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Florence is shimmering in the summer heat Former policeman turned private detective Sandro Cellini is investigating the case of a man who seems to have vanished into thin air leaving his pregnant wife behind him But the man lies amidst the shrubbery of a busy roundabout his corpse bloating in the humid air

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    Suffocatingly depressingReader ends every word with a dimenuendo and drop in pitch Writer gives us characters and situations that are pitifully tragic shallow and disastrous If it had not the only book I had and no Internet connection I would not have finished it Now I guess I'll go buy a pack of cigarettes and gallon of whiskey August is coming soon and I can't afford to go down to the sea

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    This book is a murdermystery but it gives too much descriptive scenerios of Florence for my liking Because of that I found myself skipping a lot of paragraphs Summer heat is intense in August in Florence and this was repeated twice every page about how hot it wasI got it the first 50 times I heard it A murder has been committed with some very intrique twists involved The story intertwines 2 separate storiesand the gentleman murderedis also an 'assumed' name taken by someone else within the story At one different point in the story there were a minimum of 6 people working on this one case Can't say it was one of the best reads for me

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    Apparently Florence is very hot in August it seemed as if the weather was a major character in this story The story reflected the atmosphere moving in fits and starts pausing at moments to recollect where it was I think the sense of place is less distinct than in Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti novels The characters are well drawn and engaging and the plot moves along at a good clip It was a bit difficult to keep up with some of the minor characters and their place in the story but all in all a good read

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    ok I get it Florence in August is awful don't need to have it beaten in over and over It's a pretty decent detective thriller once you strip away the attempts to create atmosphere and the rambling minutiae The subplots and characters actually support the main story my only observation in that direction is that it took six chapters to set up the story and another two chapters to get to the actual investigation Aside from a few local references the story could have been set anywhere even though the cover makes a point of having Florence as the setting

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    Slow burn doesn't even begin to cover the snail pace of most of this book where nothing happened at all until suddenly everything happened in the final few chapters Once again as a crimemystery novel the plot didn't hold up well at all but the effort was all placed in the characters Sandro Luisa Guili and Anna This felt as suffocating to read as the heat in Florence was throughout the book

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    No one with any sense tourists and the characters in this book excepted stay in Florence during August The weather is very hot and very humid and those that can escape to the coast where it is cooler Sando Cellini was the name chosen to give a link to the famous Benvenuto? an ex police officer turned private detective is asked by a very pregnant chambermaid to find her lover who has disappeared At the same time a teller in a small provincial bank notices the disappearance of a regular customer and then the body of her manager is discovered on a local roundabout The heat of the locale can be felt in the prose as nothing moves fast There is another murder and slowly and satisfactorily all the threads of the story come together as a violent summer thunderstorm descends on the city I can't say there is a twist at the end but the perpetrator comes as a surprise although perhaps it should not have been Read in the damp of a miserable English spring the book took me well into a scorching Florence as a contrast

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    In a case of Sandro Cellini vs Guido Brunetti the Venice Commassario wins hands down Donna Leon’s series is wonderful you want to fly right to Venice This book is slower than molasses and Florence sounds awful Even worse than Florida in August I’ve read 200 pages and not much is going on It reads like it’s being poorly translated from Italian which it isn’t Too boring to even finish ☹️DNF

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    This is the second Sandro Cellini book I've read I liked the story and development of some of the characters but I was turned off by the constant constant constant talk about the heat in Florence in August Since I've been there during summer months I know it is no worse than summer in several of our big cities here in the States If I had been the editor I would have advised Kent to tone that down a bit

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    I listened to the audiobook from the library in preparation for a trip to Italy I liked the Florence setting and the setup to the murder mystery but I had trouble following Was it the reader or the writer or me? Two guys with the same name a pregnant girl oppressive heat and too many cops with too many things to say made this one confusing

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    Not quite a 4I picked this up because I needed something light while attempting to get through the Three Body Problem On its own I'm not sure I found it worthwhile As a counterbalance to 3 it helped me get through a few paragraphs The book was reminiscent of Penny's Gamache series less well done