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For tactical and strategic ingenuity for daring and ruthless determination and the capacity to inspire troops Frederick the Great was without eual In this detailed life of Old Fritz Christopher Duffy who has written widely on the army of Frederick and on the armies of his adversaries Austria and Russia has produced a definitive account of his military genius

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    A good analysis of Old Fritz his successes failures Excellent on detail of his battles the theories at the heart of his techniue Poor subordinates or his own mistakes causing a loss of tight command control could result in the famous obliue order attack being a disaster Great to see a non hagiographic treatment of this complex warrior cultural aesthete who was as keen to admit his own mistakes as exploit those of his adversaries

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    This is a detailed summation of Frederick's military life including anecdotes tactics and a stirring narrative that lays bear a figure complex than the Old Fritz of popular legends

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    This book left me disappointed The sections covering the Silesian and Seven Years wars were detailed and thorough but seemed so hyperfocused on the battles themselves that it was dry reading I realize I'm reading a military history but it seems limiting to be so narrow in focus For example Duffy writes only two lines mentioning the resignation of Pitt and its impact on British policy which must have affected how the continental war was being fought In comparison the beginning and end chapters that looked holistically at Frederick's upbringing tactics and impact were much interesting and I felt I got a lot out of them

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    I had long been fascinated with this military genius especially after living in Germany and visiting Potsdam so this book was naturally attractive My admiration of Frederick only grew after reading it but don't tell my Austrian friends

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    Military history of Frederick the Great Good for describing the battles but could use context about how his life and experiences impacted his military decisions