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Photographing ghost towns across the American West Kadie Andrews takes a wrong turn and ends up in Morgan Creek—a spot that isn’t on the map It’s a uaint little place but there’s something off about its complacent residents And when twilight falls it takes on a truly sinister airUnable to run or to find any way out Kadie finds herself a prisoner hunted for her blood Still disturbing her spirit and beauty have captured the attention of the town’s leader—the mysterious Rylan Saintcrow When he looks into her eyes she can see his hunger When he takes her in his arms she can feel his power When he presses his lips against hers she can taste his need Saintcrow may be the most powerful creature she’s ever imagined but Kadie knows in her heart that he is also a man A man who needs a woman To want him desire him crave him To be his willing prisoner—for all eternityA classic vampire tale of sensual spine tingling suspense Christine Feehan on Desire After DarkA master of her craft Maggie ShayneAshley is a master storyteller Romantic Times

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    'As Twilight Falls' by Amaznda Ashley is the story of Kadie Andrews and Rylan Saintcrow I actually was reading another book called Twilight Dreams that had Kadie and Rylan in there as secondary characters I was halfway through that book when I just kept thinking I really want to read Rylan and Kadie book too So I found this one 'As Twilight Falls' with their story I was not disappointed at all I enjoyed this book just as I thought I wouldKadie is a photographer that happen to take a wrong turn and ended up in Rylan's 'ghost town' that host a few vampires and humans who they feed off of Rylan has actually been underground for about 30 years when he 'smells' Kadie in his town Rylan can't resist her and uickly takes her to is house There Kadie starts to have feeling for him and she ends up making him 'feeling' with other people treatment So if you like a tough heroine with a tough guy hero that is all soft inside for his womenthen this one is for you Truly enjoyed this book and was happy to get back to my other book 'Twilight Dreams' and finished reading that one also Both were great

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    Kadie Andrews driving alone in a severe rain storm ends up in a deserted dark and dreary town Everything is closed down There is no gas station or hotel There are few people Even though she is terrified she accepts help from a stranger who gives her food and a place to sleep Soon she learns the town harbors vampires and the few humans living there are used to feed them She tries to leave but learns no one is allowed to leave and a supernatural barrier has been put up at the entrance to the bridge to force people to stay Rylan Saintcrow is the superior vampire who set up Morgan Creek to hide vampires from the hunters out there seeking them Those who wander in can’t leave but can lead a protected life; those not wanted are destroyed by Saintcrow Kadie wants out but Saintcrow has other ideas He is smitten and deems her his forever Can he make her want him as much as he wants her?Amanda Ashley loves her vampires In As Twilight Falls her latest paranormal adventure Ms Ashley describes in considerable length the workings of a vampire She wants us to understand how solitary they are caused by need than anything else She makes us understand that in order to survive they must hide all signs of humanity They must always be one step ahead of their hunters Relationships with humans are always rejected because they always outlive their lovers Relationships with other vampires don’t last long because self preservation is of the utmost importance and trust can never be established The Kadie pushes Rylan to be human to find ways to solve problems without killing he knows he is doomed The she pushes the he cares about her but he tries to make her think she is only a possession to him Until the day arrives when he knows this is not going to work any He has to make her understand how much he cares and how much he wants her in his life as a partner not as a possessionThe passion that is shown from the first page to the last page has drawn me into being a avid Amanda Ashley fan than ever before The worlds she opens may be fantasy but she makes us think with our hearts as well as our heads and for this reason I give this book 5 starsReviewed by BMR's Reviewer JoanneARC provided by author

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    I really don't have much to say With Amanda Ashley's books I often find myself either wholeheartedly loving the book or well not so much Rarely anything in between and rarely anything that I really end up loving This is the exceptionThis book is Amanda Ashley's finest work I will even go as far as to say that this book has become my new favorite vampire romance novel out of the 100 that I've read in the past in order to make my point This book is perfection There were absolutely no moments where I sat back with a frown thinking I would have done that part differently The story and setting were perfect the characters were believable and importantly their actions were understandable The couple was cute the characters were interesting and the ending wasn't too predictable I originally borrowed this book from the local library to waste some time and after getting 250 something pages into the book with than 2 weeks left to return the book to the library I ended up going to 4 different bookstores in order to find a brand new copy for myself That's how fast I fell in love with this book I wasn't even finished with it yetIf you want a nice classic vampire romance novel with than enough moments to make your heart melt this is the book for you You won't regret it 1010

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance The Summary  Kadie Andrews has come out the the western states as a photographer She has a talent with capturing ghost towns and cemeteries She takes a wrong turn and ends up in a town that is off the map practically a ghost town and makes her eerie The residents are a bit off and react strangely towards her Hardly anything is open including a gas station During the day there is activiy but the moment the sun goes down everyone flees into their homes Through a array of circumstances she ends up learning about the truth behind the curtain The town of Morgan Creek is overcome by a coven of vampires and the master vampire who has been alive since the crusades is the most dangerous yet sensual mans Kadie has ever known But she is literally kept a prisoner along with everyone else in the town As the food supply for the vampires Some have it worse than others depending on the vampire feeding on you that week Kadie has the luck of drawing the attention of Rylan Saintcrow the leader of them He keeps her in his home but there is something real that draws Kadie to Rylan Rylan has never known anything good or pure since he was turned centuries ago until he scented Kadieher spirit and body pure in every way Will Rylan and Kadie be able to hold onto foreveror will the dangers that threaten Rylan seperate them forever The Hero  Rylan Saintcrow has been a vampire for the longest time and he is one of the oldest vampires of their kind He came to Morgan Creek since it was off the map a dead town and a place the vampire hunters knew nothing about Lately the vampire hunters have grown to a huge number and are killing off his kind by large numbers So Rylan stayed in this small town and offered sanctuary to a few vampires that needed a safe place and protection Rylan was turned while fighting in the Holy War during the Crusades and was left abandoned and alone to learn the ways and made too many mistakesactions he regrets with his full heart Rylan despite being a vampire his strict ruleshas a good heart and has a code of honor Rylan is a pure alpha male and boy I had so much fun with this character At first I was uneasy about him however as I delved deeper into the story I realized how realistic his character seemed to be The author here doesn't sugar coat vampires but what I liked was seeing the good come through with each chapter The Heroine  Kadie Andrews was a delightful heroine and there were many aspects of her personality I felt I could relate with She is a professional photographer and loves traveling She is close to her family and has a great inner strength but is also kind and accepting When she first arrives to the town she has a hard time accepting what is actually happening to her But she stands up to the vampires she runs across and since they can control her mind if need be she seeks escape when they are sleeping However it still proves to be pointless since there is a block when trying to leave No one can except for Rylan Kadie is a heroine that accepts Rylan eventually she still battles verbally with him and I loved her courage to stand up to him Plot and Story Line  In As Twilight Falls Amanda Ashley has created another great vampire romance that has a gothic theme to it and I just soaked it all up I haven't had a chance to read too many gothic themes but Ashley handled this one in such a fabulous way It deals with mixed emotions and actions that the reader has to battle with as you read I loved the set up of the story and I was instantly drawn into it from the first page or two One aspect I have always admired about Amanda Ashley is how easily I can get swept up into her stories and As Twilight Falls was no different What was truly fascinating was seeing the variety of characters that come into play Not all goodnot all bad either We have a mix of personalities and we see the line between black and whiteturns grey at times There were a couple of side characters that I didn't exactly care for especially the woman vampire Boy she was a piece of workvery cruel and vicious so I was thrilled when she was taken out of the picture But some revelations occur that create uniue plot twists that turned me upside down and inside out The romance between Kadie and Rylan was fantastic At first we have two strong personality who have a battle of willsbut as they let their pride and stubborness go we see a beautiful romance build The Cover  I like this cover not my favorite from Amanda Ashley but it has a great gothic theme to it and I love the reddish background theme to it Overall View As  Twilight Falls is a stirring and thought provoking story with gothic themes and a variety of aspects to keep you asking for me Its a story that is stirring and exceptionally well written Guaranteed to send chills down the spine

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    My ARC Review of 'As Twilight Falls'Before I say anything I want to tell you I kind of went into this book expecting to dislike it I love supernatural stories but I've never gotten into vampire books I don't know exactly what it is though I'm pretty sure it's the whole drinking your blood thinggross but I don't think there's ever been a book about vampires that I've really liked I read this book knowing it would mean going out of my comfort zoneThe majority of this book is told from the POV of Kadie a 24 year old photographer She spends the night in Morgan Creek after getting lost and discovers the next day she's incapable of leaving the town due to an invisible wall blocking the only way out Personally I think she handled this very well I mean an invisible wall? Being locked in a town? I think I'd freak out Especially after finding out the few inhabitants of the town are used as blood bags for a coven of vampiresThe rest of the book is about Kadie's relationship with the townspeople but mostly with Rylan Saintcrow a master vampire and the one in charge of the town Sadly I don't think I really liked any of the characters besides Micah and he wasn't even introduced until the last few chapters Rylan was a bit boring for a 900 year old vampire I was hoping for a bit of a bad boy but he never actually followed through on any of his threats because of his love for Kadie Before you actually met him the ladies of the town make him out to be a monster I was kind of hoping for a strong Alpha male like Barrons from the Fever series He was actually just really whippedKadie frustrated me because of how uickly she forgot she was a human with a family A family that included a terminally ill sister Being locked in Morgan Creek meant she was kept away from her when she was dying How do you think about anything besides that? How do you fall for the person keeping you away from her? The reason the vampires kept people locked in the town is because of the vampire hunters They don't want word getting out about where they are and this way they didn't have to put themselves in danger when they needed to feed On multiple occasions Rylan injuredkilled hunters made them forget who they were and Kadie helped him every time Is this romantic because Kadie couldn't stand seeing him hurt? Maybe But all I could think about was these people are risking their lives to save humans I mean some of these vampires KILL for fun What the heck Kadie? This screamed Stockholm syndrome to meFind at

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    If you go on a tour of ghost towns be sure to have 1A fueled car 2A flashlight 3A map 4A gun 5A silver cross Because you may never know what's out there till it's too late Sweet young Kadie Andrews is an up and coming photographer of the American West A childhood hobby has earned her a place of respect with newspapers and magazines alike While touring through Wyoming Kadie's makes a wrong turn and winds up in a deserted town out of gas A nice man helps Kadie find a place for the night When she tries to leave the town on foot she finds she cannot leave The town is surrounded by mountains and magic all who enter must stayforever The town is inhabited by vampires Lucky for Kadie the man who helped her is the local vampire sheriff which makes her off limits to the other vampires Until the head vampire rises from a 30 year slumber and reuires that Kadie be turned over to him The rumor mill says whenever a woman enters Saintcrow's keeping she is never heard from again Kadie will have to be on her toes to survive the vampires of Morgan Creek or will there be something unexpected that could harm her in a way no one expected? I zoomed through this bookso so wonderful But I never expected less from such a wonderful author

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    Amanda Ashley is a brilliant storyteller and this book doesn't disappoint Kadie a professional photographer takes a wrong turn on the road and finds she's a prisoner in Rylan Saintcrow's town called Morgan CreekIf you like the classic vampire with sexy appeal you HAVE to read this book

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    Oh great another one I could not stand to listen to It starts out with Kadie a photographer who is travelling around photographing ghost towns This is a cool idea that was not expanded upon at all Kadie ends up driving off the beaten path while lost and ends up in a very strange town This is where it turns into an episode of The Twilight Zone; in a good way The town is dark and antiuated and the people are odd The next day Kadie discovers that it is impossible to leave the town This is where it starts to fall off of the rails The other people in the town seem to have accepted that they are prisonerspets of a nest of vampires An entire town without one pocket of resistance seems a bit ridiculous I just couldn't buy into a group of people who don't try to escape captivity or at least try to injure their captors Human sheep bore me Kadie doesn't seem too upset that her whole life has been snatched away from her Of course the vampires are handsome and mesmerizing That is when the story veers into a Stockholm Syndrome narrative that lead me to throw in the towel

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    Detailed ReviewI really loved AS TWIIGHT FALLS Amanda Ashley is my favorite vampire author I for one love the format she uses even if it’s predictable The whole story line she uses of usually an old lonely although he won’t admit it vampire finally falling for a human struggling to get her to accept him battling a rouge vampire or hunter and then facing the decision to save her life by turning her or letting her die always makes me swoon It’s the same format in AS TWILIGHT FALLS Rylan Saintcrow as set up a utopia of sorts for the few vampires that sought refuge from him by starting a town where when humans stumble upon it they can’t leave Everything they could possible want is taken care of for them except their freedom They rule the town during the day but at night they are expected to feed the vampires Kadie Andrews is a freelance writer and photographer As she’s lost and running out of gas she drives across the bridge that forever changes her life Derrick Vaughan is uick to come to her aid at her arrival and sets her up for the night Although he mentions not being able to leave she doesn’t believe him The next day she truly learns her fate from the other women Not only is she trapped but vampires are real and they are the cattle She doesn’t have too long with Derrick until the notorious master vampire Saintcrow takes her from him for himself In his pov it’s clear she will be his by the instant taking he has for her Things start out tense due to the captivity Just like any hostage Kadie doesn’t want to admit the attractiveness of Saintcrow nor how well he treats her although he is mighty sure of himself when it comes to her submitting She bonds with the women of town and slowly works her way into changing Saintcrow’s ways She convinces him to let a few go and never rests until he finally ends up letting all the vampires go and giving the humans the option of leaving as well Kadie brought out the best in Saintcrow reminding him of his humanity that he’s resisted for so long He really does care for her yet they both hold back saying the words even though he can hear them in her head With plans to England Kadie convinces him to let her go home first Her sister is sick and her notorious father for saving illnesses hasn’t been able to diagnose her yet Imagine Saintcrow’s surprise when he realizes Kadie’s father is a vampire hunter It isn’t long before he’s plotting to off Saintcrow and Kadie is ready to flee to save him Saintcrow checks back with Morgan Creek after finding a fledgling from Lilith Surprisingly he’s taken by one of the older women in town and they seem very happy together As the story comes to the last hoorah Kadie is called back home over her sister’s steady decline Although fearing it’s a trap Kadie go with Saintcrow to follow later She’s locked up and Saintcrow is ambushed Weakened and strapped to a table Kadie’s father begins bleeding him dry Calling out to Kadie she contacts Micah the new vampire for help Reaching Saintcrow Micah and Kadie are escaping when her father pulls a gun laced with vampire bullets and shoots at Saintcrow but Kadie jumps in the way With no other choice Saintcrow takes her to their home and begs for her to stay long enough to give him her choice She chooses him and wakes to her new life A little uneasy about it at first it’s clear uickly that Kadie is a natural at being a vampire and these two will live happily ever after Overall I liked the town entrapment idea The struggle between accepting your fate because you were well taken care of or fighting for the life you lost was hard and real It really showed when some didn’t go home once free because they had been gone so long their life wasn’t waiting on them any Kadie had the same problem with Saintcrow She kept asking for her freedom but deep down she didn’t want it just the ability to know she could if she wanted it The romance between them was sweet and I really felt for Saintcrow

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyAS TWILIGHT FALLS is one of those romances that I felt a little guilty about liking so much It was fun but the I think about it after the fact the I feel it wasn’t as great as I thought However while I was reading it I couldn’t put it down and the romance between Kadie and Rylan totally sucked me inOne of the “once I thought about it” realizations I had is that I didn’t really like how the women were characterized The women in AS TWILIGHT FALLS are all stuck in Morgan Creek not by choice and end up sounding a bit passive and whiny for most of the book All the humans come off as very reactive not proactive as if they have no say in their own lives Even Kadie the heroine seems to be constantly dealing with the situations she is put in Then we have the only woman vampire Lillith an evil sadist who terrorizes the human men in the town You won’t find any women who fall in the middle of the spectrum and I was disappointed by the lack of any strong women in the storyLuckily I’m a sucker for a strong sexy alpha male And Rylan Saintcrow 100% fits the alpha male description He gets to be a bit indulgent with Kadie but even then he is still smooth and confident of himself two traits that I can’t do without in my heros Rylan is sexy but he’s also a bit scary he is holding an entire town of people against their will after all I think that is part of his allure the ultimate bad boy vibe that we get from him The other vampires also give that off too I especially liked Micah who was introduced near the end of the book He had a great sense of humor and even if he wasn’t completely necessary to the plot he was a great additionOne great thing about AS TWILIGHT FALLS is that it wasn’t predictable The set up is such that the plot could have gone in what I felt was a very obvious direction However it ended up taking a turn that I didn’t expect but at the same time it wasn’t totally out of the blue because there were some small hints dropped along the way It was a creative unexpected ending and I really like when stories are shaken up a bit since I read so many romance novelsAS TWILIGHT FALLS is a uick enjoyable read so long as you don’t think about it too much It offers a great fantasy while obviously I would not like to be held against my will by a bunch of vampires I also wouldn’t mind being indulged a bit by Rylan All in all it was a nice light read and while it didn’t break outside of any conventional paranormal romance tropes it kept me invested from start to finishSexual Content Mild sex scenes references to rape