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Pleasure Is On Her Dance CardDetermined to find a husband Miss Eleanor Ellie Bowman attends a ball put on by the Duchess of Greycliffe fondly referred to as the Duchess of Love But she roundly dismisses the suitors the matchmaking hostess has invited on her behalf For it's the duchess' dashing son Ned Lord Edward who long ago captured Ellie's heart—and roused her desire All it takes is a pair of conveniently misplaced silky red bloomers to set the handsome widower's gaze on this unusual girl who is clearly than meets the eyeAfter four years of mourning Ned must find a wife At first glance the birthday ball his mother has thrown in his honor is decidedly lacking in suitable mistresses But he senses something unexpectedly alluring beneath the veil of Ellie's plain exterior—and suddenly she's invading his dreams in a decidedly scandalous manner

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    This was a 5 star book up until the very end Sadly the ending was completely flat and you got the feeling that somebody deleated the last pages of the book by mistakeA little introductionNed the widowed hero and childhood friend of the heroine Ellie the heroine who is hiding her looks ever since the hero married her best friend the blond and retarded English rose that died in childbirthFacts Ned’s brother Ash is separated from his strong willed wife Ned was horrified by this and by the fact that somebody could step all over your love that way After that just like the doctor ordered he is promptly infatuated with the uiet and biddable Cicely She is in awe of him and it pumps his ego She is not his eual and she needs him to make even the smallest decisionThey marry He then discovers that his new wife is horrified by sex She falls pregnant right after the honeymoon and is later too sick or to big to have any relations She then dies He is still in ‘love’ with her for the next four years and is completely miserable and pretty much celibate But now the time has come for him to marry againAnd so starts our storyIt was packed full of drama We have two other women that are in the running for marrying our hero One is the prototype of his late wife and the other is just looking for a husband We got drama angst and a real fun rollercoaster of eventsmatchmaking during the days of the house party given by the heroe’s motherThere was a fabulous scene where the hero proposes a marriage of convenience and the heroine has a hissy fit before she throws brandy in his faceWe have only one sex scene but never has a sex scene been perfectEtc etc etcAnd thenI turn the page only to encounter the hero's and heroine's mothers talking The heroine’s mother tells the hero’s mother she wishes she let the heroine get dressesed in a provocative red dress to the hero’s betrothal party years back this was talked about before– so this whole thing might have happened sooner The hero’s mother answers her that that would have still not changed anything because the hero was so horribly in love with his first wife even thou she was wrong for him The endWhat? No reallywhat?First off where is the hero’s epiphany about never really loving his first wife? During his whole life his best friend and confident was THE HEROINE He stopped feeling lust for his wife after their first time and he was a virgin up till then so we can pretty much assume he was horny for anything We know he was feeling emasculated by the fact that his wife had meltdowns over them being naked and that their sex life was horribleAs I said I left my hero and heroine after they had marvelous sex for the first time Sure they kind of just blurred out they love each other without any real rime or reason but I could have forgiven that There was so much passion it was all ok So where the hell is the part where the hero musses about having great sex? Or how aboutbeing naked with a woman for the first time in his life? No? No?Well then How about the standard HR epilogue in which the heroine is giving birth? You knowjust to prove to us the hero should not be worried any I mean he almost gave up on sex with the heroine form fear she will die from having the childNo to that also?Oh You gave me a random dialogue between the mother and father of the heroand then I turn the page and it shows ZEBRA BOOKS are published by?Well you Mrs Author And be happy I did not bump stars off this review

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    This book was just not for me It hit all my dislikes Some will like it and others may love it but for me it was like nails on a chalkboard to read I feel bad for my harsh opinion of this book it did have some things going for it Ellie was my worst idea of a leading lady and I tried to like her She wasn't unlikable as a person but she seemed like a doormat She pined after this guy for years He chose someone else she settles for not marrying assuming they will have a long happy marriage Why? This drives me crazy Well fate steps in and she has another opportunity to win the man of her dreams Years later she still has done nothing about it and is pining for a man who thinks of her like a dear sister Again why? This is torture Now he is choosing anyone but Ellie to be his possible wife love or otherwise He never shows any indication he has feelings for her unless you consider his sudden curiosity with these red bloomers It didn't seem enough for 90% of the novel That was a good start but not enough to hold for nearly the whole book Then add the rushed ending I just couldn't like it My last irritation was the obviouse disregard for expectations of the time This whole thing didn't suit I have at times disregarded inaccuracies of such obviouse nature but the story line has to be entertaining enough for me to just not care any With this one it was just one of my pet peeves which added to my irritation One saving grace was my curiosity about Ash His and Jess' story seems to keep me interested I was waiting on clues to their situation Unfortunately I'm not sure I will read another of these stories

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    Ned and Ellie I don't know what possessed me to get this one It was amazingly unromantic In fact Ned wouldn't know romance if it sat on his face Actually that's pretty much happened and even then she had to practically strong arm into bed I also don't understand why Ned was so heartbroken when Cicely died WHY??? Their marriage sounded luke warm at best Ned was just this awful stuffy prig and Ellie was just a pathetic doormat If ever a book could have used an epilogue it was this one view spoiler the sex at the end made no sense Ellie was a virgin and Ned was practically one too despite his marriage yet they both performed oral sex I guess I'm mostly disappointing because I never felt that Ned really cared Sure he says the obligatory 'I love you' at the end but that was it Ellie tells him how she has loved him since she was 9 and all she gets after practically forcing him to have sex naked is 'I love you' It's the first time either of them have had good sex you'd think he would have been Wow ed But he practically pushes her out of bed lest they be late for dinner Nope not a romantic bone in his body No assurances to the reader that he will love her than his first wife who was a twit UGH hide spoiler

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    Could Ellie be any clumsy or so easily startled? I lost count the number of times she tripped or said Eek or a different euivalentMuch of the book is spent with Ellie pining for Ned and Ned thinking of Cicely and feeling guilty It got tiring reading how perfect for Ned Cicely was I Get It I also thought Ned had moments where he was too controlling must tell those stupid females what is good for them That being said it was still well written and an engaging story I am intrigued by both brothers mainly Ash and am interested in reading their stories I loved Reggie and his stealing ways

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    Review first posted at Demon Lover's Books MoreThose red drawers were going to be the death of herEllie had made them for herself to go with a beautiful if slightly scandalous dress for a ball Her goal had been to capture Ned’s heart Unfortunately though her mother made her change It turned out that Ned and her best friend are announcing their engagement Within the year her best friend dies and she of course stands by Ned and offers her friendship It’s said many times that he wouldn’t have made it through if it weren’t for Ellie4 years later Ned’s mom The Duchess of Love is throwing her annual Valentine’s Ball and has brought together some men hoping not so much to turn Ellie’s eye but maybe to give Ned the kick in the pants he needs to see that Ellie is pretty and eligible and absolutely perfect for himAnd then he sees her red drawersThe family cat likes to pilfer things and hide them in Ned’s room What does he leave behind but her red undies And sure enough Ned walks into his bedroom to find a lovely round bottom poking up from beneath his bed and then he realizes the cat stole her drawers Her red drawers His imagination goes wild His stable predictable friend wears red? Ellie is mortified She’d grabbed them by accident thinking it was her red shawl and next thing you know her underpants become a constant thorn in her side At one point Ned’s former brother in law actually tries to blackmail Ellie and Ned using her drawersI liked this author’s voice I liked Ellie a lot At one point Ned says to her “What's the matter Ellie? You really aren't yourself this eveningShe bit her lip and then shook her head and looked away Or perhaps I finally am” I loved this part because she finally admits to herself that she changed her behavior to fit what she thought Ned wanted And Ned was stunned to see her acting carefree It bothered him to see Ellie in a different light but he couldn’t figure out why I liked their romance but it’s very slow Like seriously slow I loved all the characters a lot Jack especially and can’t wait for Surprising Lord Jack I want to know about Ash and why he and his wife aren’t together and even the villain of the piece may have an interesting story for usI didn’t like however that Jack realized maybe he wasn’t as in love with his first wife as in love with the idea of her That bugged me because I wanted to shout “It’s okay to have loved your first wife There’s nothing wrong with that” Other than that I did enjoy it The best parts were when Ned’s brothers talked some sense into him after he did something stupid It just seemed to end very uickly after that But it was still a fun and sweet read and I look forward to by Sally Mackenzie

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    Scandalously funny and wickedly entertaining Make room on your keeper shelf for Sally MacKenzie's Duchess of Love series

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    This book made me feel like a crotchety old woman yelling Get off my lawn you little cretins Except instead of kids on my lawn it's old people fornicating in my bookPause a second I have no issue with old people having sex Sometimes you have to say things for effectA few scenes a few sexy scenes are not of Ned and Ellie our protagonists No they're of the Duke and Duchess of Love Who already have an established relationship and their own novellaWhich I read twice Accidentally Which I didn't think could happen but apparently it can And you know what? Those scenes didn't do anything to add to Ned and Ellie's story I wanted Ned and Ellie Because it was one of those stories where I didn't uite get enough of either character to fully get attached to either Ned was dense both about his first wife and Ellie Ellie was I don't know No idea why she'd loved Ned for so longTHAT SAID I admit it was a cute story and I like the meddling duchess I'm kind of curious about what happens with Ned's brothers But also the meddling duchess Minus the meddling duchess's sex scenes Not because old people sex is gross but because it's gotta matter to the story

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    Sally MacKenzie is one of my all time favorite historical romance authors Her books are a combination of sweet and funny with so many endearing characters I was sad to hear she had ended her Naked series but I'm overjoyed she has a new series called the Duchess of Love series Bedding Lord Ned is the first book about Lord Ned Edward son to Venus the Duchess of Greycliffe who is fondly called the Duchess of Love Venus is still madly in love with her husband Drew the duke who she has been married for almost thirty years She wants her three sons to find happiness and love like her and Drew but unfortunately her eldest son’s marriage is on the rocks and Ned’s marriage ended when his wife died in childbirth which he blames himself for Years later Ned appears to still be in mourning to the dismay of Miss Eleanor Bowman and Venus Ellie was good friends with Ned’s wife Cicely who was everything Ellie wasn’t Ellie feels plain and uninspiring and her wardrobe doesn’t help either She suffers silently because she’s been in love with Ned for what seems like forever but Ned only thinks of her as a sister and a good friend What Ned doesn’t know is that Ellie is hiding a passionate woman who owns a pair of red silk drawers but ones she never wears Unfortunately while staying as a guest at the Greycliffe estate for Venus’s annual Valentine’s Day party Venus’s naughty cat Reggie sneaks off with her drawers and hides them in Ned’s room She tries to get them back before Ned can notice but he catches her under her bed She makes her excuses hoping Ned thinks the red drawers are some other woman’s Ned is shocked but not for the reasons Ellie may think Ned has always found Ellie to be a rational woman and someone he can count on But the moment he figures out the red drawers belong to Ellie he can’t stop thinking about them on her as well as her nakedNed isn’t thrilled by the idea that his mother is matchmaking She has big plans for Ellie to get married and catch the eye of one of the single gentlemen who have been invited to the house party Ned doesn’t like any of the men; even his own single brother Jack sniffing around Ellie He’ll take it upon himself to keep a close eye on Ellie to make sure she isn’t seduced Ellie doesn’t know what game Ned is playing at but she doesn’t like it He’s driving her crazy because he’s going out of his way to be very possessive and make her believe he’s as attractive to her as she is to him But how can she tell him how she feels when he’s still mourning the loss of his beautiful wife he loved deeply?Bedding Lord Ned is a barrel of laughs Ellie and Ned are so perfect for one another Their inner monologues and thoughts will make you chuckle especially as Ned loses all control the moment he visualizes the button up Ellie in her scandalous red drawers You can’t help but feel for Ellie because she has a small self esteem problem and thinks she isn’t good enough for Ned because of his devotion to Cicely Watching these two banter back and forth and come to the conclusion they love one another as than just friends was lovely There's only one sex scene between Ned and Ellie which doesn't disappoint What's important here is the build up of passion and the falling in love factor between these twoNed’s mother Venus is a real firecracker I loved the scenes with her and her husband Drew mainly in their bedroom where they talk about their sons It was also nice to see a passionate relationship between a long lasting married couple in their later years I do hope we see of Drew and Venus together in the future Duchess of Love books that will show Ned’s brother Jack and that of Ash the heir who has been separated from his wife for reasons not yet revealedEvery Sally MacKenzie book I’ve read has given me the warm fuzzies Her books are such a treat and Bedding Lord Ned is another example of this If you haven’t read a Sally MacKenzie romance you’re losing out Do pick up Bedding Lord Ned as soon as you can

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    Fun book involving a matchmaking Duchess a thieving cat an oblivious hero and a heroine who has all but given up The Duchess gives a Valentine ball every year at the end of a week long house party She always invites a variety of people who she thinks will match well with each other This year she really wants her middle son Ned to move on with his life and find a new love She has the perfect woman in mind but he is obliviousNed had been very much in love with Cicely He feels responsible for her death since he had gotten her pregnant Now he tries to control everything in his life trying to minimize any kind of risks He has finally gotten to the point where he is ready to look for a new wife but he isn't looking for a great love Finding Ellie in his room looking for her bloomers startles him He suddenly sees her differently than his good friend He can't stop picturing her wearing those bloomers and it's freaking him out She is also acting differently than she usually does at these get togethers He sees her being pursued by a couple gentlemen and he doesn't like it but can't figure out why He gets over protective with her and is stunned when she tells him to back off Ned makes a really stupid proposition to her and is really surprised when she not only turns him down but tosses a brandy in his face before storming out He was so confused and even so when his brothers confront him and explain what an idiot he is to him He has to decide if he can face his fears and open himself up to love again or go through life without the love that he needs I really liked Ellie She has been in love with Ned since she was a child She wasn't really surprised when he married her best friend Cicely a girl who was the perfect society bride When Cicely died in childbirth Ellie was there for Ned as a friend but still hopeful that he would eventually see her as a woman After four years she has decided that it will never happen If she wants to be a wife and mother she'll have to settle for someone else She's looking at the single gentlemen at the house party but she's not impressed She has noticed that Ned is actually looking at the other women this year and fears that once again he'll overlook her She's trying to get up the courage to go after him herself Aiding her in this effort is Reggie the family cat who likes to steal things and hide them in Ned's room Ellie accidentally brought along a pair of red silk bloomers that Reggie seems particularly attached to She is horribly embarrassed when Ned finds her searching his room for those bloomers The cat steals them several times forcing Ned and Ellie into contact with each other She finally admits to herself that she changed her ways to become like what she thought Ned wanted and is tired of hiding her true self I loved the way that she starts to stand up for herself and push back against Ned's attempts at control It was fun to see her really go after him at the end and overcome all his objectionsI enjoyed the Duchess's attempts to get Ned to open his eyes She uses the presence of the single men and their interest in Ellie as a way to show him what he's missing Though it was pretty devious of her I liked the way that she finagled Ellie into a much better ball gown and the effect it had on Ned I also loved the example that she set for her family with the obvious love that she and the Duke still share I also enjoyed seeing her manage all the various couples and lead them where she wants them to goThere were some really funny parts often involving the cat and his propensity to take things and hide them in Ned's room There are a couple people there that have hidden agendas and their downfalls are also pretty amusing Percy comes off as a real jerk but with something the Duchess said there may be redemption in his future I also enjoyed Jack's attempts to avoid the lady pursuing him and am really looking forward to reading his book soon

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    Trope The secret crushSetting A triple birthday party at a country estateMale Protagonist CluelessFemale Protagonist Helplessly in loveHelping Along A thieving cat a misplaced pair of red silk drawers two brothers and matchmaker extraordinaire the Duchess of LoveNell's secret crush on Ned has lasted a lifetime literally but Ned chose to marry her best friend instead He has been a widower for three years and Nell has been turning away all suitors in hopes that someday Ned will turn to her and see her as a woman and not a friend with no results During this year's birthday ball she's determined to let him go and allows the Duchess' help to find anotherNed grieved for his dead wife for three years and is not interested in his mother's matchmaking efforts However when he arrives at his mother's country estate for the birthday party and retires to his room only to find a woman rump in the air digging under his bed unbelievably his body comes back to life Except that the woman turns out to be 'good old Nell' Ned then decides that maybe it is time to look for a wife to fill his nursery and agrees to his mother's matchmaking plans and those plans don't include Nell Bedding Lord Ned by Sally MacKenzie was fun funny and sweet Ned needed a few fights a thieving cat a shot of brandy to the face a whole household plus I believe a few shots to the head to see what was in front of his face Nell should have used the red silk drawers earlier and fun would've been had all aroundThe cat was priceless the red silk drawers excellent bait and the Duchess of Love and her Greycliffe stole than a few pages in bedroom scenes while Ned thoughtlessly bumbled his way around and Nell worked up the nerve to fight for her man The secondary characters helped to establish the fun atmosphere and Ned's brothers were wonderful Ash's story about a failed marriage that lasted only one night promises to be a good one and Jack Now there's a fun young man with a bit of insight about females These two brothers stole the spotlight and I look forward to reading their stories