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Buku kedua seri trilogy BartimaeusKarier Nathaniel di pemerintahan terus meroket Tapi kelompok pemberontak Resistance terus melakukan pengrusakan di London Pekerjaan dan nyawa Nathaniel jadi terancam bukan hanya akibat aksi Kitty dan teman temannya tapi juga karena suatu kekuatan yang tak dikenal serta membingungkanNathaniel pun terpaksa melakukan misi berbahaya ke kota musuh Praha dan harus memanggil lagi jin menjengkelkan misterius dan berlidah tajam Bartimaeus

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    B 74% | More than Satisfactory Notes It could do with a elaborate mythology Improving on the first book it's still for a fantasy not terribly exciting

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    Reviewed by K Osborn Sullivan for TeensReadToocomHe's rude He's surly He won't hesitate to tell you when your haircut looks stupid And in over 5000 years he's seen some bad haircuts I'm talking about my favorite djinni Bartimaeus back in book two of his young adult fantasy trilogy THE GOLEM'S EYE is an excellent seuel to the first book in the series THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND In the first book we meet Bartimaeus an ancient creature of enormous power that can best be described as a type of demon Unfortunately he and all of his kind hate the word demon He classifies himself as a djinni so we'll just go with that for the purposes of this review Why annoy anyone who can shoot magical firebolts at you right? Anyway Bartimaeus and other creatures like him are summoned by human magicians to do their bidding Needless to say this forced servitude or slavery is not popular with the servants so they do their best to turn the tables on their human masters whenever possible Enter Nathaniel a boy who is in training to become a powerful magician In book one of the series he summons Bartimaeus from the netherworld and an involuntary partnership begins In THE GOLEM'S EYE young Nathaniel again finds himself in need of the djinni's aid so he again turns to reluctant Bartimaeus This time a revolutionary group is blowing things up in London which may or may not be related to a series of unusual occurrences that have the police stumped Nathaniel feels that his career would take off if he can solve these crimes But the stakes are high because he knows that his career and possibly his life are in jeopardy if he fails A key part of THE GOLEM'S EYE storyline centers on the activities of a London resistance group that is fighting to overthrow the magicians' government Nathaniel's inability to track down these criminals is part of the reason he needs Bartimaeus's help Of course the djinni has little interest in helping magicians maintain their dominance After all they're the ones who continually force him and his kind into servitude This conflict of interest makes for some entertaining scenes and conversations If you have not read THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND I strongly recommend you pick that one up before diving into THE GOLEM'S EYE Technically you don't have to read the first one but there is an awful lot of background you will miss if you don't Plus it's really fun Normally I find myself disappointed in seuels Somehow they never seem to live up the expectations established by the original But in this case I was pleasantly surprised This book is full of excitement political intrigue and humor Bartimaeus is back with all of his cheeky comments and there are plenty of thrills to go around Overall a great book

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    I was really looking forward to reading this second novel in the Bartimaeus series I was uite curious to see what it would be like not just in the sense of the development of the story and the characters but of the world building as well I kept wondering how will this world ruled by magicians develop further? I was eager to see what place will our protagonist Nathaniel take in it will he become like the rest of them ie all the other corrupted magicians? The world that the author created in the first novel was of great interest to me In the first novel I found the setting as fascinating as the story itself I must say that I wasn't disappointed with how the world building evolved in this one This seuel was wonderful an absolute joy to read Often the seuel disappoints not being able to retain its original charm but not this time It is obvious that the author already had things worked out in his mind because everything seems to flow naturally This seuel opens up as a mystery novel Nathanial has to solve the mysterious attacks that are bringing shame to the government He is utterly engrossed in this task for his career and his life depend on his ability to solve the mystery and find the group that is behind these attacks There are many twists and turns in The Golem’s Eye and many secrets to be discovered In fact the secret identity of the person behind the golem’s eye is only one of them This is an excellently plotted novel with enough food for the thought or at least that is my experience If one cares to one can draw many parallels to our own world just switch the magicians with modern politicians The magic could be used as a metaphor for power and money In this alternative world the general public doesn’t have much say in anything It is understood that the magicians know better and that the commoners should just look after their own business and stay out of magicians’ way In other ways exactly like democracies in Europe and USA As far as I can recall nobody asked us the European public would we like to stop trading with Russia? There was no referendum on that subject in any EU country I’m not an expert on economy but one doesn’t have to be to know that the record high unemployment in Europe is a sign of economic collapse and you don’t need to be one smart cookie to figure out that a bit of trade would go a long way right now Likewise I didn’t notice that American politicians are consulting the public on the subject of whether it is a good idea to provoke a nuclear superpower into a war? If some politician decides it is time to go to war that’s what happens Nobody asks the public anything Yes we get to choose between people serving identical power groups every few years but that doesn’t amount to much does it? If it seems to you that this scenario where one small group dominates another larger group seems unlikely think again I swear this real world we live in sometimes sounds ridiculous than a third rate fantasy novel No wonder I feel the need to escape it by reading first class fantasy novels This novel seems a lot logical and better thought through than our own ‘real’ world and the sense of humour is right up my alley so no wonder I like it so much I mean there is a logical explanation to why people don’t rebel against politiciansmagicians in this novel they have a complete control over the schools the media the education every aspect of life What is the explanation for general public being so passive and believing everything it is told in our world? Golem’s Eye does give us plenty of explanations as to why this world is the way it is but this time the dynamics of a narrative are a bit different it is no longer only about the boy and the djinn now it there is another character that takes the prominent place When I wondered what characters would be a part of this seuel I didn’t expect any of the old ones to reappear I mean at the end of the previous novel most people surrounding Nathaniel are killed and off he goes to be the part of the elite I completely forgot about Kitty a girl that shows up shortly in the Bartimaeus narrative and makes a fool out of him Well she turns out to be an important character in this novel and there is a good reason for her introduction for it makes sense not just in terms of the plot but in adding a human dimension to this novelYou see another thing I wondered about was what the relationship between the boy and the djinn would be like in the seuel I took it for granted that there will be a relationship between the two of them I assumed that the boy will despite promising otherwise summon the djinn to serve him once again I was not mistaken for Nathaniel indeed summons Bartimaeus when he finds himself in trouble I guess we can give him some credit for at least attempting to avoiding his promise What make the dynamics of their relationship so interesting in the first one is the fact that Nathaniel is vulnerable to Bartimaeus because the spirit knows his name In addition Nathaniel’s naivety not to mention young age made him less like other magicians However Nathaniel of Golem’s Eye is not a very likeable character He is only a few years older but he is very much changed Bartimaeus still can negotiate with him because he knows his secret but the relationship between them is different Surely Bartimaeus said some bad things about Nathaniel in the first seuel but it was obvious that the boy’s youth got to him and that he felt some sympathy for him probably because he reminded him of the Egyptian boy the only master Bartimaeus seems to have respected Nathaniel does show some sheds of decency that his superiors lack Nevertheless everything is different now Hence comes Kitty As the only individual with some moral decency she is contrasted sharply with all the other’s characters This works very well with the premise of the novel that states that magicians are inheritably bad As I said I uite liked how the magicians need for power is showed to be pathological in essence Indeed I could strike some parallels with 1984 if only there wasn’t so much humour in this one Everyone who says anything against magicians is a priori considered an enemy of the state in much the same way as described in 1984 So my initial uestion of whether this seuel would elaborate on politics revealing about the power structures and dynamics of this would could be answered with yes There is a lot of serious issues tacked through Bartimaeus sarcasm from slavery to colonialism He is notorious for his funny remarks on humans but this time we also get to see another side of him the one hidden behind his sarcasmWhat makes this possible is Kitty The author digresses into past to give us her background This was also necessary because her story is connected with the plot in many ways The reasons why Kitty hates magicians so much are uite relevant for the context of her story In addition the injustice Kitty suffered from the hands of magicians allows us to understand her actions Her character development is handled with care We understand why she is so driven to take revenge We understand why even when everything seems futile she doesn’t stop Being the moral character she is makes her invoke admiration in Bartimaeus invoking him to share his knowledge of history and human societies with her His discussions and dialogues with Kitty were really interesting and well developed For me Bartimaeus was always the star of the story and I was uite happy with his role in this novel His bond with Kitty seemed uite genuine All this happens later on in the story exactly how their paths cross again I won’t say but I will say it feels very real and meaningful all the same The fact that spirits are forced to serve magicians is something we’re told from the beginning but the seuel elaborates on it comparing spirits djinns and other lesser spirits and beings with slaves This seuel made me sympathize with others djinns not just our charming Bartimaeus but it was through Bartimaeus conversation with Kitty that I realized how much spirits really hate being materialized and how it takes a toll on them I think that I said in my review of The Amulet how that first novel seemed to me suitable for young adult and adult audience than for young children because it was uite dark in tone no graphic description of violence in neither of these two but there are plotted murders and deaths However this one seemed a bit lighter for some reason even if it discussed serious matters at times so it might very well be suited for older kids It could have felt that way because there was a lot of humour in it in all shapes and forms Maybe it felt a bit ‘lighter’ because Kitty represents imminent if not evident hope for change Moreover Nathaniel’s turn into a ‘serious magician’ is not without a sense of comedy He might be losing his moral compass but his djinn is there to remind him of it and make fun of him every step of the way His intellectualism still serves him well but he seems lame in comparison with Kitty who is the heroine of this one That was refreshing having a girl be a hero for once I pretty much liked everything about this one There were only a few minor things bugging me One of them was the way that the narration kept switching from first to third person when Bartimaeus would change form For example when he would become a cat the sentence would be the cat did this or that but then it would return to the first person narration Perhaps this was to give us a better visual perspective of events It might even serve to enable Bartimaeus to focus on narrating things his way without having to explain what is he doing on the physical level This was only a bit irritating at start soon I got used to it and didn’t mind it One thing that I did mind was how naïve Nathaniel still was despite his obvious high intelligence At a few places I think he could have been less abashed with what was going on Apart from that his character development with his teenage insecurities contrasted with incredible ambition was well balanced Another thing that I felt was lacking was a few good conversations between Bartimaeus and his master I know that the novel was fast paced and that really wasn’t much place for it especially with Kitty’s past and present life being introduced but it would have been fun seeing dialogue between them Their changed relationship and estrangement did make sense; I was just left wanting a bit In this review I focused mostly on characters and the world building I know that didn’t really say much about the plot but hey I didn’t want to spoil anything for anyone That and truthfully as entertaining as the story itself has been who doesn’t like a nice detective story? that was not my primary field of interest However I will comment on the ending I must say that the climax is really superb and that it all ties nicely in the end Towards the end I kept asking myself how will everything get resolved but actually the ending felt uite natural All in all the seuel was than satisfactory I expected it to be good but not this good In my view it was perfect

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    The Golem's Eye Jonathan Stroud 2003The Golem's Eye is a children's novel of alternate history fantasy and magic It is the second book in the Bartimaeus trilogy written by British author Jonathan Stroud The first edition was released by Miramax 1 January 2004 in the United Kingdom 6 million copies have been sold in 36 countries It was a New York Times best seller in 2004 The book and series are about the power struggles in a magical dystopia centred in London England featuring a mixture of modern and ancient secular and mythological themes Characters Bartimaeus Kathleen Kitty Jones Nathanielتاریخ خوانش از بیست و ششم ماه فوریه سال 2014 تا هشتم ماه مارس سال 2014 میلادیعنوان چشم گولم؛ اثر جاناتان استرود؛ برگردان محمد قصاع؛ نشر تهران، افق، 1391، در 835 ص، فروست رمان نوجوان؛ 88، رمانهای سه‌ گانه‌ ی بارتیمیوس‏؛ 2، شابک 9789643697518؛ چاپ دوم 1392؛ موضوع داستان‌های کودکان از نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 20 مناتانیل، جادوگر چهارده ساله، اکنون ماموریت دارد گروهی را که در مراکز مهم شهر حادثه می‌آفرینند، شناسایی و نابود کند اما این کار، ساده نیست اعضای گروه مخفی، از جمله کیتی، خود را پنهان کرده ‌اند و هم‌زمان با حمله ‌های دیگری به پایتخت، ذهن ناتانیل را به هم میریزند آیا این حمله‌ ها از سوی همان گروه مخفی ست یا گروهی خطرناک‌ت در پشت کار استر؟ ناتانیل برای کشف حقیقت باید به پایتخت سرزمین دشمن برود و جن بزرگ، بارتیمیوس را احضار کند ا شربیانی

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    This hilarious novel is the second in the Bartimaeus Trilogy The story picks up where the first book in the trilogy The Amulet of Samarkand leaves off Most of the story takes place in London where the government is made up of magicians These magicians are all power hungry calculating feckless craven jealous and self serving to the n'th degreeThe 14 year old Nathaniel is an up and coming magician in charge of security operations in the department of internal affairs He is blamed for incompetence with regards to two threats; the resistance a secret society blamed for stealing magical artifacts and a golem who is trouncing across London causing major havoc Nathaniel's personality has changed since the first novel he is now power hungry and his ethics have taken a bit of a dive becoming like those of the average magician Nathaniel does his best to unearth those to blame for these threats mostly relying on his captive slave the 5000 year old jinni BartimaeusBartimaeus is a lovable character saucy sardonic witty brave fatalistic and street smart His cheeky comments do not endear himself to his master but they make for hilarious dialog He is sagacious and ever mindful of his limits and the limitations of the magicians Kitty is a teen aged key player in the resistance She is naive but persistent resilient and somewhat resistant to magic Her high ethical standards as with most of the others in the resistance are in sharp opposition to everyone else Bartimaeus almost takes a liking to her for her refreshing honesty courage and individualismNow I didn't read this book I listened to the audiobook narrated by Simon Jones I must say that Jones is a fantastic reader His British accents are wonderful his reading of the crazy skeleton demon is out of this world and all of the characters come out clearly as individuals My recommendation is do not read this book listen to it

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    45 starsThis series is getting better and better and I honestly have no real reason not to give it 5 stars except that I find it really hard to give 5 stars to children and middle grade books sorry XDJust please tell me what is better than a morally grey 13 year old boy with a djinni as a servant? You can't can you?It's so fascinating to see this in a children's book I usually don't like morally grey characters because I can never see the reason behind their actions The idea to hurt people and use them even if life did really deal you a crappy hand never really entered my headBut to see this in a child it's really interestingI can't put it into words The difference between a grey character having a flashback to what happened to them to be this way and actually growing up with them till they become what they are is huge to meAnd the age makes all the difference too if it's a younger character I sympathize but if the character is of a certain age I really have a hard time seeing how certain events can lead them to be the way they become Especially when they blame others for what happened to them this always felt so childish to meBack to this series I've heard a couple of reviews mentioning how good of an ending this series has and I can't wait I sense there's a whole lot to Bartimaeus's character and I really want to see I really like himI like Nathaniel and Katty tooI don't really know what else to say it seems that all my thoughts scattered away the moment I clicked the I'm finished button XDThis really one of those books I would've loved to read and experience as a child it's not technically and underrated book but I can't believe it's not as hyped as other booksThis was a highly entertaining read and I recommend it

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    My first thought right after reading the book is that it is filled with temperamental and cocky teenagers eually self absorbed bickering and snotty adult magicians and one Mr Love guru called Bartimaeus Which actually is not a bad thing cause he cracks me up Yup ive been doing that uite a lot when Im reading Character For me they were pretty much 1 dimensional The magicians are power hungry self obsessed egoistic with really nothing to brag about except they could control the Spirits Most of the time they come off very easy to manipulate As what Bartimaeus once said they are all driven by power and greed Or you know something like thatThe commoners or the people with no magical aptitude are either stupid or mindless cowards who spend the rest of the book just being told what to do clueless or cowering in fear from the magicians But I get that we must learn to bow down to authorities but they just come off rather too compliant and dull And if there are actually people who are willing to fight for their rights they come off too stronglyWhich brings me to the Resistance what the Commoners lack the Resistance are abundant of it Even to the point of being too confident with their abilities that in the end they ended up being cocky and arrogant themselves but the second book did tackle this one out and accepted the mistakes being made It was dealt with properly and I liked the closureI could sympathize with the characters but I couldn't seem to make myself care for them The only like able character for me is Bartimaeus the others fell kind of flat or annoying It took me a while to warm up to Kitty and by the end of the book I came to like her too But not that much Just enough so I could stop rolling my eyes during her POVs teeheeAside from all of that I still enjoyed reading it The readers get to be introduced to new environments and delve deeper into the story Like the history of other Empires the magicians djinns More information were being laid out and there were a lot of actions to keep me excited There were even time when I have to stop reading it cause I can't handle the suspense just like soOh and by the way meet Honorius I couldnt help but imagine him this way But he actually looks like this So I am truly grateful that mine turned out to be cartoonanime ish than it really is cause I might not have slept last night

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    I really liked the first book in the series but this second one just doesn't match up I still admire the world building a magical system based on good old fashioned demon summoning and Bartimaeus himself is still a fun character to read But Nathaniel has become almost unbearable to read All the magicians in fact read like parodies of arrogant aristocrats It isn't entirely unjustified in this world but it sure isn't fun to read Sadly I didn't like the so called Resistance much Now I'm generally going to be in favor of a small group of dedicated revolutionaries fighting against extreme odds see Les Misérables but that is not this group They don't seem to be terribly interested in doing anything other than petty thefts of magical artifacts and minor vandalism which will do what exactly? Also they were all pretty annoying too In fact the only character I liked at all was Bartimaeus but not nearly enough of the book was from his perspective I'm really disappointed because I do think the world building is generally very good and the first book was so strong

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    35 stars Bartimaeus is a great character and this is a fast fun read That said I didn't like this installment as much as the first book in the series The Amulet of Samarkand which I thought was fantastic My reasons are 1 I thought Nathaniel aka John Mandrake was pretty annoying much of the time and sometimes downright unlikeable; 2 I didn't think the author expanded enough on the mythology underlying the story ie the magic system the histories and powers of the various classes of demons which I think is very interesting; and 3 I didn't think the scope of the plot was as big or engaging as in the first novel Criticism aside the story is well written and Bartimaeus when he is on page is a ton of fun I will certainly read the last book in the trilogy and hope that it resembles book 1 than book 2 Winner Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for YA Novel Nominee Locus Award for YA Fantasy Novel

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    THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND THE GOLEM'S EYE BY JONATHAN STROUD So I met Jonathan Stroud last Friday author of the Bartimaeus triology of which the first two are out The Amulet of Samarkand and The Golem's Eye He came to the bookstore I work at in Petaluma Copperfield's and was pretty entertaining He was the classic English guy writing about a doomed England of magic and magicians and the regular people known as commoners average English accent from near London area with some clipped Cockney when speaking but when reading clear upper class southern England accent; a very ordinary looking guy in a t shirt and slacks totally unassuming and seemingly unaware that he's a big famous author who's growing and growing in notorietyI was talking to him about how I really liked that in his fantasy books involving magicians being separate and higher in social stature than ordinary people like you and me Stroud pays attention to what is happening socially with the paradigm than just telling a story about a hot shot wizard doing great things And he seemed happy to know that I had spotted this in his books That they took a different direction to most of the kids fantasy books out today involving the Harry Potter character which has now practically become an archetypeIn the world of the Bartimaeus triolgy magicians don't actually have that much power They have all their control and magic from summoning djinn from another world and using them to do magical things and all the summoning of imps djinn and higher level afrits is done through reading incantations from books So in this world the magicians really don't have that much power The magicians control the entire government from Parliament to the prime ministerAnd then you have the ordinary people the commoners who are a subjugated people who work in factories and any and all jobs that involve labor And are meek and always do as they are told and it comes off as an almost Orwellian distopia Except there are a few that somehow possess some ability to take attacks from magicians and djinn and not be killed by them and that they are able to see on multiple planes There are seven planes humans can only see on the first and magicians with the aid of lenses can see the first three while the djinn and afrits are on all seven planes And this group are known as the Resistance as they try to overthrow the magicians and take back control of the countryAnd then there's the nebulous rest of Europe in which you have the east consisting mainly of the Czechs who are warring against the English and have been for a long time but are now at truceSo it's a very interesting world with lots going on instead of just some tough wizard kid fighting a bad guy I recommend it to all who want to read a different kind of fantasyFor reviews and author interviews go to BookBanter