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Large Format for easy reading The first collection of humorous short stories from the author of The Four Million his stories deal for the most part with ordinary people clerks policemen and waitresses and often use twist endings which turn on an ironic or coincidental circumstance in his stories Most of his stories are set in his contemporary present the early years of the 20th century Many take place in New York

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    ENGLISH In this collection of 25 stories by OHenry I liked three of them specially Ulysses and the dogman about a dog walker who meets an old friend and says once too many make it two The duplicity of Hargraves about a very special actor and an old southern majorThe church with an overshot wheel about a miller who lost his daughter and made his mill into a churchESPAÑOL En esta colección de 25 cuentos de OHenry me gustaron especialmente los tres siguientesUlises y el hombre del perro sobre un paseador de perros ue se encuentra con un viejo amigo y dice ue sean dos una vez de másLa duplicidad de Hargraves sobre un actor muy especial y un viejo mayor sureñoLa iglesia con una rueda de molino sobre un molinero ue perdió a su hija y convirtió su molino en iglesia

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    VINTAGE O HENRYNo man is a hero to his saddle horse page 4Recommendation O Henry never disappointsPublic domain ePub edition from feedbookscom 183 pagesAlso available at gutenbergorg

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    I read a copy of this published by Open Road Media purchased for free from after receiving their daily Early Bird Books newsletter It is classic O Henry Not every story is eually good but none of them are boring One of my biggest gripes about the book is specific to the format in the Kindle version that I read There are 25 stories but no table of contents with titles The stories are numbered 1 through 25 but until you land on the page on your Kindle you won't know the title I enjoyed reading this on a Kindle over the course of a couple of weeks It may be a bit much to read 25 short stories by this author back to back but for me it was perfect to pick up a device and read a short story when I had a short period of time to kill

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    O Henry's brilliant there's no getting around it Witty in his storytelling unprecedented in his prose A few of the twists I saw coming but others took me delightfully by surprise And a man who can capture both the Wild West and encapsulate the heart of New York and its citoyens is pretty remarkable I especially enjoyed Witches Loaves Jimmie Hayes and Muriel and The Duplicity of HargravesThere is so much depth and insight into character too And now I detected a new flavorthe emanation was the odor of bad whiskey and worse still of low comedy the sort that small humorists manufacture by clothing the grave and reverend things of legend and history in the vulgar topical frippery that passes for a certain kind of witHe's all about the details He doesn't skim over them but is painstaking in his description He remains my favorite short storyteller

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    Sixes and Sevens is a collection of twenty five short stories by O Henry He captures the voice of a host of characters from all four corners of the American landscape Many of his stories mirror the meaning of sixes and sevens which describes a feeling of confusion or disarraySome of the stories end with a twist of fate some are poignant reunions and a few sleuth stories in the bunch The Last of the Troubadours a Western tale had a satisfying and surprise ending while both The Church with an Overshot Wheel and Law and Order have sweet reunions with long lost children In The Lady Higher Up the Statue of Liberty and Diana of the Towers have a conversation The Statue of Liberty humorously has an Irish brogue In The Greater Coney lovers meet at Coney Island and in Witches’ Loaves a young engineer buys stale bread to use as an eraser on his blueprint But the woman in the bakery thinks he is a struggling and adds butter to his order He is mortified when his work is destroyedThe Duplicity of Hargraves was a hilarious look at the Antebellum South and shows how an actor made a profit from listening to one who could not let that that era go Each story is uniue both voice and the setting as they span the country and even venture down into Costa Rica Two characters end up on a banana plantation and lose track of time in The Day We Celebrate Sixes and Sevens is a magnificent read and well worth the time

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    Terrifically funny mostly; some serious collection of sketches apparently posthumously published Have been reading a fair amount of O Henry lately and finding that the few works of his that everyone knows just don't do him justice not surprisingly Well better now than never so far as encountering of his muse is concerned

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    Wonderful writerSome of the stories were five stars and pure genius Others not so much But the good ones were worth plodding through the not so good ones and I still admire his gift for the short story

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    Some of these short stories are better than others The first was in the same style of dramatic irony as The Gift of the Magi Fortunately most were not Some were difficult to follow but the majority are little gems

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    More of the same stories— colorful clever warm evocative of place and time Sometimes racist but never vulgar Fun to read aloud

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    Henry OThe Complete Works of O HenryIn compilation only1 The Last of the Troubadours2 The Sleuths3 Witches' Loaves4 The Pride of the Cities5 Holding Up a Train6 Ulysses and the Dogman7 The Champion of the Weather8 Makes the Whole World Kin9 At Arms with Morpheus10 A Ghost of a Chance11 Jimmy Hayes and Muriel12 The Door of Unrest13 The Duplicity of Hargraves14 Let Me Feel Your Pulse15 October and June16 The Church with an Over Shot Wheel17 New York by Camp Fire Light18 The Adventures of Shamrock Jolnes19 The Lady Higher Up20 The Great Coney21 Law and Order22 Transformation of Martin Burney23 The Caliph and the Cad24 The Diamond at Kali25 The Day we Celebrate