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Will Maximillian the Vaguely Disreputable give magic to the masses? Will the Creeping Sword find out who he really is? Will the warring factions of the gods come to their senses before all is lost? Mayer Alan Brenner masterfully pulls all the loose ends together in this fireworks loaded finale fourth in The Dance of Gods series

10 thoughts on “Spell of Apocalypse Dance of the Gods #4

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    OK so the first two books are kind of fun and the last two are grimdark This is my least favourite thing to happen with a series Up yours grimdark

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    Excelent Story 💕💕💕

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    And so these intertwined tales of intrigue and social upheaval come to and end with a surge of action and the proverbial BANGPoetic license aside I must say that these 2 last books of Dance of the Gods really picked up the pace and kept me glued to them wanting to find out how events developed This last book did a great job of tying up all the loose ends at least all the major ones as Jurtan Mont's musical ability was never really explained and I was rather curious about itAll in all I enjoyed reading the series a lot and with it's rather different approach to magic unpredictable plot turns and colourful characters can't help wondering why it seems to have failed commercially

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    Would you like to know the deep dark secret of this series? The secret is all the magic is actually run by nanobots which read the user's intentions and then reshape the world accordinglyExcept that really doesn't make any sense y'know? All that stuff they went through about gods and coupling and energy conversion and the second uantum level and the constant need for energy? Since when do you need nanobots to access the second uantum level?

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    This is the last book of a delightful tongue in cheek sword and sorcery series The plotting is intricate the writing is intelligent and amusing and the characters are varied and each uniueI felt like at the ending some of the multiple storylines could have better resolved so I take off 1 star for that but overall it was worth the trouble to reuest these from library storage vaults

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    Incredibly disappointing last installment The last uarter of the book is one unsatisfying anti climax after another While the world changing cataclysm itself is not disappointing everything just falls flat afterward

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    The last of the Mayer Alan Brenner books They were on feedbookscom and I had to download them to read on the kindle I read them years ago and thought they were ok Now that I'm a bit older and wiser they are still just ok Guess I was pretty smart all those years ago

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    Solid slightly tongue in cheek fantasy adventure