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The drama and manipulation is unleashed as soon as 27 year old Papio gets released from a Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno after serving just 3 years of a 30 year sentence when his conviction for conspiracy to distribute cocaine is overturned Having some unfinished business in Oklahoma City Papio stops there to collect on some debts before heading out West avoiding contact with his infuriated Cuban connection by all means In an effort to regain the lavish lifestyle he was accustomed to and never settling for less than the best in hotels luxury vehicles designer clothing and women follow Papio on his journey across the states that take some unexpected twists and turns which make this tale extra SPECIAL Don't get caught up because HE DON'T PLAY FAIR

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    He Don't Play Fair is and urban novel by Clifford Spud Johnson Papio takes you on a 100 Million Dollar road trip from Coast 2 Coast in this urban robin hood tale and he will do anything for that almighty dollar Everything is going as plan until Papio meets this very special lady then his world starts to spin out of control I think you will enjoy reading this novel It takes you back to the real urban fiction that we are use to reading

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    Turnabout is Fair PlayPapio is a man on a mission newly released after only serving 3 years of his 30 year federal sentence Papio's overturned conviction hasn't scared him straight it only fuels his desire to return to the streets to stack his paper With a clear cut goal in mind Papio will stop at nothing until he reaches it Author Clifford Johnson takes readers on a ride filled with mayhem and murder reminiscent of when urban books first began to saturate the literary market Beyond the label dropping and precarious situations that Papio manages to maneuver his way through the only thing that managed to make He Don't Play Fair slightly different was its special ending If not for that it could clearly become lost amongst the countless other books with similar story lines I also found issue with the model used on the cover whose description is the exact opposite of the main character's description Author Johnson clearly is a good storyteller however he failed to infuse this storyline with enough originality for it to rise above just an okay read I am curious to see if Author Johnson can rectify this with its upcoming seuel She Don't Play Fair Final Rating 3 StarsDelonya ConyersARC Book Club Inc

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    Ok finally finished with He don't play fair Loved me some Papio Definite player and on the move he had a lot going on Will it be Brandi or will it be Special his behind got set up and that's good We never love the ones who truly loves us Oh let's not talk about that real estate agent when will he settle down what did his mama see in Special anyways she grimy that's all I have to say So Author Clifford how could you leave me hanging like that you Special is a sellout LOL Great read bring on part 2 pleaseThanks

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    Read this for my friend Clifford As much as i enjoyed this book I think I would have liked it if I had read the authors other books So I'm going to read them all in order I'm also looking forward to the next one love me some Papio

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    Papio is the gangsta that you should hate but everything about him forces you to adore him In a multi million dollar run across the country the action and drama will hold your attention The multi million dollar drug deals and steals seem straight out of a gangsta movie uick Urban Lit read

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    I enjoyed this book Papio was something else I just wished he would have told Special that he would let her live Can't wait for She Don't Play Fair

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    Once I overcame the vulgarities I realized that this book was pretty entertaining I can honestly say that it is a page turner and the author was genius with the ending Talk about a surprise Highly recommend

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    Awesome book kept me so into it I couldn't put the book down I loved Papio character just didn't care much for Special But overall good reading from beginning to end 5 Stars