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In a novella Viscount Winfield Elliott narrates his search for a bride He proposes three times Felicia Whitingdon has youth beauty style grace and a handsome fortune Lady Lucille Eustice is a widow of impeccable social standing Caroline Hibbit is sweet and charming in every way Any one of these intoxicating treasures could make a man happy

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    I am usually on the same proverbial page as my beloved fellow romance addicts Even when I don't personally click with a certain popular author I can almost always understand her objective appeal to others Of course there are a couple of exceptions For example Jill Shalvis' stuff reads like a 12 year old's fanfic to me; I've proven sadly incapable of understanding her wild popularity And on the other end of the spectrum I seem to love Victoria Alexander far thanwell than almost any of my otherwise similar you guys totally get me cyber friends This short novella which is really just an amusing account of the titular Lord Stillwell's various ill fated engagements isn't anywhere near her best work It does however epitomize a lot of the author's strengths and oh yeah maybe THAT'S why some don't like her weaknesses ; If you're looking for heart wrenching angst and tight innovative plotting this is totally not the author for you If you tire uickly of witty banter and dialogue and crave actual well actual STORY then be wary She does also include her share of tiresome 'misunderstandings' and 'ugh why don't they just TALK to each other like normal adults?' miscommunications So why doesn't this particularly bother me? Because honestly for me plots are so rarely a strength in romance novels and tiresome misunderstandings such an insanely common weakness that I'm sort of immune by now A great plot and a original organic and less frustrating conflict is certainly an appreciated bonus but it's not what factors most heavily into my opinion of a romance author's work What I DO care about most deeply are writing style and characterizations and Victoria Alexander's manage to charm me to no end Her prose and especially dialogue are just so phenomenally sharp smart and witty and there's enough genuine insight into life and love to give her books a sneaky amount of substance I think she's the funniest romance author this side of Tessa Dare and shameful whisper her humor generally works even better for me than Julia uinn's Her heroes are root worthy and amusingly flawed without ever in my experience crossing that line into 'irredeemable bastard' territory Her characters have interests and talents and care deeply about friends and family in other words they're not solely defined by the central romance Alexander writes those friendships and familial relationships in ways that feel very authentic to me Even when I don't THINK I'm especially emotionally invested I somehow always find myself sighing and awww ing at her very well written sweet yet not saccharine endings And I'm not someone who does a lot of sighing and awwww ing Okay so in this novella the hero's real HEA comes in the next installment so there wasn't uite as much sighing and awwww ing here but you get the gist That's the subjective aspect to all reading experiences that's nearly impossible to describe and uantify I just feel awfully happy while I read these books I hope those with tastes that are similar to mine will give her a chance though I recommend you start with one of the books from the Effington series rather than this one

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    Lord Stillwell first appeared in What happens at Christmas as a secondary character The author wasn't ready to let this character go so he's back in this short story novella This book is the preuel to The Importance of Being Wicked Lord Stillwell takes his responsibility of marrying and producing an heir very seriously Love is not a reuirement but he hopes it will come in time We watch Lord Stillwell go through a series of engagements none of which uite make it to the alter for one reason or another Will Lord Stillwell ever exchange vows? Will he find true love? Stay tunedVictoria Alexander is a seasoned romance author The writing here as good as ever The story is handled with light humor instead of bereft heartbreak I would have given it a higher rating but I thought we deserved a bit of a setup or teaser if you will into the next full length novel There is a very short sneek peek of The Importance of Being Wicked at the very end Be sure to read the insightful comments by the author after which you will find a previewI am looking forward to reading the full length novel and to Lord Stillwell's HEA This was a Netgalley e book giveaway in exchange for a review

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    Like I said above this little novella was very fun and helpful in getting me ready for Win’s full story It was entertaining to watch our hero Lord Stillwell having a hard time holding onto a woman long enough to get her to the altarI didn’t know if I should laugh or cry for the poor man Three times he comes close and no cigar Each woman is carefully chosen by him and in the end each jilts him for another manI admired the man for being able to accept the inevitable with understanding of all the women that were ‘almost’ his brideYou really don’t have to read this novella before the full Win and Felicia story but I think you should because it’s well written very entertaining and very enlightening about the heroBook provided by the publisher through NetGalleyMelanie for b2b

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    Lord Stillwell has me intrigued He is a nice guy gets along with his parents and cares about his obligations He also has a funny and romantic side What's not to love? I cannot wait to read his story now after learning the backstory of his three failed engagements He dealt with them all sensibly and I think that it is finally finally his turn Warning to future readers this story does not have a HEA It instead introduces us to Lord Stillwell and gives us a peek into his past so we can further enjoy his story in The Importance of Being Wicked

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    Lord Stillwell gets engaged but doesn't make it to the alter a few times This was a very humorous interlude in the series and whet my appetite for the next book

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    35 stars mostly because it's very shortThis was a very uick and rather sweet read I read What Happens At Christmas recently and enjoyed it; Lord Stillwell is one of the secondary characters and it's mentioned a few times that he's been engaged a number of times but never made it to the altar Well in this story we find out why Stillwell is handsome rich charming and clever of course and even in a supporting role makes his presence felt He's also a thoroughly nice person which isn't always the case with heroes in HR I'm looking forward to reading his story in The Importance of Being WickedIf you read this don't forget to read the author's note at the end Not to be confused with the book of the same title by Miranda Neville which came out at the end of 2012

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    While this novella is certainly not a complete story I still enjoyed it It fills in the background story that was hinted at in What Happens At Christmas and sets up the situation for the next book I am very much looking forward to the next book Alexander's voice is clever and fun

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    excellent bonus to importance of being wickedwish there were further adventures of stillwell

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    A cute tongue in cheek almost romance

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    How lucky was I This novella came at the end of 'The Importance of Being Wicked' Good to hear the 'rest of the story' of Win's three prior engagements