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Short but sweet sad stories about snow, separation, and sorrow. Shirahime Syo is CLAMP s take on traditional Japanese storytelling, focused on a central theme of loss and sorrow in an icy wilderness and paired with simple and soft watercolors I really enjoy reading short stories, and I think CLAMP handles them quite well Each tale is short and painful even the most stoic of readers will find it near impossible to get through these without feeling a twinge of sadness My favorite of these stories is The Ice Flower, followed closely by On Wolf Mountain What can I say I m a sucker for tragedies, and these two delivered beautifully I don t want to spoil too much, but I loved Kaya s solution to waiting for her husband to return It s harsh but poetic, and I like that The weakest story of the three would have to be the last one, Hiyoku no Tori, not because it s bad, but because it sort of goes against the themes of the book by giving it a hopeful ending.The artwork is unlike CLAMP s previous styles, drawing from classic manga, which goes with the idea of tackling Japanese mythology, and it works wonderfully, keeping the reader hooked and entranced throughout.This is definitely one of my favorite CLAMP works, and a welcome refresher after reading some of their weaker stories It s a nice reminder of their deserved reputation. Es sencillo y se lee r pido Me gustaron m s los dibujos que las historias en s , si bien la segunda me result muy po tica aunque triste. When the snow goddess Shirahime cries her tears turn to snow This is a small collection of short stories by CLAMP The stories are not linked together and all depict tragic tales in a snowy ancient Japan It is a shame that the stories are so short given a little depth and they could have been heart wrenching At the same time, their shortness is what gives them a fairytale like feeling and gives them a traditional touch Even though they are short, they are all sad and the fates of the individual characters struck me I thought the first story was particularly sad Although they are not linked together, I also quite liked how the story was rounded up at the end.One reason to read this little book is for the sake of the artwork CLAMP generally has beautiful artwork and this work is no exception I actually wonder whether the entire work was done in colour the pages look like black and white versions of what might have been a work with colour But it is definitely the long hair and the landscapes that make this book a treat to look at Just looking at the hair and kimonos swaying in the snowy wind is beautiful It might not have as much to offer in terms of story contents but it is certainly worth having a look at the artistic aspect or if one is interested in Japanese tales It is fast enough to read anyway so there is no harm in giving it a try Legend Says That When It Snows, It Is Because The Snow Goddess Is Crying From Clamp, Creators Of Chobits And Cardcaptor Sakura, Comes A Collection Of Five Tragic Tales, All Connected By The Bond Of Snow Shirahime Syo Is Clamp S Take On Traditional Japanese From And Storytelling Featuring Luscious Watercolors And Gentle Brushstrokes, It Is A Beautiful Departure From Clamp S Usual Fare Discover For Yourself The Mystery Behind The Snow Le CLAMP fanno soffrire e riflettere, come sempre, sull animo umano e sui desideri.Non il pi bel loro manga, ma molto significativo.Neanche a dirlo ogni tavola disegnata da Mokona un opera d arte.Peccato per la brevit dei racconti, anche se questo non infuisce minimamente nella caratterizzazione dei personaggi e lo svolgimento della storia.Consigliato Se il primo che leggete del quartetto di Osaka assolutamente no andate per gradi e leggete altre serie delle Clamp prima di questo volume unico Se avete amato X, Tokyo Babylon e Clover assolutamente s ritroverete quella non cos tanto sottile malinconia che li pervade e soffrirete per la fine di ogni storia. They say that snowflakes are the tears of the snow princess.these stories are so incredibly sad and beautiful the timing of my discovery of this little collection is than coincidental finishing my reread of The Infernal Devices hours before reading the story of the boy who shoots the heron in his rage at being lost trying to return home to his own love, and the surviving heron of the pair s response I am still wondering at the odds. thin set of stories about people being sad in the snow2 stars Dig the aesthetic, but the stories are very thin Brrrr che frrrreddoDavvero un volume stupendo, disegni raffinati e storie che, anche se brevi, sono intense e piene di significato lo stile Clamp che preferisco