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In Paris a physicist dies after performing a laboratory experiment for a beautiful visitor In the jungles of Malaysia a mysterious buyer purchases deadly cavitation technology built to his specifications In Vancouver a small research submarine is leased for use in the waters off New Guinea And in Tokyo an intelligence agent tries to understand what it all means Thus begins Michael Crichton's exciting and provocative technothriller State of Fear Only Michael Crichton's uniue ability to blend science fact and pulse pounding fiction could bring such disparate elements to a heart stopping conclusion This is Michael Crichton's most wide ranging thriller State of Fear takes the reader from the glaciers of Iceland to the volcanoes of Antarctica from the Arizona desert to the deadly jungles of the Solomon Islands from the streets of Paris to the beaches of Los Angeles The novel races forward taking the reader on a rollercoaster thrill ride all the while keeping the brain in high gear Gripping and thought provoking State of Fear is Michael Crichton at his very best

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    Chrichton is superficially playing with ethical and political ideas in one of his worst novels Others weren´t really good too but at least he avoided showing that he didn´t do his homework when dealing with an important topicI don´t know why Chrichton integrated climate change activists as a key element without doing his research and invited in this way much true criticism of that one shouldn´t so superficially deal with a very complex and controversial context to boost the sales of a book especially when writing techno thrillers with a so called scientific background and not unilateral biased propaganda piecesThat´s especially ironic because Chrichtons´ intent was to show how good and bad science works but he didn´t just fail in demonstrating but used bad and wrong science himself in the book and the discussion around it as an extra Without that problem and the chronic weak spots of Chrichtons writing that are strong in this one it could have really been an entry point to a and important discussion and an entertaining mind boggling read So it´s less than average nothing I would recommend and I have hardly seen such a bumbling and inept integration of bias and agenda in a fictional work he didn´t even try to be subtle or manipulative just bam in your face communist witch hunt style If I want my brain to be washed I would at least wish to be ensnared and a bit courted before getting; pseudo unsatisfyingly and terribly performed; mind penetratedTropes show how literature is conceptualized and created and which mixture of elements makes works and genres uniue

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    I never expected to read this book But my mom left a copy of Michael Crichton’s book State of Fear at my house and I found myself reading it The book is an odd mix of fiction and pseudo scientific argument As a fiction piece it’s actually okay For reasons that are irrelevant to the plot evil villains are trying to shear a big iceberg off into the ocean create a flash flood in a canyon and make a tidal wave hit LA The good guys are of course trying to stop them and manage to stop them just in time Crichton’s a good writer and this book is fun to read For a Crichton book though it is one of his worst and nowhere near as entertaining as Andromeda Strain Mostly this is because his rhetorical goal for the novel continually gets in the way of the plot The central argument of the book seems to be “It’s not clear global warming is caused by people and even if it is it’s not clear how bad it’ll be therefore we should do nothing” The evil villain of the book is a cabal of environmental groups determined to scare the populace to maintain funding for the military industrial complex in the post Cold War world Global warming is thus fundamentally a hoax perpetrated by tens of thousands of people in Crichton’s view Even better they all manage to keep the hoax secret Apart from errors of fact of which there are several the book also makes several serious errors in its reasoning First is the widespread use of anecdotal reasoning For instance and yes I see the irony here Crichton makes a big deal about how the warmest year on record in the US was 1934 Whether of not this is true depends on how you calculate average temperature but it doesn’t really matter 1934 was really warm But fifteen out of the 25 warmest yeats since records started being kept in 1895 have occurred after 1981 Globally the trend toward warmness is even stronger Particular anecdotes are irrelevant; in a large enough body of data or a large enough collection of papers you can find a factoid to support almost anything Second is the intentional misrepresentation of scientific uncertainty by Crichton For example he talks about how global circulation models are uncertain about how increases in temperature will affect cloud cover and hence albedo This is true there is uncertainty on this point but it doesn’t necessarily follow logically that everything about the model is wrong When I estimate that a townhouse in Cambridge costs 350000 to 500000 I have some uncertainty in my estimate but that does not imply the true value if zero When the IPCC says the net radiative forcing of human activities on climate is 06 to 24 Wm2 there is some uncertainty in that estimate but that does not imply the true value is zero Finally Crichton has misunderstood how science works The process of peer review is a blind review of the facts cited in a paper exactly the opposite of how Crichton portrays it There is intense competition in science with multiple groups analyzing the same data exactly what Crichton calls for Sadly Crichton’s book of fiction was not peer reviewed nor did he face any competition from competing scientific interpretations of the literature about global warming which allowed this travesty of a rant to be published The Cosmopolitian Ecologist

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    The threat of global warming is essentially nonexistent Even if it were a real phenomenon it would probably result in a net benefit to most of the world p407 I just finished reading State of Fear Michael Crichton's creator of ER and author of Jurassic Park Timeline and many others latest novel We discussed this a few months ago but I must say this book really is a delicious slap in the face for ill informed environmentalists If you have environmentalist leanings or think that global warming is important or even real do yourself a favor and read this book It is an entertaining way to lift yourself out of the haze of junk science and histrionic propaganda that is disseminated by the media in order to promote the environmentalist agenda The book like all Crichton novels is thoroughly researched and the result is a sublime mix of science and technology on one hand and suspense mystery and action driven plot on the other Moreover while the book is fiction the research dicussed therein is real and thoroughly documented with real references There is a lot to learn from this novel in ways than one it is downright Randian

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    If you want to write an essay on your opinion of global warming Mikey do so Don't disguise it as a novel when you've only got 10 pages of plot

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    State of Fear is centered around a plot by eco terrorists to bring world attention to global warming by you guessed it blowing up half the world Yes the nonsensical plot that makes up the spine of this book leaves the rest of this skeletal narrative in the hands of a man we've rarely seen Michael Crichton political philosopher First of all the book released in 2004 asks you to believe that there is a state of fear being pushed on the public in order to scare them into belief of Global Warming so as to wreck the US economy and maintain elitist academia's stranglehold on the world IFONLY The premise that politicians journalists and celebrities use fear tactics to control the population is as old as time itself It is a practice that has been used in the history of every society on the face of the planet at some point throughout human history That Crichton presents this as a supposedly revolutionary idea is just the start of this novel's problems What's striking is that despite coming out in 2004 in an age where until 2006 Republicans won election after election based on fear tactics whether it's Fear of Gay Marriage or Fear of Terrorism no mention is made anywhere in the novel of the modern state of fear we are all really genuinely disturbingly living in It is telling that Crichton has good friends in the oil industry won an award for journalism for this book from oil producers in the US the first award of its type created specifically for him and that Crichton was one of a handful of people who got a private audience with George W Bush to advise him on Global Warming There's an old saying that people often accuse others of what they're most likely to do themselves One has to wonder how much of Crichton's state of fear is really the result of his own work Beware those powerful evil climatologists and academics I'd love to live in a country where the only real fear was a fear of liberal pacifists who were worried about the weather rather than a country where I'm told daily to fear everything about the world and told to fear my own gut instincts and told that uestioning my government was a form of aiding terrorism If that's not a controlling state of fear I don't know what is That state of fear is mentioned nowhere in Crichton's love letter to his friends in the oil Industry and the White House Crichton's State of Fear instead follows bumbling environmentalist Peter Evans a basically good hearted but naive brainwashed liberal Over the course of the story he receives his education on the evils of the climate change lobby by John Kenner Kenner is a rogue agent of some mysterious government detective agency because it could only be obviously a shadowy CIA like agency that would have the courage to stand up to the vicious tree huggers The character of Kenner is about as filled out as a picture tube and it is clear from the beginning that Kenner is actually Michael Crichton himself or rather a mouthpiece for Crichton's views Nowhere in the novel is the action as heavy as the dialog and Kenner takes up most of the space with his self indulgent rants Conseuently half the novel reads like a transcript of an O'Reilly Factor episode than a fiction novel The characters are flat lifeless and dull and nothing in this book is as intelligent uirky or interesting as the plot devices and concepts Crichton has come up with in his other works Disappointing as a fan of his imaginative fiction disappointing as someone smart enough to pick up on being lectured to an even cursory examination of his sources reveals how dodgy they are hence he clearly didn't intend the novel to be of interest to anyone with one year of college under their belt and disappointing to anyone who thinks the agenda of a work of literature should be better hidden behind solid writing though arguably that last group would include those evil academicsNC

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    35 starsI can’t believe that I am sitting here thinking about this review while Hurricane Sandy’s imminence is being trumpeted just outside my doorMakes you thinkThe story itself is about global warming It’s a cautionary tale really On the one hand you have some radical environmentalists scientists who are not above manipulating the environment in order to support their fund raising goals I mean people will dig deeper into their pockets if they have been personally impacted by global warming right Attempting at every turn to stay ahead of these ecological terrorists is a filthy rich environmental philanthropist his lawyer and Kenner a professor of geo environmental engineering at MIT and secret agent for an unnamed national security organizationAnd the chase is on; as we follow these groups around the world from the glaciers of Iceland and volcanoes of Antarctica through the streets of Paris to a remote Pacific island crawling with cannibalsAs I read this story I really thought that it was Crichton’s voice I heard whenever Kenner was speaking which he does a lot while sharing his own views on global warming It can get a little preachy but for me the story was solid enough to get past thatThere is a chilling taste like people scene that uite effectively raised the hackles on the back of my neck A cogent theme throughout is the role of politics and fund raising in shaping scientific research Extremely well researched and hey I enjoyed it

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    This is propaganda written by an ultra rich person Utterly despicable I just thought Crichton was mediocre until I read this Now I think he's insidious There're 2 basic thrusts Global Warming is a myth ecology activists are phenomenally stupid I don't actually have much of an opinion about global warming one way or the other so I don't hate this novel so much bc it's a threat to mass consciousness there I hate it bc it's so repulsively propagandistic wo any self acknowledgement as such The basic plot is what you'd expect a thriller about 'good' vs 'evil' The 'evil' people are the ELF the Earth Liberation Front whose name of course is directly slanderous of the actual ELF Earth First One of the 'good' guys is John Kenner Strangely enuf ELF is just a bunch of dumb hippies who somehow manage to have one of the most diabolically clever plots to technologically create eco disasters ever conceived of How such bumbling idiots have such genius for invention planning is never explained Of course in formula writing world the 'evil' plot HAS to be diabolical so that the 'hero''s genius for defeating it can be exciting Kenner contrary to the dupes imbeciles of the ecological activists is a superhuman genius you know the guy who can recite an encyclopedic array of scientific 'facts' from memory shoot machine guns while parachuting? The guy who makes 007 look like a kindergarten student? Highly intelligent but also w a perfectly honed killing machine body one of these 'geniuses' that we know constitute the US ruling elites that justly run this world for the better of mankind? Right Who on earth believes this crap any? Apparently Crichton does the extreme popularity of his bks might indicate that many people at least get off on such myths

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    Reread Dec 01 2014 Thought provoking controversial action packed suspenseful well researched outrageous perhaps a science fiction as well as fictional science book? The plotA lawyer represents a wealthy client who is donating large amount of money to various conservation causes and gets involved in the underworld of power greed and social manipulation The discovery of a set of GPS points leads to the action packed adventures which becomes the main focus of the dramaComments State of Fear is a manuscript on the application of primary instincts onto politics industry media conservation you name it highlighting the hypocritical aspects of it all The author stresses the importance of blowing a concept out of proportion to attract attention on a planet over run by 7 billion people This book is indeed one of those efforts in itself Pro industry anti NGO's I am not interested in the scientific data used in the book which is the main focus of the anti establishment opponents to the book My personal opinion is that the author tries to expose the gross mismanagement of power greed and disinformation with which ideas are sold to the people on the planet as absolute truths by both sides of the scientific euationFrom personal experience gained over 35 years in conservation circles dealing with scientists dreamers and schemers from the highest to the lowest order as well as ordinary people living in the wilderness I agree with most of the book I was actually amazed and surprised by the information used in the book I haven't met the author don't know him from Adam but could not believe the detailed 'insider' knowledge that he provided in the tale Another issue in the book which I agree with from experience is how the outcome of research is often than not determined by who sponsored the research A very good example is all the dietary conflicts with the research to prove both sides of the debate Margarine and Butter Remember? He is accused of being a 'hand horse' to the high and mighty of the industrial bullies which is the typical reaction of the similar big bullies in conservation The pot is accusing the kettle of being black Oh the delight of being human The end notes in the book explains the approach to the information by the author as well as an interesting informative discussion of Eugenics The latter is such a well kept 'secret' in the world current generations will obviously stagger in horror to learn about it This book's main purposes in my humble opinion is to shock and expose encouraging euilibrium on the scale of sanity Too many supporters feel offended and threatened to react sensibly The book did not change my idea of conservation at all since we have been involved in the practical on the ground real implementation of the concepts with wards and all for 30 years But I am so happy to know that someone had the guts to rip the hornet's nest open The author stresses the importance of conservation which is an aspect of the book that is totally ignored by the opponents He is not against the dream he is against the implementation of the ambitious schemes on the natural worldThere are several examples of conservation projects which went totally horribly wrong that I can add to his list but for that I need to write a book myself and I am unable to do it as masterfully as the author The point is that any human interaction with nature have dire conseuences even in conservation It is not the industrial sector alone who make the mistakes And this is what this book is all aboutOne of the most important points in the book for me is that office bound intellectuals the dreamers and schemers of life living in cities should stop building simulated worlds in laboratories and wearing expensive labelled outdoor 'uniforms' They should rather go live in the wild listen to the indigenous people who lived with the natural world and observed it through thousands of years Unbowed the autobiography of Wangari Maathai is an excellent book to read in this regardThe book is typical of the latest trend in writing to first write the detailed non fictional 'truths' supported by 'scientific evidence' the messageidea that should be promoted and then second winds an adventurous tale with a multiple number of characters into it In this instance it was done masterfully keeping the action fast and furious dramatic and devastating The book is than 600 pages of relentless criticism on the modus operandi of the conservation world even exposing the possibilities of terrorism which is also a shocking fact in reality which I can attest to I dare to say that it was a much needed effort to restore balance and thought as previously mentioned It left many 'Yay Sayers' livid and 'Nay Sayers jubilant The reactions to it is almost better than the book itself Nobody wants to be caught and confronted red handed in their ignorant bliss after all The aggressive angry reactions to the book is almost comical I am aware of looking for big trouble here but I am a good sprinter so watch this space ; Sometimes conservation has nothing to do with nature sometimes it is about big money and big aspirations This is the core message of this book A secret that desperately needed to be aired in the open PS This is another reread for me

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    Exciting book I've read it 3 times now After reading State of Fear you'll think everyone who believes in global warming is an idiot Definitely read the author's message at the end it's really interesting

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    As a thriller this books fails to achieve Cricthon's usual intensity The plot is an obvious vehicle for the rhetoric and full of predictable thriller writer strategies The premise climate scientists with guns never ceases to feel absurd The characterizations are flatter than usual and vicious where he means them to be merely satirical There is cranky old man venom in the writing In short this book is a piece of propaganda and would never have been published were it not for Crichton's name brand stausBut his long honed writerly reflexes kick in enough to make the book readable The speeches are actually the most thrilling part of the book and examine environmentalism from a critical perspective that is unorthodox convincing and fascinating Despite being a bad piece of fiction it did get me to look hard at some my beliefs and where I got them Bad fiction interesting propaganda