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For a sheltered librarian like Eve a round the world yachting trip with the son of a billionaire made for excitement than she had ever experienced in her young lifetime But when the yacht docks in the lagoon of a mysterious island Eve’s fate takes an inconceivable turnBecause the Breeding Island of Dr Melville holds sexual horrors and sensual delights far beyond Eve’s darkest fears or her deepest fantasies The mad doctor has a plan for her a plan involving every member of his menagerie of hybrid animal men His brood of savage beastsAn eight thousand word character driven erotic story with multiple sex scenesPulp sex fiction at its finest

10 thoughts on “Fucked by the Beast Men

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    Yeahh I read itI'm not sure what time period this was actually supposed to be set in Who uses an elephant gun now a days? That with a sheltered Midwestern Librarian Virgin Leopard man was interestingSwan Man was a plot deviceBut yeah She'd be deadThis was just so weirdI can't honestly give it than 1 star because it was just what it wasWould have been interesting with actual plot and a stronger femaleHell there are a LOT of things that would have made this interesting

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    It's so crazythere's nothing to do than laugh

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    Lucy Apple has the pulp horroradventure style down pat This story really reads like a sexually explicit version of something you might have found in a 1940s copy of Weird Tales The sex scenes are suitably gross but in a way which adds to the fun of this kind of campy story

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    Bwah ha ha This could have been so much better but it made me laugh The writing the stilted dialogue the ham fisted sex scenes Hmm Go back and re write and edit There's something in there something salvageable but it's well hidden

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    down right stupid

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    The author shows some technical skill but the language dialogue and vocabulary were cringe worthy

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    This would have been better if Eve were a kick ass heroine but that is not the caseI did like the leopard man