not a coincidence It points to a GOD who in infinite and AWESOME.What you wrote on page 128 is so true The notion that God speaks to us not only in plain words but also in hidden codes and prophetic models is unpopular among some Christian theologians, but not so among Jewish rabbis They have always taught that there was to the Bible than the surface text They believe that the Bible is supernatural, every letter has a meaning, and when Messiah comes, He will reveal the meaning of every letter and even the spaces between the letters.For a book with so many facts, I am very impressed by the quality and high standard shown Highly recommend it. The cover of this book caught my eye in the first place I found the meaning of numbers fascinating, and it s good that I can read the chapters in any order I ve been referring to the book as I come across certain numbers, like 2012, the fav Chinese number 8 etc I wasn t expecting that much details, this book surprised me. Really well done Looking at Numbers from a biblical perspective with so many examples from scripture, very interesting. I m in the midst of reading Divine Code and I m learning so much from it I didn t expect to and it s amazing to discover all that knowledge and I m only at Chapter 6 It s power packed and loaded with lots of thought provoking snippets of information Have moved my rating from initial 3 to 4 stars as a result Would probably up it again before too long to 5 Very interesting The author makes observations but leaves the reader to make his own conclusions There are layers of codes in the Bible He makes a good case for the significance of numbers and their understanding but this is not numerology or the occult It is just another way to show the order of the universe The book does not seek to use numbers to influence events.The author does show patterns of dates, feasts, and times that can be used to understand the pattern that will be followed for future significant events such as the return of Christ, but he does not dogmatically suggest any particular date, just that it will follow a pattern in the feasts He also shows the flawed reasoning of major authors who have suggested the beginning of the tribulation 40 years after 1948 1988 or 40 years after 1967 2007 He suggests that this event could be as far in the future as the 2050 s, but likely will occur in the 2020 s or 2030 s He could be closer in his estimate if significant dates in Jewish history had not been lost.He references everything extensively but is careful to warn the author to come to his own conclusions.I found this book interesting, unbiased, and relevant, but not life changing Because it is arranged with each chapter dealing with a significant number, I would use this book frequently as a reference. This is a great book I personally like numerals and this book explain the meanings of important numbers such as 2012 or 666 I was puzzled about the date 11 11 11 last year but after reading this book i understood about it Great end times book Eventually just scraped into five stars.I have to admit to than a twinge of disappointment as I began this book I ve taught high school mathematics for than thirty years with an occasional venture to tertiary level I ve tackled the mind numbing numerical analysis of Numerical Literary Tecniques in John The Fourth Evangelist s Use of Numbers of Words and Syllables and ultimately been awed by it and read Number in Scripture Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance and wound up with questions than answers I don t do simplistic And near enough is not good enough as far as I am concerned when it comes to arithmetic accuracy So, to list the speed of light under the number three because it s 300,000,000 m s is a bad lapse as far as I m concerned when it s closer to 299,792,458 m s to 9 significant figures There are many similar instances where the number cited just misses the mark It would have been fine for me at least, though there are many people of my acquaintance who would still be appalled if ever the author noted that rounding had occurred But I don t recall it ever being noted.The indiscriminate use of measuring systems metric and imperial really did call for some justification Unless you ve done some truly serious historical research into units of measurement, the citing of numbers to do with measurement would come across as distinctly arbitrary to the science trained specialist The average person considers both the metric and imperial system to have been devised by man, the former based on earth geometry and the latter as a jumble of units cobbled together from medieval times After all, what sort of mad surveyor would put 12 inches in a foot, 3 feet in a yard and 1760 yards in a mile The fact that the imperial system is stunningly devised by some anonymous geometer to link directly to the Hebrew standard cubit as hinted by that 1760 yards in a mile and that 1000 English acres exactly equals the size of the City of God described in the last chapter of Ezekiel is relatively unknown See Medieval Numerology A Book Of Essays or The Listening Land or Gawain and the Four Daughters of God Without this knowledge, the numbers which are related to measurement could seem capricious or unsupported to the mathematically trained In fact, in the days before I d plunged into the heavy duty research needed to realise the divine warrant for measuring systems that seem to be humanly devised, I d have dismissed this book as fluffy and non rigorous in the first few chapters.I m sure that many people of a strict scientific bent will still view it that way This would be a pity because step by step the book gets impressive as it goes on Sure, it misses a lot of things It s far from comprehensive It gives half a page to the golden ratio a number I consider to be God s signature The Singing Silence What the Design of the Universe Tells Us about God , another half page to 153 an incredibly significant number that has resurrection playfully netted in its digits The Winging Word It doesn t mention 101 111 or 1111 the numbers of covenant 77,777 or 77,792 the numbers of the Armour of God I didn t really expect them But neither does it mention 17 Like the number of Christianity itself is missing There are so many 17s in the Gospels and epistles, it s simply chockers These missing numbers indicate to me far too great a reliance on Bullinger as a primary source.Still, by the end, I was won over About page 46, when the meaning of Sarai was given as contentious, I started to think there might be some new material in it By far the most interesting part as far as I was concerned involved the background to the setting up of the Federal Reserve in the United States In 1907, after the great San Francisco earthquake, money flowed from the insurers on the east coast of America towards the reparations on the west coast This provided the opportunity to set up the Federal Reserve Although Cioccolanti doesn t really mention it, this is one of the most iniquitous financial systems ever devised.If you don t have a scientific background, you ll be awed by this book But if you do, it s worth persevering past the imprecision to the gold nuggets that gleam from time to time. This Book Helps Personalize The Numbers We Live With From Birthdays To Holidays, Stock Market Calls To Weather Predictions, Genetic Codes To Bible Codes In It You Will Find Answers To Questions Like Do Men And Women Really Have Different Numbers Of Ribs How Many Chemical Elements Exist On The Earth What S The Most Mathematically Accurate Prophecy In The World Why Are Some People Superstitious About The Number What Is Warning Us Of And Should We Be Afraid What S The Rule Of In The World Of Finance How Old Is Too Old In The World Of Dating The Creepiness Rule What S The Number Of Life What S The Mystery Of Symmetry Encoded In The Bible While The Last Chapter Ends On , You Will Also Discover Facts About Larger Numbers Such As Who Really Are The , In The Book Of Revelation And Prophetic Insights Into Dates Beyond The Final Chapters Offer The Most Comprehensive Treatment Of End Of The World Date Setting Calculations You Will Ever Come Across You Will Learn The Strengths And Flaws Of Such Calculations And Be Armed To Make Your Own Decision Get In The Know And Get Prepared For The Biggest Number Of Your Life Eternity